Is it Possible for an Indian to Travel on Maharajas' Express?

Maharajas' Express, India’s one of the most prominent luxury trains with utmost facilities and lavish environment. Maharajas' Express is a famous luxurious train in India with world-class amenities and services. It is like a royal voyage with stunning interiors and amenities. So, traveling through Maharajas' Express will be lavish and luxurious. Due to this luxurious conception, some people are thinking that Is Maharajas' Express is only meant for Foreigners ? But it is totally wrong Maharajas' Express is at to serve all people from all over the world and it is not exempt for a state or a country or a place. So, anyone can travel through the Maharajas' Express and it is always open for all who are interested to travel on it. Maharajas Express Train 

Possibility for Indians to travel through Maharajas' Express

The opulent Maharajas' Express is came from the land of India and under the maintenance of IRCTC. So, how can say that it will only for Foreigners? Maharajas' Express belongs to Indian Railways property so every Indian can travel through if they can afford it. A middle-class Indian family may be can't afford the expenses of the luxurious train. Because a single cabin may costs in lakh so it will be more expensive for them to afford a journey through Maharajas' Express. But for a rich Indian family, it's not a big deal to afford a trip through Maharajas' Express. It is clear that anyone can travel through the Maharajas' if they can afford the expenses of the journey. For Maharajas' Express Train Fares: Click Here

Some instances that show Maharajas' is also meant for Indians

If you observe, every itinerary amount details were quoted in both INR and Dollars. It shows us that an Indian also can travel that's why they quoted amount in INR format and a fare chart with complete details. Even in terms and conditions of the train also foreigners and Indians are specially mentioned. It means Indians are also allowed to travel. Like these many instances that depict the Maharajas' Express is meant for everyone. For Maharajas' Express Train Departure Dates: Click Here

Affordable Cabins and Itineraries

Some cabins and itinerary packages amount will be fewer in Maharajas' Express. For example, a Deluxe cabin and Junior suite may costs less when compared to other cabins within the train. Same as like cabins, some small itinerary packages which are ends in three or four days are affordable at less cost. So an Indian may also afford prices of the Maharajas' Express by choosing these affordable cabins and packages. Deluxe Cabin of Maharajas Express For Online Booking: Click Here Must Read: 10 World Heritage Sites to Visit with Maharajas Express

Here it was given about the cabins and itinerary packages that costs fewer:


Affordable cabins with less cost are Deluxe Cabin and Junior Suite. Deluxe cabins are divided into twin sharing and double bedded cabins. Each cabin has the capacity of 2 passengers and totally there are 20 deluxe cabins in Maharajas' Express. Maharajas Express Junior Suite   Junior suite cabins are a little bit costlier than deluxe cabins. In the same way like deluxe cabins, Junior suites are also divided into twin and double suites with a capacity of 2 passengers. Totally, there are 18 junior suites on board Maharajas' Express. These two different cabins mean Deluxe cabins or Junior suites are equipped with all necessities and requirements. But the cost of these cabins depends on the selection of itinerary packages.

Itinerary Packages

In Maharajas' Express, there are two itinerary packages which are affordable by Indians also at less cost. Namely, they are Treasures of India and Gems of India. These two packages cost very less when compared to all itineraries of the train. Actually, these itinerary packages will end shortly in 3 or 4 days. Before planning your trip, check out the Maharajas' Express train route map Other Maharajas Express Itinerary By choosing these itinerary packages and cabins may costs less amount for you and your dream to travel through Maharajas' Express will succeed. It is not meant to select these options only, it’s just a suggestion how can a person easily afford a journey through Maharajas' with fewer cost mainly in the view of Indians. However, we have not mentioned in our website that the Indians are not allowed to travel on the Maharajas' Express. So, everyone can happily and luxuriously travel through Maharajas' Express with 5-star class services and amenities. View some collection of Maharajas' Express Photo Gallery So you can understand an Indian can also afford the Maharajas' Express with the suggestions above mentioned. So plan for a trip through Maharajas' and enjoy the royalty and lavishness of the opulent train. Read some Related Article on Maharajas' Express Further Read: