Hot Air Balloon Rides in Goa - Experience of Lifetime

There are six top places in India for hot air balloon ride. Lonavla, Karnataka, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Goa are the top places in hot air balloon ride. Goa is the best place for popular sports, honeymoon and party time. The scenic beauty of and landmarks in this place makes this place a paradise.

Unlike other sports like gliding and parachuting; ballooning is very safe and enjoyable. The best time for enjoying this experience is winter. This is because of the scenic beauty of the place. The enjoyment of this experience depends on wind. Condition of wind, temperature and other elements determines the beauty of this experience.

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Best Spots for Exciting Hot Air Balloon Ride

As there is nothing much to do inside the balloon and the entertainment depends on scenic value of this, you need to choose the right place for this ride. The top places to enjoy hot air balloon ride in Goa are;

1. Morjim

Morjim is a beach getaway place. Choose early winter when the flora in that locality is lush with water from rain. You can watch the sea, beach and other flora near the beach while ballooning. The warm breeze from sea and excellent wind would make the ride more exciting.

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2. Salaulim Dam

This dam has greenish waters that speed like a velvet flow. While you are in the balloon, you can watch the water flowing down the fall in a smooth drive.

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3. Cabo de Rama

The fort in this place is a marvel to watch for the top view through balloon. Moreover, you can also have a view of the sea, beach and lush vegetation.

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4. Quitol

It is a small village in South Goa. While you float in the hot air balloon, you can get a bird’s eye view of the whole village. This is a must activity if you visit Quitol in winter season.


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Best Time for Hot Air Ballooning

As stated before, the hot air ballooning experience can be boosted only by the surrounding and climatic condition. Always opt for this activity in early morning when the sun is ready to rise or in evening when the sun is about to set. Winter is the best time for hot air ballooning. In Goa, the rainy season ends in the beginning of September. From September to February, the climate would be cold and well suited for ballooning. March can also be added to this list if the summer does not start early.

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What Should You Wear?

Since cool climate is the best time for ballooning, jacket is very essential. Sturdy footwear is very essential for safety. A sun glass or cap might be essential according to the climate.

What to Expect?

Ballooning is a mode of transportation. You can see everything in a bird’s eye view. It is not a thrill based activity. It is an activity that would help you to relax and have spectacular view. Rate of ballooning varies from season to season and from company to company. Always pack your camera for clicking some wonderful pictures. It is also a wonderful sight to watch balloons being inflated and being taken off or landed.

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If you are visiting Goa, you need to perform some activities that you would remember for lifetime. The hot air balloon ride is one such activity.

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