Maharajas’ Express Kitchen - How Your Food Is Prepared

I always wondered how it was possible to prepare a three-course meal with desserts of exquisite decorate and fresh ingredients, every day, on a moving train.

Once, a waiter told me that even the sauces and dressings used in the dishes are made fresh, inside the train. Maharajas’ Express has always astonished me in this aspect and it is not easy to get access to the kitchen.

However, I got acquainted with the head chef of my tour and gain great insight about the kitchen and the work style of his team. Here is a gist of the information I got from him.

Maharajas’ Express Kitchen
Maharajas’ Express Kitchen

Difficulty in Cooking

According to the chef, the main difficulty is garnishing. It is quite hard to garnish, when the train is constantly shaking. Dealing with hot sauces is quite hard and sometimes, accidents do happen.

Every specialty food of Maharajas express that reaches the table of the restaurants are masterpieces of the team, who could handle the hardship of cooking in a rattling train, running at a moderate speed. This is one of the main reasons to why the train is kept at a constant speed throughout the trip.

Maharaja Express Meal
Maharaja Express Meal

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What is chef’s specialty dish?

Every now and then, some dishes are served over and above the menu. What is so special about that dish? Those dishes are made by ingredients that are exclusively available at certain destinations. I tasted meat prepared using cashew nut sauce and smeared with onion base as a specialty dish during my trip. There is no guarantee that these ingredients would be available all the time. Thus, they are tagged as specialty dishes.

How are the ingredients bought?

There is a separate team in Maharajas’ Express train, which procures ingredients from many local markets. Every ingredient is brought fresh and local. These ingredients reach the kitchen, every day, when the train halts at specific destinations. The availability of these ingredients depends on season and thus, the menu changes from time to time.

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Devices in the kitchen

Starting from salad maker to juicer, every small and major device is installed in the kitchen. It is quite hard to have everything in place, in such a small space. However, the entire staff is trained for creating the finest dishes in coherent, so that there would not be any mishaps in the kitchen.

How are the chefs selected?

Chefs of several decades of elite experiences are chosen to run the train. Around 15-17 cooks work under the chef around 10 hours a day. This includes freshly baking bread to juicing fruits.

Luxury train India chefs are dedicated workers who believe in adding royalty to every meal they serve. This is the reason to why; there is a beauty in the meals inside the train.

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