Top 10 Things to Do in Goa

The "beach capital of India", Goa has so much in store for its visitors. Goa is a sort of paradise for Nature lovers, adventurous souls, photographers and nightlife lovers. There are many activities that can be carried out in the city. Have a quick look at the top 10 things that should be done during your Goa tour.

1. Palolem Beach

Known for its sun kissed and long stretches of silvery beaches; Goa receives a huge number of tourists, fond of spending time in the beaches. The most visited beach of Goa is Palolem Beach. Though there are shacks and huts in the beach yet it was popular and is still popular after its development. This beautiful beach has always been admired. The south end of the beach remains busy. Whereas, the northern part of the beach is bounded by high tide from the shallow river remains quiet and calm. Besides, there is an island, which can be reached at the time of low tides. One can have glimpses of dolphins playing and jumping around in the bay.

2. Adventurous Water Sports

The major attractions of Goa are the wide range of adventurous water sports that draw swarms of tourists from all the corners of the world every year. People coming to this beautiful and bright place enjoy heart throbbing activities like surfing, scuba diving, water-skiing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing, boogie boarding, windsurfing along with deep sea fishing. Therefore, these sports fill the people with energy and joy during their vacation, making it memorable.

3. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

It is recommended to visit the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located near Molem. It can be a treat for the wildlife lovers and photographers. Nature lovers can find some peace here in the midst of Mother Nature. You can see major wild animals like panther and sloth bear, mouse and other species can also be seen here as it is one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. Variety of birds and pleasing flora and fauna will captivate the attention of the visitors.

4. Nightlife in Goa

The inhabitants of Goa love to party and organize parties on the beaches. Therefore, it makes Goa lively and gorgeous at night. The beaches of Goa make a nice place for nightlife and tourists, who love to hangout at night, can visit these places. The popular activities in Goa are Rave parties and Leisure cruises. These will leave an unforgettable impact on you and you will carry happy moments of Goa tour before leaving.

5. Mapusa

The largest town of Northern Goa called Mapusa is a Friday Market and is visited by the buyers and sellers from the nearby towns and villages. One can pick things from here at lower prices than the beach resorts. Despite of less interest of people in visiting this commercial place, they have to pass through this market town since it is a hub of main transportation for northern Goa. It is a busy but pleasant place to visit and is not different from other towns of Indian region. Read More about : Top Markets for Shopping in Goa

6. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful place to be visited by the nature lovers and wildlife lovers. It is located at a distance of 9km south of Palolem. This remote sanctuary majorly shelters leopards, gaurs, sambars and spotted deer. Other species such as monkeys, birds, snakes and frogs can be found here in abundance. To get the best of this wildlife sanctuary one has to be at one of the two watchtowers in the early morning. These watchtowers are at a distance of 6km and 9km respectively from the entrance.

7. Holistic Healing

Tourists mostly visit Goa for holistic healing such as Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga and Reiki. You will find the best of ayurvedic (an age old natural practice) doctors in the Keri village of Goa. Tough every nook and corner of Goa has Yoga or Meditation centers but Yoga Magic, Yab Yum, Ashiyana and The Mandala are the most recommended places to attend yoga classes. To learn and practice Reiki you can go to the Neo Yoga Centre in Goa, which is very famous. The eco friendly people or the vegetarians can visit “Bean Me Up,” which is a soya-station and a café for healthy food, located in Anjuna. Find more : Spas and Ayurveda Resorts in South India

8. Goa Heritage

You can also explore the heritage of Goa during your visit to this amazing land. The west of Panjim resembles the Indo-Portuguese period through its churches, museums, convents, art galleries, bungalows, government buildings and bakeries. Se de Santa Catarina, the glorious Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Naval Aviation Museum, The Archeological Museum of Old Goa and Institute Menezes Braganza are some of the heritage buildings of Goa with splendid architecture, which draws the attention of the visitors.

9. Café Mambo

The Tito’s owned and managed Café Mambo, which is a nice place to visit during a vacation at Goa. It is considered as a sophisticated version of the former. Hosted by DJs at night, the house gets pumped out through hip-hop and Latino tunes. Neither Tito’s nor Mambo allows lone gents to enter.

10. Casinos

Goa allows you to enjoy being in casino as it is known for its Casino cruises. These days, machine operated casinos are popular in Goa. These casinos are mostly visited by men. Though gambling is not so popular in India still Goa has some onshore and offshore casinos for its visitors who want to try their luck.

Definitely you will feel contented and happy during your Goa tour and will be able to carry memorable moments back home.

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