Best Time to Visit Ajmer

Ajmer is a dry area with a semi- arid climate as if many of the places in Rajasthan. The months that are the best to visit the location are the months when winter falls. The duration between October till March is the best season to see the wonders of the location.

Summer Season

Summers are extremely hot and travelers who tend to visit the city during the annual Urs of Moinuddin Chisti must step in the month of May. As the climate is extremely hot one need to be extra cautious and pack all essentials before stepping in to the alluring destination Ajmer.

Monsoon Season

During monsoon season one can enjoy a pleasurable experience to walk around the city and see and enjoy all the attractive sites of the city Ajmer.

Winter Season

Travelers tend to enjoy the pleasant environment of holiday in a spectacular city must visit during the winter season as the climate turns to be much alluring and one can enjoy seeing the attractive sites. The world famous Pushkar Fair takes place in the November grabs the attention of travelers in this season. Days in winters are cool and allow one to explore the whole city in a pleasant environment.

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