Top Tourist Places in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is located in Sirohi District in Rajasthan. This is the only hill station in the whole state of Rajasthan. It lies on the Aravalli mountain ranges which is about 1200m above sea level. This is one of the popular hill stations in North India. This is a wonderful tourist destination that every tourist should visit at least once in his life time. Here are the top tourist places in Mount Abu that you should not miss.

1. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary stretches between the mountain ranges has been declared as a sanctuary, a few decades ago. This is a sub tropical region where you can find enormous amount of exotic plants and animals. Starting from lion, tiger and other well known animals to Samba, Pangolin, Jungle cat, Hyena, Indian hare and other exotic animals; you can find a lot of interesting animals here. If you visit during the late summer, you can find a lot of animals out of their hiding spots. This is the right time to visit the specialty of this sanctuary, the grey fowl. Apart from grey fowl, there are a lot of other birds that are unique to this place. If you are into bird watching, choose early morning for spotting a lot of exotic birds in this region.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

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2. Nakki Lake

Mount Abu is one of the top honeymoon destinations in North India. One of the most romantic spots in this place is the lake Nakki. This lake has links to the mythologies of Hindu religion. Apart from religious elements, this lake is the best place to have an early morning or evening picnic. There are a lot of trekking spots near this lake where you can have either a relaxed stroll amidst serene nature or a challenging track. There are a lot of water related activities near this lake including boating. Apart from these, there are a few monuments, restaurants and hotels nearby. One most important spot to hit near the lake is the fountain which is aesthetically pleasing.

Nakki Lake - Mount Abu

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3. Achalgarh

Achalgarh is an ancient fort that was built in 15th century. Alchalgarh means immovable. The fort is in ruins today. The tourist attraction in this place is the entrances of the fort which stands till today. The entrance is made of granite and stands as a memorial to this fort. This place also has a religious appeal. A temple near this fort has the foot print of Lord Shiva. If you are not into religion, you can visit this temple to get a panoramic view of mountains, lakes and other surroundings.

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4. Guru Shikhar

Guru Shikhar is the highest peak in Mount Abu. This is one of the romantic spots in the place. It is also an important tourist destination as it gives a panoramic view of the whole place and has a nature filled serene atmosphere. There are a lot of temples here and the place is known for its relaxing beauty. You will not be able to find any eateries here and thus, it is better to pack a lot of water and food with you.

Guru Shikhar, Mount Abu

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5. Trevor’s Crocodile Park

This is a crocodile breeding spot where you can find a lot of crocodiles in lush greeneries. Even though the purpose of the place is kind of alarming, the nature at this place is very serene. It also serves as a very good picnic spot during November and December. You can also spot a lot of animals here like the black bear. If you are a bird watcher, you can spot a lot of beautiful birds here. This is the right place for photo-enthusiasts. This place would remind you a lot of Rivendell.

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There are a lot of other attractions in Mount Abu like, Dilwara temples, Toad rock, sunset point, Saumukh temple and many others. This is the only hill station in this whole state of desert. If you are looking for a variant of elements in your vacation, Rajasthan is the right state for you and Mount Abu would be your pinnacle.

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