Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal

There is such no specific time to visit Taj Mahal as it remains the same throughout the year. The charm of Taj Mahal attracts the visitors whole year with its glory. This wonderful monument can be visit any time of the year. Know the best time to Visit Taj Mahal according to Seasons, Temmperature etc.

Taj Mahal In Summer

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, an in-land region in the Northern India. The climate dictates a harsh and humid summer. From May end to mid June, the temperature is pretty high and humid. Dehydration is quite common. Not just Taj Mahal, the entire Agra is filled with sightseeing spots. May end to mid June is not the best time to visit the monument. However, if you prefer to explore Taj Mahal without any crowd or queue, this could be the right time.

Taj Mahal In Monsoon

Monsoon can produce mild to moderate rainfall. Sudden outburst of showers are quite common in this time. The main beauty of the monument is the change of the marble’s color as the sun moves along the horizon. This beauty cannot be captured if the skies are filled with grey clouds.

Moreover, exploring the monument outdoors will be uncomfortable with the rain. Monsoon starts in July and ends in September. Taj Mahal in monsoon seems to attract photographers for unique shots.

Taj Mahal in Winter

November to February is the peak winter season of the region. The weather is cool and pleasing. The sky will be clear and the mood will be right for romantic or family vacation. Chances of shower is very rare and thus, you can comfortably explore the monument. This is the best time to visit the monument. Another reason to visit Taj Mahal during winter is the Taj Mahotsav of February. This 10 Day carnival can magnify the beauty and heritage of the monument.

Best Time Of The Day to Visit Taj Mahal

The monument is open from sunrise to sunset (other than Friday). The best time of the day to visit the monument is during sunrise. As the sun raises up, the color of the monument gradually varies. When the sun is completely out, the monument sparkles. The ticket counter in the monument opens by 6 in the morning, but there will be queue. There are people who would wait in line from 5:30 am, to make sure they get a glimpse of Taj Mahal in sunrise. Some prefer the sunset view to watch the monument bask in the evening sun.

Best Time Of The Night to Visit Taj Mahal

Of all options, watching the monument glitter in the cool lights of moon is the best. Taj Mahal is open for only five night per lunar cycle, on the full moon night, two nights before it and two nights after it. This access is not applicable during the Ramadan month, which lasts for 30 days.

Full Moon Nights for 2019 - January 21st, Feb 19th, Mar 21st, Apr 19th, May 18th, Jun 17th, July 16th, Aug 15th, Sep 14th, Oct 13th, Nov 12th and Dec 12th

For night visit, per person is allowed only 30 minutes inside the monument and only 400 tickets are sold per night. The tickets have to be pre-booked 24 hours before the entry time.

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