Mariam’s Tomb, Agra

  • Famous For History Buffs, Photo Fanatics

  • Duration of Visit 2 to 3 hours

  • Fee 100 per person

  • Visiting Time All days of the week 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM

The Tomb of Mariam-Uz-Zamani is the mausoleum of Queen of King Akbar, Mariam Begum. This tomb was built by Jehangir, son of Mariam. This is a striking structure of Mughal dynasty and is worth a visit while you are in Agra.

Location of Mariam’s Tomb

The tomb is located in the small suburb, Sikandra of Agra.

History of Mariam’s Tomb

Akbar married a princess of Rajput for political reasons. For several years, the feud between Rajputs and Mughals were at peak and to end the war in a peaceful note, an inter-caste marriage took place between Akbar and Jodha Bai of Amer in 16th century. Akbar had a special interest in Jodha Bai and allowed her to follow her religion. However, he renamed her as Mariam-Uz-Zamani, after the birth of their first child. Jodha Bai is of immense importance because she gave birth to Akbar’s first son, Jehangir, his successor to Mughal throne. She died in 1623 and her son, Jehangir built this tomb in 1627. The tomb lies very closer to the tomb of Akbar. It is the closest tomb of wives of Akbar’s to his tomb.

Architecture of Mariam’s Tomb

The structure was once a pleasure pavilion, baradari, built by Lodi dynasty in 15th century. When Mughal took control of the land, Jehangir converted the pavilion into a tomb by remodeling it with a crypt.

Today, the mausoleum holds three tombstones. Apart from the actual grave of Mariam, there is a cenotaph on the ground floor and another on the terrace. The actual grave of the queen is located in an underground mortuary chamber, which is closed to public.

The ground floor of the mausoleum is the same as it used to be when it was the pleasure pavilion. Lodi’s forty chambers are still intact with traces of paintings on the walls. The center of the ground floor holds the cenotaph of Mariam. The entire mausoleum is square and is located in center of the garden. It is raised up to a platform and can be reached by stairs found on the entire side of the platform.

You can find two corridors running from north to south and from east to west. This corridor divides the structure into nine sections. The largest one is the one in the center with the cenotaph. Remaining sections are four squares, which form the corners and four oblong sections in the middle. Piers of colossal sizes are erected to support the vaulted ceiling and arches of the tomb. The tomb is built with mortar and brick. It was then finished with stucco. The exterior of the building is lined with sandstones. The corners of the tombs are fitted with mezzanine floors. There are in total, three arches and a pair of double arches. The mezzanine floors are accessible via staircases.

The entire tomb was built by Mughals with chhaparkhats and chhatris. There are four octagonal chhatris, one on each corner. The four oblong chhaparkhats are found on the four sides. The Chhatris are made with red sandstone. The columns have an inverted lotus structure on top. This tomb does not have a dome. This is one of the very few Mughal mausoleum without domes. This tomb is identical on either side. Unlike other structures of Mughal dynasty, the rear end of the mausoleum is not a dummy one, but a real entrance.

The tomb is decorated with façade of sandstones filled with floral designs. The chevron pattern with wine vases, geometric patterns and other common Islamic designs are found in this tomb. The columns are carved and have hexagonal bases. You can find carved friezes below the chajja. Underneath the tomb, you can find white marbles.

How To Reach Mariam’s Tomb

The tomb of Mariam is located 11 km away from Agra Cantt. If you are visiting Mariam Tomb, you ought to visit Akbar’s Tomb, which is just 1.5 km away. You can find cabs and autos from any part of Agra to reach this tomb

Distance between Mariam’s Tomb and Taj Mahal - 17 km

Distance between Mariam’s Tomb and Agra Fort – 24 km

Best Time to Visit Mariam’s Tomb

Agra has scorching summer and a moderate monsoon. Neither of the seasons is good for sightseeing. Thus, it is better to visit during winter. October to March is the right time to visit Mariam Tomb. It is better to visit during sunrise or sunset. It would not take more than 2 hours to cover the tomb.

If you are planning to visit during summer, it will be hot and humid. However, if you choose luxury trains during early summer, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation, despite the season.

Entry Fee And Timing of Mariam’s Tomb

Entry Fee For Indians – INR 15 Per Head

Entry Fee for Foreigners – INR 110 per head

Entry For kids below the age of 15 – free

Entry Timing – 6 Am To 6 Pm