Shopping in Goa

“Goa” one of the most desired destinations of Sun, Sand and Beaches across the world is famous for shopping also, from flea market selling beach wear, beads and flip-flops to food markets selling anything from Goan sausages and seafood to vegetables and fruit to both local and international fashion designers boutiques selling exclusive fashion products and accessories and more no doubt make shopping in Goa is definitely a delight.

So, whether you’re visiting for relax or work, make sure you keep a day or two aside only dedicated to shopping, now if you are confused what and from where to buy in Goa, don’t panicked enough, Travelogy India has listed some of the most popular things and significant details that will truly make your shopping experience in Goa exhilarating!

Top Things To Buy In Goa

1. Cashew Nuts

Goa, one of the best countries to buy “Cashew Nuts” is available in all flavours, spicy, salty, colored, coated with chick flour etc. So buy fresh Goan cashews as much as you can carry, the best place to shop cashews would be around the main Panaji City but you can also try on the industries for wholesale prices. The Royal Kajuwala in Panaji, Ajanta Industries in Ponda, Saima Agro Industry in Usgao and and Zantyes Cashew Nuts in Panaji are some places that you could look at.

2. Spices

Yes, you read it right Kerala is not only the place to get spices; Goa on the Malabar Cost of India is also the land which grows all kind of “Spices”. So, if you are in Goa don’t forget to explore some of the spice farms which offer guided tours and range of aromatic spices from Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves to the fresh icing on the cake which is little cheaper that you don’t get anywhere.

3. Feni or Cashew Feni

“Feni”, famous country liquor made from both coconut and cashew is one of the most famous things to buy in Goa! It is immensely intoxicating, long shelf life and is used in cocktails or mixed with cola, tonic water and lemonade. A bottle of Feni is easily available at INR 100 at any liquor shop, so if you want to gift some drink to your drunkard friend or host the next party at home, must buy a bottle of Feni and let enjoy everyone with a sip of the Goan spirit.

4. Handicrafts

Your trip to Goa is incomplete if you don't buy some “Handicrafts” from here. Goa which boosts for its quality silk, exquisite carpets, papier-mache work, bronze work sell many interesting trinkets, sea shells show pieces and creative artwork of the locals at the beach markets which make great reminder. So, go, buy beautiful handicrafts but be sure you bargain well; as these beach markets normally charge unreasonable rates from the common.

5. Music

The catchy beats and notes of “Goan Music” is one of the things that make you sing and dance no matter where you are. So must buy few Goan Trance CDs and Portuguese music from the beach markets or you can also explore the varied shops spread everywhere sell varieties of CDs and musical instruments on both local and standard fares.

6. Wooden Furniture (Wooden Carvings)

“Wooden Carvings” is undoubtedly one of the things that you must buy from Goa. To add more beauty for your home, you can select any exquisite and antique pieces from the huge range of furniture decorated with beautiful brass work and wood carvings available from upmarket showrooms, roadside vendors, to beach markets.

7. Painted Tiles

Goa that specializes in “Painted Tiles” using the traditional and modern two different techniques are one of the famous items to shop in Goa. The 2 reasons that mesmerize everyone to buy this some really beautiful bluepainted tiles is: Today you can find these blue tiles with pictures and sketches about Goa like the Picture of St. Xavier’s’ Church in Old Goa or the Portuguese ship battling the rough waters of Arabian Sea and the other reason these tiles is cartoons by the world famous Goan artist “Padmashree Mario Miranda” who captured life in Goa in minutes and decorated in great way. So buy these beautiful tiles from Goa, and whenever missing Goa look at these cartoons from Mario Miranda and recalled the memories of the land of Sun, sand, and beaches without travelling.

Note : You can buy tiles with Mario Miranda cartoons online also from Mario Miranda site.

Despite these, there are many things to buy in Goa. Here you can purchase trendy flip-flops, beachwear’s, totes and jewellery from the various flea markets in Goa

No doubt the city has a lot to offer in terms of shopping! Make sure to compare prices at different stores before you fix a deal and a little bargaining will go a long way in making your wallet last longer! And last but not least, keep away from show off people who may try to entice you into buy low quality products!

Where to Shop in Goa

In Goa you are actually spoiled for choices, from the shacks on beaches like Calangute, Vega, and Vagator etc. to amazing flea markets and night bazaars to rich mall feature many colours and an array of products that truly make your shopping experience elite. For more information must check out the Best Shopping Markets in Goa.

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