Top 5 Tourism Destinations Near Agra

The tourism attractions inside Agra are worth to spend a whole day admiring. But, if you are ready to travel a little outside Agra, you can find a lot of other attractions too.

1. Mathura

This is the birth place of epic god, Lord Krishna. It is about 55 km away from Agra. A lot of epics are connected with this place. Visit Mathura during Holi festival to see the real colour of India.

2. Fatehpur Sikri

This is a world heritage site that is located about 40 km away from Agra. Akbar planned to build a great capital for his empire here. But, due to lack of water, he abandoned this walled city. This Persian styled city is a top attraction and still uninhabited.

3. Bharatpur

It is about 50 km away from Agra. It is famous for Deeg Palace. It is a fort that has rich history. People visit this place for bird watching. It is called as the bird paradise of the state.

4. Gwalior

Gwalior is a tourism attraction by itself. It is about 120 km away from Agra. There are many forts and the massive hill fort called the Gwalior fort is the top attraction. Apart from these, there are a lot of museums and the resting place of Tansen, court musician of Akbar.

5. Sariska Tiger Reserve

it is about 150 away from Agra. Though it is very far, it is a must visit place. It is a great getaway place for those who love nature and wildlife. The tiger reserve here is the main attraction.