June Weather in India

Throughout the year, India will have a sunny and hot climate or mostly rain. Winter in India is for three months and in rest other months there will either be the rain or summer. If you are planning to go on a trip and the month of June to visit India is in your mind then probably, you can plan it out only after careful homework. Each region in India will have a different climate in June. So you need to accordingly plan out for which trip to be done when and this way you can save your time and money too.

So getting back to June, a season here in India most of the area is covered underwater, in mountain areas, you can plan for a trek. This country is not just known for the unity university but there is also an interesting weather situation that you can experience. June is one such month when you can experience a mixture of hot humid summer season followed by heavy rainfall too. Many travelers think that June might not be the right time to visit and explore the corners of India. But if budget is the restriction and climate is your favorite then surely, this is the best time for you to explore almost every corner of India without spending much.

Get Detailed Information About June Weather in India

It is believed that by early June, there are trade winds of the southern winds that bring ample moisture to the country. The windward side of the Ghats then receives the heavy rainfall which says it can be more than 250 cm. the monsoon is also holding a lot of possibilities. While there may be ample heavy floods in one area, chances of droughts on the other side can be expected.

Talking about the temperature, the rain that is experienced for one month says around 28 days collect the standard of 558.8 mm. Along with it come the increase in humidity and more cloudy skies with the temperature to fall.

As there is high rainfall in most of the areas, the sunshine hour reduced to fiver per day while the temperature of the ocean increases to a monthly average of 86°F.

In India, there are two monsoons one is in June and the other is in October. These two monsoons are also called as the northeast monsoon and southwest monsoon. The southwest monsoon comes from the east towards India’s west coast in June while the northeast monsoon affects the east coast of India between November to December. In India the monsoon done appear at once but yes for farmers it is welcomed at the same time if there is a heavy rainfall then the risk of flooding and sickness and destruction is more.

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Covering each Zone of India Temperature in June

1. North India Temperature in June

In June, usually, there is the beginning of Monsoon in the North India during June month. If you are planning to explore any places during this season then it is Varanasi, Agra, Delhi, and Amritsar. You may get cloudy times as there would be a drop in temperatures but it will be hot too. In northeast India, at the beginning of June, there will be monsoon winds hitting the northeast side while in regions like Meghalaya there will a huge amount of rainfall.

Varanasi in June

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2. Mountains Area Temperature in June

If you are planning to travel himalaya at the start of june then surely you will enjoy cooler temperatures. You can explore places like Dharamshala, Rishikesh, and Manali which are popular amongst the tourist. By the end of June however, there is heavy rainfall so you cannot plan for outdoor activities like trekking as the risk of landslides is quite more. However, places like Ladakh or Spiti can be the best places to visit in India During June. Ladakh is also called the cold desert and in June, you are most likely to face warm time and pleasantly cool.

Leh Ladakh in June

3. Central India Temperature in June

The summer season in Central India zone is said to have hot days and nights but in the wintertime, the days are quite warm and sunny while the nights are cold. June is said to be the monsoon onset and for which you need to have a raincoat and umbrella too.

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4. South India Temperature in June

The monsoon starts in Kerala during June season and in Tamil Nadu and east coasts, there is less rain during that time. In most of the years, there is a problem of drought and the tropical floral can be seen on the west coast which means nature is all active and there is a grass fielding ad formation that you may notice. Surely beaches of Kerala, Thekkady in Kerala, Munnar, and  Wayanad or Ooty in Tamil Nadu are worth to go only in early June or you can enjoy the pleasant climate in Pondicherry too.

Ooty South India in June

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5. West India Temperature in June

In the June season, western India has a coastal climate as there are Arabia Sea and Kutch gulf. The days and nights both times you will have the hottest and humid climate in the summer season. Hover, from October season the climate starts getting cool down. You may have to carry light clothes but yes umbrella and raincoat is a must too.

Festivals And Fairs Of June In India

June is a season in India for many states where this is said to be the time of celebration for music, dress, and prayer. It shall boost up space in your festive holidays at this time. It is a time of great celebrations throughout the nation with travelers pairing in different festivals like Orissa’s Rath Yatra or Ajmer’s Urs to name a few. If you are looking forward to exploring the deep roots of the cuisine, lifestyle, living, and tradition of India, then June shall be the best season for you. The fairs and festivals during this time let you explore the vibrant colors of India.

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1. Jammu & Kashmir’s Hemis Festival

This festival is celebrated for honoring the Guru Padmasambhava birth anniversary. It attracts people across the globe where you will be seeing locals wearing all colorful dresses and masks and brocades. Country liquor is the main attraction here country liquor being offered for celebration.

Hemis Festival

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2. Odisha’s Rath Yatra

This another crucial festival celebrated by Hindus which is also said to be a Puri Jagannath's holy journey.

Chariot Puri Rath Yatra

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3. Shimla Summer Festival

This is a festival conducted in June every year. There are dance performances followed by many other things. The capital city of the Himalayan state will say goodbye to the summer season and to see this beauty people from different corners of the country will come to enjoy the view to the colorful riots with events like flower exhibitions, sporting events, and fashion shows to name a few.

Shimla Summer Festival

4. Dharamshala Film Festival

This is a film festival that you can think of attention. It is unique and creative in its way. During June when the weather here is soaring the temperatures in most corners of India, But this festival at Dharamshala is the best escaping route for anyone who loves art.

Dharamshala Film Festival

5. Saga Dawa

Here there are rituals followed in the ceremony which is conducted on the Kanchenjunga hills. It serves as the backdrop of the Mahayana Buddhist festivals which is celebrated. This is another being a silent capital of the city is all loaded up with frenzy colors as there are quite momentous events that are being celebrated by it the Buddha’s life or nirvana attainment.

Saga Dawa Festival, Tibet

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6. Sindhu Darshan Festival

On the day of Guru Purnima, there is a Sindhu Darshan Festival which is visited and celebrated in Ladakh, North India with great enthusiasm. Here you will find locals worshiping tender fruits and rivers and prayers to the holy river.

Sindhu Darshan Festival

7. URS, Rajasthan

This is another yearly festival celebrated in June season at Ajmer with great enthusiasm and cheeriness. Once the Kheer is being made as to the Prasad, a visit to Dargah through the Dargah Bazaar for the celebration is done by the people.

Urs Festival, Ajmer

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Things to do in India in June

In June month, in some corners, you surely can do activities while in some to even do trekking is next to impossible. June is an ideal time for camping in Ladakh Nubra valley while thick forests and brooks with some mind-blowing campsites and rolling meadows are the best things to enjoy on the Himalayas. You can also experience motorbiking in Ladakh via Manali while enjoying the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand, Garhwal and hampta pass that are the best treks spots. If water is your favorite then surfing at Goa is popular. June is the best time to visit where you will be able to surf at between 5 feet and 10 feet plus.

Tips for Traveling During June

In most corners of India, June is said to be the offseason while in Delhi and North can be quite hot but in the Northeast and south side of India, there might be heavy rains. It is always better to plan for a trip where crow and price both will be less. Besides you would be also able to explore incredible festivals in Varanasi and elsewhere in June.

The weather condition in India during June is unpredictable. That is the main reason why you may notice fewer international tourists visiting the destination. However, when you plan for a trip to India June, decide on which all places you would want to cover and then make a list and carry it out accordingly.

India is diverse in a climatic situation has itself different seasons like a monsoon, winter, and summer and post-monsoon. Every region has different weather and that is somewhere totally worth to explore. It does not matter to which year you are planning to visit, make sure you explore all the important points.

It is always better to carry a pair of inter, lightweight and even the raincoat and jackets for every season as the conditions throughout the country vary a lot.

Since there are high chances of heavy UV rays to attack you, make sure you have a sun protection ream and also a power bank to charge your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions about June Weather in India

Q. Is June a good time to visit India?

A. Surely in some corners of India, you can plan to explore India. Places like Ladakh and Delhi are worth to explore during mid of June while Goa and Kerala are best to be visited in early June.

Q. What is the best time of year to visit India?

A. It is the winter season which comes from November to February when the climate is pleasant and you can explore many places.

Q. What season is it in India in June?

A. India has got monsoon two times in the year in different corners. In June in areas like South and Jun has monsoon season while in areas like Ladakh and Delhi it would be a hot climate in June.

Q. Is June the Best time to visit Goa?

A. In early June you can surely enjoy the pleasant climate of Goa since there is a cloudy climate with the chill environment but heavy rainfall will start from the end of June so then you cannot plan out to visit Goa.

Q. What clothes to wear in Goa in June?

A. Goa is best known to be a season of summer most of the time. But in June, if you are planning to visit then you must look for an extra pair of jackets, a raincoat and umbrella as the rain shall begin here soon.

Q. How hot is Goa in June?

A. In June, the climate is quite hot and the average temperature can be around 30 to 35 degrees in day time but at night, there will be a lot powerful climate.

Q. Which is the best month to visit Goa?

The best time is to visit Goa is from November till February since there is a winter season during this time which is quite.

Q. What should I pack for Goa in June?

A. It is better to carry al light weight clothes, sunscreen lotion, glasses, light weight slippers, water, and raincoat to name few as climate can be unpredictable. Get Complete information about What to Wear in Goa.

Q. Can we visit Dudhsagar Falls in June?

A. Certainly, Dudhsagar is one of the most visited places in month of June but the best time to watch heavy waterfall is from June to September.