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Agra Fort (Red Fort)

Red Fort Agra General Information

  • Famous For Photo Fanatics History Buffs Experience Seekers

  • Fee 750 per person

  • Visiting Time All days 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Friday Closed)

  • Duration of Visit 2 to 3 Hours

Agra fort is a massive fort that was built with red sandstone in 16th century by Akbar. Later Shah Jahan added more decorations using marbles. It is built on the bank of the river, Yamuna. The fort is about 2.5 km in circumference.

It is said that this fort had a lot of underground chambers which were destroyed by invaders including Jats, British and Marathas. Later, British used this fort as their garrison. Even today, a large part of this fort is restricted to army usage.

The first attraction inside the fort is the pearl mosque. It is not open to tourists. On the right of the mosque, you would find an open arena where kings used to listen to petitioners. If you walk up the staircase, you would find gem mosque that was built in 17th century and ladies’ bazaar. From the corridor, you can see Taj Mahal.

At the edge of the fort, you can find the octagonal tower in which Shah Jahan was held as a prisoner by his son as he requested that he wanted to spend his life looking at Taj Mahal.

The courtyard is a large garden with many underground rooms. The last attraction is Jehangir’s palace and you can find a lot of interesting items there including a black stone bowl that was used for bathing by the kings. Today, the fort stands as a remainder of a proud Mughal empire.

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