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Taj Mahal Garden

The concept of Char Bagh was brought from Persian Timurid gardens by one of the Mughals. It has been laid out according to the description of Paradise in the holy book of Quran. According to Islamic beliefs, Paradise consists of a garden and four rivers with lush green trees, beautiful flowers and plants as the Taj Mahal Garden was designed.

Char Bagh was the first of its kind designed in the Indian sub-continent with strong symbolic meanings and carrying out varied functions. This Persian style square shaped garden was subdivided into four equal parts. The structure of the garden and its symbolism are well-known in mystic Islamic texts.

The garden that starts from the main doorway ends near the pedestal of the Tomb. It covers an area of 300 meters in the premises of Taj Mahal which is about 580 meters. The garden has been divided into four equal parts by two canals intersecting each other at the center. The garden is abundant with Cyrus, flowerbeds and fruit trees. One can have a clear view of the tomb without any interruption from the pathways.

Water played a prominent role in Char Bagh also known as the Paradise Gardens. The water bodies divided the garden into four equal parts as mentioned in the holy book of Quran, which represented water, milk, honey and wine. At the center of the garden where it has been intersected is charged with symbols.

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