Top 10 Things to do on Nature Walk in Agra

Nature never fails to amaze us. It has in store for us things we can never imagine. We all like to indulge in a little rendezvous with nature once in a while. It rejuvenates our body and mind in the most amazing ways. That is the reason whenever we come across any park or garden, our eyes stay glued on their way for a while.

The historical city of Agra is home to a number of beautiful historical gardens and parks to offer its residents and visitors a chance to interact with nature. As the city served as the Mughal capital for a considerable period of time, some of the most splendid gardens were built by the Mughal rulers in their ruling era.

Listed below are some of the best spots that you can visit to indulge in a relaxing nature walk:

1. Taj Mahal Garden

The Taj Mahal garden located at the Taj Mahal complex is one of the most popular gardens in the city. With the majestic view of the Taj coupled with Persian styled architecture, this garden is nothing less than a utopia. With posh lawns and lush greenery, once cannot miss the chance to get lost in its serenity.

2. Mehtab Garden

Mehtab Garden was built by emperor Babur alongside the banks of the Yamuna River facing the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. It is also popular as a moonlight garden. The garden is perfectly aligned with the Taj Mahal due to which it provides a perfect view of the Taj. The garden features white plaster walkways, airy pavilions, attractive pools, and fountains. One can indulge in a leisurely walk in the garden amidst the company of juicy fruit trees, beautiful flowers, and various plants and shrubs.

3. Shah Jahan Park

Shah Jahan garden is another one of the Mughal era’s splendid gardens, which was built by Shah Jahan. The picturesque beauty coupled with a peaceful ambiance amidst lush green vegetation and colorful flowers offer a perfect spot for unwinding yourself from the daily grind of your hectic life.

4. SoS Wildlife

Established in 1995, the SoS wildlife sanctuary is home to a wide range of wildlife species and biodiversity. Nothing can beat the experience of a nature walk amidst a wide range species of flora and fauna. One should not miss the chance to have a peek at the majestic elephants, tigers, sloth bears, and many more endangered species.

5. Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is a dwelling place for a wide range of birds. The scenic lake “Keetham” adjoining the sanctuary is home to more than 100 species migratory birds. Soaking yourself in the cool breeze from the lake, a relaxing walk in its tranquil environment is something you should never miss out on!

6. Dayalbagh Gardens

The Dayalbagh garden is a memorial garden built in the memory of Shiv Dayal Sahib popularly known as “Soamiji Maharaj”. He was the founder of the “Radha Soami Satsang Movement”. He gave up on worldly attainments to devote his life to religious pursuits. The garden has 110 feet high grand pure white marble memorial dedicated to him. The memorial exhibits attributes of different religious places like Gurudwara, temple, mosque, etc, which is a reflection of Soamiji’s preaching.

7. Ram Bagh

Ram Bagh is the first Mughal Garden built in the city by Emperor Babur. The garden is also known as Aram Bagh, which means the garden of relaxation. It is believed that the garden used to be a place of relaxation for Emperor Babur. With an abundance of magnificent waterways and fancy fountains, the garden is a true definition of Islamic paradise. A visit to this place is sure to take all your worries away.

8. Anguri Bagh

Anguri Bagh is situated on the premises of Khas Mahal and built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1637. It is a char bagh styled garden with intricate geometrical patterns. The garden earned its name due to the cultivation and harvesting of thick creepers of grapes, which used to take place in the garden originally.

9. Paliwal Park

Paliwal Park, formerly known as the Hewitt Park, spreads across 70 acres of land is home to a vast variety of trees. It was renamed after Uttar Pradesh’s first PM Shri Krishna Dutt Paliwal. It serves as an ideal place for morning walks and evening strolls for the residents. Children often indulge in outdoor activities as well. There is also a small lake that offers visitors the chance to go boating with their loved ones.

10. Dolphin Water Park

Dolphin water park is an amusement park where one can indulge in several joyrides and water games. The park boasts of a 2-acre lake, lakeshore garden, and sports complex. One can simply indulge in a leisurely walk in the garden while enjoying the cool breeze of the lake. It also offers a plethora of entertainment options to adults and children to spend a fun-filled day with friends and family.

Besides majestic historical mausoleum, these beautiful gardens have also been serving as a driving factor for attracting people from across the globe to explore this holy city.