Go Solo With These 20 World-Class Destinations

Travelling solo is the best gift that one can get. Travelling alone helps to reconnect to yourself, find peace and redefine you character. Everyone should travel at least once alone to any solo location. Yes, the location matters a lot. Travelling alone to Venice in the tourism season would make you be surrounded by lovebirds and families. This would make your vacation awkward and you would feel lonely. To avoid these, you ought to choose destinations that are tailor-made for solo travelers.

Here are the top 20 destinations around the world for solo travelers:

1. Lombok and Gili Islands

Located in Indonesia, this is the Bali for solo travelers. This location is located very close to Bali. Lombok Island is famous for all kinds of water activities like diving, surfing, snorkeling, boating and others. Beyond beaches, this island has massive lush region for sightseeing, picnicking and other activities. You can find Gunung Volcano with its collection of waterfalls and hot springs. A little away from Lombok Island, Gili Island is a small and lush region for nature walk, sightseeing and beach activities.

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2. Cuba

Havana is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Cuba, the capital of Havana is famous for its colonial architecture, signature products like salsa, cigar, Chevys and others, backstreet restaurants, artisan shops and so on. If you are looking for a quiet vacation with a lot of sightseeing and lone time, Cuba is the best place to visit. If you are willing to enjoy the culture of the land, you ought to choose homestay instead of hotels. Numerous locals are willing to share a room of their house and meal. Another best part of choosing Cuba as your destination is, you need not worry about your safety. Cuba is one of the very few destinations across the globe with very low crime rate.


3. Guatemala

Guatemala is not just about Incans, ruins and historic elements. If you are looking for a physical vacation with many adrenaline gushing activities, you ought to choose Guatemala. This is the place to scale and enjoy in a small budget. You can enjoy many adventure activities like kayaking, white water rafting, jungle trekking, hiking, volcano hiking and so on. If you are willing to enjoy the culture of the land, you ought to visit the colorful markets of this region. Even if you are planning a long solo vacation, this region has enough activities to keep you busy and entertained.

Gautemala Trek

4. Kenya

The main tourist element of this place is its diverse bio-system. This place is famous for lion, leopard, black rhino, elephant and buffalo. Yes, this is the place for natural attractions and safaris. The tourists are combined into groups, taken on a safari into the raw wilderness, for some entertainment and adrenaline. Apart from wildlife attractions, this place is famous for nightlife. Visit Nairobi to enjoy a throbbing nightlife. It is common to find homestay options in Kenya. If you are really interested in their culture or, if you want to save some money, you can choose homestays.

Kenya Wildlife Safari

5. South Island

The best region in New Zealand for solo travelling is South Island. This island is not just about the beach and coastline. Yes, you can find a lot of beach and water related activities like jet boating, kayaking, whitewater rafting and others. Apart from these, you can find many activities like skiing, bungee jumping, zorbing, horseback riding, glacier sighting and much more. You can find numerous spots for strolling into the nature and get lost in time. People also prefer backpacking through this island. This island is voted as one of the most beautiful places in the world, several times.

New Zealand Kayaking

6. Barcelona

Barcelona is a busy city and you should not deny a location just because it is busy. The place is lined with boulevards filled with café. Every time you feel thirsty or hungry, you can always find a decent café near you. Barcelona has a good public transportation system that will help you get to almost all attractions without worrying about finding cabs or cost. There are numerous spots for sightseeing and many urban tourism activities to enjoy. Since Barcelona is always busy with people, you need not worry about being alone in any attraction. If you are a night owl, you ought to enjoy the nightlife of this place.


7. Ireland

Do not believe that enjoying a solo vacation is about getting Irish and drunk. The tradition of Irish people is to embrace strangers. Most of their celebrations brings thousands of strangers together to enjoy. This shows that Irish is all about solo traveling. You can find many traditional pubs, which allows you to mingle. If you are not up for mingling, you can enjoy Celtic music, drive through the west coast and visit iconic sites of Ireland like Croagh Patrick, Skellig Michael, Rock of Cashel and others.

Croagh Patrick

8. Nepal

Nepal is all about sightseeing and hiking. By travelling alone, you get to decide which route to take or which monastery to explore. You can find a lot of trekkers and hikers in this region. If you are up to the experience, you ought to stay a night in any monastery for a change. You can visit mountain regions, get closer with local people and enjoy the culture of the land. If you are looking for enjoying the culture of the land, choose to enjoy a home lunch at least once during your visit. The locals are more welcoming and you can make new friends here.

Nepal Trek

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9. New York City

It is an interesting fact that you can find numerous lone travelers than you can assume in New York City. The city is literally filled with activities that would keep you busy throughout the stay. You can find museums, art galleries, sightseeing spots and cultural centers who are filled with people looking for sightseeing attractions. If you are not up for quiet places, visit Times Square, enjoy rollerblading, take up a cruise to enjoy luxurious time or even visit some gourmet food stalls for adventure cuisine time.

New York Rollerblading

10. Sandhan Valley

This is the Grand Canyon of India. If you are looking for some solo time in the wild, visit this canyon for trekking, sightseeing, camping and rappelling. You can find numerous other activities to enjoy here. If you looking for a full-fledged vacation, you ought to visit between November and May. The joy of vacation starts before you reach the valley. To reach the valley, you ought to take a train journey to Kasara. The train scales through numerous scenic spots before it reaches the destination. Later, you need to visit Samrad village. In the village, you can enjoy local cuisine and experience the culture of the land. From there, you need to visit the valley for completely secluded time.

Sandhan Valley Rappeling

11. Hokkaido

This is a very friendly region of Japan. Developed in the later years, thi

s city still holds many outdoor attractions. If you are visiting this region, you ought to taste the Sapporo beer, the signature beverage of this region. Are you a bird lover? You can enjoy many attractions related to birds here. Other activities to enjoy here are hiking, trekking, skiing, exploring and others.

Hokkaido Bird Watching

12. Jordan

This is an exotic location to enjoy lone time. You can visit secluded ruins, explore ancient cities, become a part of the locals, stargaze in the middle of the desert, float on the Dead Sea and much more. If you are up to the challenge, Jordan has numerous attractions to offer. It is very important to add homestays and home lunches as a part of your itinerary in Jordan. The locals are very friendly and you can enjoy the culture of the land with the homestay. This beige-brown region has numerous attractions to offer than you believe.

Jordan Dead Sea

13. Southern Thailand

This culture-rich land is a traditional and cliché destination for backpacking and solo traveling. With beaches and island, this region is rich with activities related to beach and water. The cuisine of the land is another top-notch thing to enjoy here. You can either enjoy a luxurious solo time or backpack through this region and enjoy an exceptional vacation. The locals are very friendly and you ought to mingle with them for some insight about the place. This tropical region is a land of unique beauty. Do not forget your camera.

Southern Thailand

14. Copenhagen

This silent city if not just for environmental-friendly people. If you are looking for a short solo time, this is the right place. Scale the place on a rented bike to explore the ancient Scandi culture. There are numerous attractions, sightseeing spots, water activities and much more here. If you are looking for a milder nightlife, this is the right place. If you are visiting in summer, you can find numerous beach and port activities to enjoy. The port is lined with many cafés where you can enjoy a delicious seafood meal without worry about eyes judging your solo lunch. The city is well used to the fact that solo people love Copenhagen.


15. Greek Islands

This is not just one island. There is a collection of islands that are dedicated to a full-fledged tourism. This is the right place to escape crowd and commercialization. Leave all your stresses in the hotel room and enjoy the Hellenic villages and beaches as you please. If you are up for it, you can choose homestays to enjoy home-cooked meals and culture. With ferry working all day long, it is easier for you hop from one island to another and enjoy a diverse vacation.

Greek Island

16. Manali

This is one of the most picturesque places of India, which serves as both honeymoon destination and solo destination. Manali has a perfect environment that helps you get lost in the beauty of the nature. Trek through pine forest or scale the rich plateaus to enjoy the nature. If you are visiting in winter, you can find many exotic festivals to enjoy. If you are visiting during off-season, you ought to enjoy at least a night in any monastery for a basic nighttime with simple accommodation, exotic culture and interesting rituals. Driving through the snow filled caps and colored valleys is something you ought to enjoy at least once in your lifetime.

Hadimba Devi Temple, Manali

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17. Newfoundland

Located in Canada, this is a traditional fishing region, which is famous for its culture and cuisine. If you are looking for an active nightlife during your solo travel, this is the best place to visit in Canada. You ought to visit George Street for a cod lunch and a cold rum. You can find a long list of activities and attractions inside the city. If you are looking forward to get out of the crowd, you ought to visit the remote wildlife regions or spend time on the coastal region as you spot whales and seabirds.

Newfoundland Whale Watching

18. Dubrovnik

This is a historic city of Croatia. You ought to visit this place if you love water and you are on a solo mission. Dubrovnik is treating solo travelers since ages and thus, the locals are aware of the needs of solo travelers. Visit the dock for enjoy cruises or enjoy the narrow street walks. The place has a few islands near its coast for an interesting morning visit. You can find numerous ferries in and out of the place, every day. The cafes and hotels are very welcoming and you can always bet on a warm meal waiting for you at any café you walk into. If you are up for some interesting adrenaline gushing time, you ought to visit the bay and enjoy kayaking or other water activities.

Dubrovnik Kayaking

19. East Coast

Are you looking for a popular solo destination? Nothing can beat that description like the East Coast of Australia. People from Melbourne and Cairns use this region as a solo getaway spot. You can find unique attractions like Daintree rainforest, barrier reefs and many others. If you are up for some hippie style vacation, this is the right place to visit. It is not just about nature and wildlife. The culture of the land makes it easier to surf towns, enjoy the cuisine and become a part of the local. If you are up for some adrenaline action, take up a sailing trip to Whitsunday Islands.

Daintree Forest

20. Rajasthan

This is the iconic attraction of India and the best place for solo travelers to enjoy all elements of tourism in just one place. You can enjoy lake palaces, boating, horseback riding, camel safari, elephant sightseeing, desert safari, wildlife attractions, museums and much more in just one destination. Even if you have a month to spare, Rajasthan has much more activities to present. This is one of the few destinations, which holds a desert region and a hill station in the same place.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari for Solo Traveler

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Apart from these, there are numerous other solo destinations in the world. Before you choose a destination for your trip, learn whether it is suitable for solo travel. Check the list of activities that are available in the destination. When you are traveling alone, you tend to get bored easily. Thus, the destination that you choose should be able to keep you busy, throughout your trip.

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