What to Wear in Goa

Goa has always been the king of all the other tourist attractions in India. It is one of those destinations which aren’t just the favourite to us but, it has been an abode to a lot of foreigners. The place has the charm to attract everyone and is also known as the Las Vegas of India.

Goa is one of those Indian states that make the stay of the people completely relaxing and comfortable too. Well, while a lot of people go to this beautiful state just to explore the Casinos, beaches, the clubs, the pubs and the late-night parties’ one must also not forget that Goa has a lot of other attractions too.

This place has abundant wildlife and also some of the most beautiful temples. There are forts and museums and churches dating back to 500 years that really are worth visiting. Also, the culture of this place pretty open-minded and the same can be seen in the kind of clothes people are accustomed to and the food choices that they are adapted to.

There are different kinds of people that come to enjoy the spectacular beaches and walking around the shores wearing a one-piece is definitely not so uncommon in this place. However, there are a lot of other clothes too that one can wear when they are here. So, let us quickly understand some of the other attire that one can wear during their stayin the most stunning place called, Goa.

Clothes not just depict the mood of the person; it is also known to make you feel relaxed. Well, in humid places like Goa, Mangalore or Mumbai it is pretty inconvenient to wear a four-piece matched suit and walk around the city all the time because of the extreme weather conditions. Hence, dressing as per the place and the occasion matters the most.

Well, it is pretty easy to classify the dresses according the seasons that we plan to visit, isn’t it? So, here is an elaborative list of seasons and the attire that can be carried along with you to make your trip not just memorable but, a comfortable one too.

In January

January is considered to be one of the most happening months of the year in Goa. This is the month where the maximum number of part animals and part freaks would be hitting this place to let loose and enjoy the vibes of the New Year. The apt dresses to carry during these times would be something light, body-revealing yet embellished.

Ladies can choose to carry one-piece dresses that have a lot of sequins and men can always wear a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt stitched with Lenin fabric. Lenin is considered to be the king of fabrics and a flower print Lenin shirt with the buttons open can make you look extremely stunning as you party all night. Try and team up the costume with some chunky jewellery because with the part lights on, it is important to shine like a star as you move your body to the beats of the DJ. Men can always choose to wear Cotton espadrilles because they are the perfect pair of shoes for a beach destination.

In February

If you are planning your visit to Goa in the month of February, apparently the love season of the year please make sure to carry cocktail dresses that are bright coloured. You need to set the ambiance and the mood and this can happen pretty well with the dresses that you wear. Carrying a cowl neck slit dress can be one of the best choices for ladies and men can always choose to wear a semi-casual suit if you are taking your lady love on a date. Carry some expensive perfume and also choose the colours of the dresses right as you would be on a romantic date with your partner during this month.

In March

March is considered to the onset of summer and the temperature can get hotter and humid than February. Most of the times, you may end up on the beaches basking in the sun. The perfect attires would be swimsuits or colourful bikinis along with a pair of shades. Men can carry shorts or swimsuits of their choice too.

There would not be much crowd during these months hence, you could enjoy the solitude. Do not forget to carry shades and flip-flops along with you if you are planning your vacation to Goa in the month of March. Tanks for men to get tanned lovely can be the right choice of clothing when you are planning for a visit in the month of March.

In April

This is the start of vacation to most of the children however; Goa would not be the right place to plan your vacation during this month because of the harsh summers and extreme humidity. Nevertheless, you could always choose to walk on the shores and enjoy the breeze during the evenings but, you must make sure to carry the right kind of dresses too. Carrying floral frocks, long dresses would make a lot of sense during this season. Pair these clothes either with a panama cap or a straw hat to make it look more appealing.

In May – June

Holidays in Goa can be nice and memorable however, bearing the heat of the sun during the afternoons can be quite a challenging one. April to June is considered to offseason in Goa because of the scorching sun and mostly, people would remain indoors.

Despite this, if you are planning to visit Goa during this season and if you love to get a sun tan, you could always choose to carry cotton skirts, Maxi dresses and cotton Ponchos that are light-coloured. The perfect choice of clothes for men can be t-shirts and shorts. Pairing up these dresses with tote bags and tying a scarf around your neck can be stylish as well. Along with that you could always wear accessories made of shells and conches that are available on the beachside.

In July - September

With the onset of monsoons, Goa can get pretty cooler during the months of July to October. The rainfall can be pretty high in some of the regions but, monsoon has its own charm. Visiting Goa during these months can be challenging but, very enticing.

The lush green forests and the swelling waterfalls can make you fall in love with this place all the more. Well, since it would be raining most of the times, it would be right to carry clothes that would keep you shielded from the rainfall. Carrying track pants with t-shirts and waterproof clothes and jackets are apt for this month for both men and women.

In October

Though an offseason, October can be really relaxing in Goa because of the post-monsoon effect. The place would be fresh and the Mother Nature would be in her full form welcoming everyone. Going to Goa during this time might notbe apt according to the trends however, if you are a photography enthusiast and would love to experience the nature then, this is the perfect month to go to Goa.

You can carry clothes of your choice because the weather would be just nice and pleasant. Walking around in Maxi dresses, long cotton skirts or even tank tops can be apt during this time. Diving into the sea and exploring the water games with bikinis and Monokinis or one-piece dress can also best suit the place because of the lovely weather.

In November – December

One can get to see a lot of tourists hitting Goa during this season. The place would be lit up completely and it would be much more colourful because of the peak season and also the balmy weather. Hence, walking around in vibrant Sarongs, laced cotton skirts and Monokinis can be a perfect choice for these months.

One can also choose to flaunt around in the lovely and the most happening Bohemian dresses and also cover-up dresses during the evenings as you party whole night.You could also choose to wear a tube dress and walk into a Casino like a royal princess with the apt accessories. Men can carry their shorts and buy some shirts or t-shirts with some funny graphics and also flower prints and walk around with a panama cap and a bottle of beer in their hands.

Well, these are some of the best outfits for Goa. One must also remember that some of the fabrics like Synthetic, Silk and Polyester aren’t made for places like Goa. Hence, you must always avoid such fabrics because they would not just kill the joy of the trip but, it would end up reacting on the skin due to extreme weather conditions.

Along with the clothes, wearing the right accessories and footwear would also enhance the overall looks of a person. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags with the right clothes and zoom to Goa for a fun-filled vacation and come back with stories to make your friends feel jealous.

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