Signature Dishes of Indian States

Famous dishes of states in India has a unique style and the type of attraction in one state might not be the same in another. The same goes for dishes too. The Biriyani of Andhra Pradesh might not be the same as that of Mumbai.

This article talks about the Signature Dishes of each Indian State that you should not miss.

1. Gongura, Andhra Pradesh

Gongura is a kind of spinach that has a sour taste. The leaves of this plant are pickled with oil, salt and spices. This pickled is mixed with hot steaming rice and consumed when it is still warm. The smell of the spices and the taste of the leaves would take you to another paradise.

Gongura Pickle Andhra Pradesh
Gongura Pickle, Andhra Pradesh

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2. Sengmora, Arunachal Pradesh

Are you a pork lover? You ought to taste the pork in. Sengmora is a plant and the leaves of this plant have a good flavour and smell. Smoked Pork is cooked with this leaves till the leaves loose the texture. This dish is served with warm rice. The authentic drink for this dish is the local rice beer, Arunachal Apong.

Pork in Sengmora Arunachal
Pork in Sengmora, Arunachal

3. Mansor Tenga Fish, Assam

Mansor Tenga Fish from freshwater is cooked with lemon, dried mangosteen, exotic spices and tomato. This would remove any sand smell from the fish and would leave it with a strong flavour. You can see the oil of the fish floating on the thick red gravy.

Mansor Tenga Fish Assam
Mansor Tenga Fish, Assam

4. Litti Choka, Bihar

Litti Choka is a wheat ball that is stuffed with gram flour, smashed potatoes and other vegetables. It has a hot flavour and is usually eaten without any side dish.

Litti Chokha Bihar
Litti Chokha, Bihar

5. Dehrori, Chhattisgarh

During Diwali time, Dehrori, a delicacy is prepared all throughout this state. This dish is made of rice dumplings that are fried and soaked in sugar syrup. The dish is usually garnished with crushed nuts and cardamom.

Dehrori Chhattisgarh
Dehrori, Chhattisgarh

6. Bebinca, Goa

Goa is famous for a pudding called Bebinca. Bebinca traditionally has 16 layers and is served warm along with cold scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Bebinca Goa Dish
Bebinca, Goa

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7. Khandvi, Gujarat

Khandvi is a snack made with gram flour, sesame, mustard seeds, yogurt, green chillies and coconut. It is usually found in rolls and has a different and mild flavour.

Khandvi Gujarat
Khandvi, Gujarat

8. Khichdi, Haryana

Khichdi made with pearl millet and sesame oil is the signature dish of this state. It is usually consumed with pickle or papad, lassi or curd.

Kichadi Haryana
Kichadi, Haryana

9. Madra, Himachal Pradesh

Madra is a dish of chick peas. It is made with coconut puree, almond, raisins, yogurt and other spices. The dish has an aromatic flavour and has a delicious and strong taste.

Madra Himachal
Madra, Himachal

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10. Kalaadi Cheese, Jammu and Kashmir

Kalaadi Cheese is the local cheese which is traditional in this state. It has a thick texture and usually served with cooked meat or vegetables in the middle. You cannot miss this paradise taste if you are in Jammu and Kashmir.

local cheese jammu
Kalaadi Cheese, Jammu and Kashmir

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11. Rugda, Jharkhand

Rugda is a mushroom that grows only in this state. This mushroom has a strong flavour and is cooked with spices and consumed with rice.

Rugda Jharkhand Dish
Rugda, Jharkhand

12. Pandi Curry, Karnataka

Pandi Curry is the signature dish of Karnataka. Pork is cooked without much of gravy till it becomes dark and spicy. It is served with flat bread called "Akkiroti" and is a delicacy of this state.

Karnataka Pandi Curry
Pandi Curry, Karnataka

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13. Ishtu, Kerala

Ishtu is a signature dish of this state Kerala. It is a loose translation of the term, ‘stew’. Any meat is cooked in coconut milk with very mild flavour. Isthu can also be made with vegetables, usually potato. Also read top things to do in Kerala.

Kerala Potato Ishtu Stew
Ishtu, Kerala

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14. Bhutte Ka Kees, Madhya Pradesh

A spicy dish made from sweet corn is the unique dish of Madhya Pradesh. It is called Bhutte ka kees.

Bhutte Ka Kees Madhya Pradesh
Bhutte Ka Kees, Madhya Pradesh

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15. Thalipeeth, Maharashtra

Thalipeeth is a multigrain spicy pancake made with many spices and condiments. It is usually served with buffalo milk’s cream.

Thalipeeth Maharashtra
Thalipeeth, Maharashtra

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16. Khaman Asinba Kangshoi, Manipur

Fried fish soup, Khaman Asinba Kangshoi is a vegetable soup in which fried fish pieces are added. It is more of a soupy stew that can be consumed with rice.

Khaman Asinba Kangshoi Manipur
Khaman Asinba Kangshoi, Manipur

17. Jadoh, Meghalaya

If you visit Meghalaya, do not forget to eat the "Jadoh" red hill rice (red coloured rice) cooked with pork. It is a kind of biriyani that you can consume only in Meghalaya.

Jadoh Red Hill Rice with Pork Meghalaya
Jadoh Red Hill Rice with Pork, Meghalaya

18. Sawhchiar, Mizoram

Sawhchiar is a delicacy that is made by boiling meat, rice and other spices. It is a kind of stew with rice. It is authentic delicacy of Mizoram.

Sawhchiar Mizoram Dish
Sawhchiar, Mizoram

19. Dry Bamboo Shoots, Nagaland

Nagaland signature dish is Dry Bamboo Shoots with Pork. Pork is cooked with bamboo shoots, chillies, herbs and served with boiled rice. The dish is very spicy and has a strong flavour.

Pork with Bamboo Shoots Nagaland
Pork with Bamboo Shoots, Nagaland

20. Chhena Poda, Odisha

Ricotta cheese is baked and served as Chhena Poda. It is a delicacy and oriya desert that would linger in your mind for long.

Chenna Poda Odisha Dish
Chenna Poda, Odisha

21. Makke ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag, Punjab

Indian bread made with corn meal is served with a green side dish made with mustard green topped with cottage cheese. It is famous as Makke ki Roti with Sarson ka Saag.

Makke ki Roti with Saag Punjab
Makke ki Roti with Saag, Punjab

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22. Malai Ghewar, Rajasthan

Malai Ghewar is a delicacy that is incomparable. It is made with milk, ghee and flour. This dish is found in a lot of states, but Rajasthan is the queen of this dish.

Malai Ghewar Rajasthan
Malai Ghewar, Rajasthan

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23. Phagshapa, Sikkim

Phagshapa is a traditional dish of dried pork. The pork is marinated with dried chillies, radishes and turnips.

Pork Phagshapa Sikkim
Pork Phagshapa, Sikkim

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24. Kambu Koozh, Tamil Nadu

Kambu Koozh is a tasty and healthy drink of Tamilnadu. It is a porridge that is made from millet grains and is served in earthen pots with onions, fried chilly or pickle.

KAMBU KOOZH, Tamilnadu

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25. Awan Bangwi, Tripura

Awan Bangwi is a rice cake made with guria rice, pork, ginger, onion, cashew, ghee, raisins, herbs and other spices. It is cooked in special Lairu leaves by wrapping.

Awan Bangwi Tripura
Awan Bangwi, Tripura

26. Baingan ki Lonje, Uttar Pradesh

Stuffed brinjal with spices and aromatic flavours is the signature dish of Uttar Pradesh. It is called as Baingan Ki Lonje.

Baingan ki Lonje
Baingan ki Lonje750

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27. Bal Mithai, Uttarakhand

Bal Mithai is the signature delicacy in the state of Uttarakhand. It is made by roasted evaporated Milk with cane sugar and is covered with small white sugar balls.

Uttarakhand famous Bal Mithai
Bal Mithai, Uttarakhand

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28. Daab Chingri, West Bengal

Daab Chingri is a traditional Bengali Dish. Prawn cooked in coconut milk and mustard and filled inside a green coconut. It is usually served with boiled rice.

Daab Chingri Dishes of West Bengal
Daab Chingri, West Bengal

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