February Weather in India

The weather of the land varies dramatically during February month in India. The beginning of the month will be cool and pleasing and by the end of the month, India would have become a warmer tropical region. Depending on the destination, the rainfall can be from 0 to 21 mm. If you want to avoid rainfall, choose southwestern destinations of the country.

Overall, February is hot, but it is easily bearable. The coastal area gets quite warmer than the in lands. By dusk, the land is cooled to an average of 19 degree C making it easier for you to enjoy nightlife, sightseeing and others. In terms of rainfall, Goa holds the least amount of rainfall and New Delhi experiences the highest pour.

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Know How Climate changes & February Weather in India

December to March is the tourism season and thus, February is also preferred by tourists just like any other month. During the day, the temperature can peak to an average high of 30 degree C and by night, it will drop to 19 degree C by night. By, as the month passes by, the temperature increases gradually.

February weather in India
February weather in India
Average high temperature78 degree F/ 24 degree C
Average low temperature51 degree F/ 14 degree C
Day-time clothingThick cotton clothing
Night-time clothingThin woolen clothing or a cotton coat will be sufficient
Effect on tourismPeak tourism season

Covering each zone of India weather in February

1. North India Temperature in February

  • Best Tourist Destinations in North India: Srinagar, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Amritsar, Agra and others.
  • Average Temperature: Maximum average temperature is experienced in Indore (84 - 55 degree F/ 29 - 11 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is experienced by Srinagar (47 – 31 degree F/ 8 - -1 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: 0.1 to 2.7 mm of rainfall (maximum in Srinagar and lowest in Indore) average days of rainfall is between 1 and 7.

The climate is still cold. After dawn, it is better to walk out wearing a thick jacket. The mornings can be sunny and pleasing at times. By the end of the month a few destinations have mild showers. The Himalayan destinations still have severe snowfall.

Shimla Honeymoon

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2. South India Temperature in February

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Lepakshi, Araku valley, Dandeli, Alleppey, Lakshadweep, Tranquebar and others.
  • Average Temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Madurai of Tamil Nadu (91-70 degree F / 33-21 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh (69-64 degree F/ 21 – 18 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Pondicherry (1.2 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place Mysore of Karnataka (0.2 inches).

It is comfortably cool to visit South India during February. It is quite a dry month. The coastal areas will be lush with beauty and tourists. The temperature starts to increase steadily from mid of February. Are you visualizing a beach vacation in February? India will never let you down.

Alleppey in February

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3. West India Temperature in February

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Goa, Lonavala, Aurangabad, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani and others.
  • Average Temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Surat of Gujarat (91 – 61 degree F / 33-16 degree C). The minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Jaipur of Rajasthan (78-52 degree F/ 26-11 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Nagpur of Maharashtra (0.9 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Pune of Maharashtra (0.1 inches).However, many other destinations like Mumbai, Goa, Rajkot and others do not receive any rainfall during this month.

Beaches have less chances of getting drenched with rain. It is the bikini season in the western region. As you move towards the south, the temperature gets very humid and dry. The inland areas of western India are quite dry and cool during this month. If you are in west India during February, add as much water activities as possible to your itinerary. Do you know that the country even celebrates surf festival during February?

Goa Weather in February

4. East India Temperature in February

  • Best Tourist Destinations: Kaziranga national park, Ziro valley, Gorichen peak, Nathu la pass, Tawang monastery and others.
  • Average Temperature: Maximum temperature is experienced by Bhubaneshwar of Orissa (89 - 66 degree F/31 - 19 degree C) and the minimum temperature is experienced by Shillong and Cherrapunji (63 – 48 degree F/ 17-9 degree C).
  • Average Precipitation: Around 0.8 to 2 inches of rainfall (average days of rainfall in January is 2-8 days). The heaviest precipitation takes place in Assam (2 inches) and the lowest precipitation takes place in Raipur of Chhattisgarh (0.8 inches)

Surprise rainfall is quite common in this region, by the end of the month. Temperature starts to increase very rapidly during this month, than you might not believe it to be winter. With sunny days, it becomes easier to scale many destinations. If you are visiting high altitude destinations, choose afternoon so that the sky will be clear and blue.

Ziro Valley

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Tips for Traveling during February in India

  • Thanks to the very less religious festivals during this month, this is the right time to visit very crowded pilgrimage destinations like Madurai, Varanasi, Haridwar and others with ease. Do you want to cover many pilgrimage destinations during your vacation?
  • Grapes are common during February. So, make sure to visit any vineyard to enjoy the harvest season. Some even allow you to watch and take part in the wine making process.
  • Most of the water activities will be at prime beauty like scuba diving, canoeing, pedal boating, yachting, kayaking, snorkeling and others. If you are ready to enjoy beach activities, this quite be a mesmerizing month to visit beaches.
  • The wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries (no migration birds) will be at prime beauty during this month. Since it is the end of the harsh winter season, you can spot animals, better. Do you want to cover more wildlife safaris during your vacation? Read out exclusive blogger Alina Jack’s 10 Best wildlife safaris in south India
  • This month marks the end of snow activities in this country. Thus, visit any high altitude destination to enjoy the snow. Remember that not all snow activities will be open, as many destinations would be experiencing melting of snow.

Festivals and Fairs of February India

  • Kila Raipur rural Olympics – Punjab – enjoy tractor racing, bullock cart racing, cultural activities, stalls and much more.
  • Indian art fair – New Delhi – Enjoy galleries of new media art, sculptures, paintings and performance arts. You can also find many book launches, workshops and much more.
  • Global bird watcher’s’ conference – Gujarat – this celebration is for wildlife lovers. Nal Sarvoar, Thol bird sanctuary and Indroda Park will be filled with bird watchers waiting for conferences, nature walk, guided tours and much more. Does this sound interesting? Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Travelogy India has themed vacations to choose your interest.
  • Jaisalmer desert festivalJaisalmer: This festival covers numerous cultural activities in the desert. Top attractions to enjoy are folk dance and music performances, turban tying competition, mustache competition, camel race, camping and much more. Get Complete info about Jaisalmer Desert Festival.
Jaisalmer Desert Festival
  • Surajkund international crafts melaFaridabad (closer to New Delhi): This is the fair for foodies and shopaholics. You can find numerous stalls, which sell many souvenirs and interesting items of clothing, handicraft, pottery, jewelry and of course the local cuisine. Every year, the theme of the fair changes and it will be unique.

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February is the classiest month to visit India. Do you want to add more luxury to this classy month? Choose luxury trains.

Top itineraries to cover in February are:

Frequently Asked Questions about February Weather in India

Q. Is February a good time to visit India?

A. Yes, October to March considers the best time to visit India.

Q. What season is it in India in February?

A. November to February is the winter season and the best time to visit India.

Q. Is India hot in February?

A. You will not find hot anywhere in India in February. You can find cold in North while the temperature will be warm, pleasant and soothing in South.

Q. Does it rain in February in India?

No, February is the dry month in India. But North East and West India might have little rain shower.

Q. Which Place is Best to Visit in February in India?

A. Delhi, Agra, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Khajuraho, Thekkady, Alleppey, Goa etc. are the best places to visit in India in February.

Q. Where Can i Find Snow in February in India?

A. Sonamarg, Tsomgo Lake, Manali, Gulmarg, Ladakh, Almora, Auli are the places where you can find snow.

Q. What are the Famous Festivals to celebrated in India in February?

A. Kala Ghoda Arts, Sula Fest, Matho Nagrang, Shekhawati Heritage Festival, Taj Mahotsav, Goa Carnival etc. are the festivals to be celebrated in February. Get Complete Info here.