What Are The Some Interesting Facts About The Maharajas’ Express Train?

If you are planning to board on the symbol of royalty in India - Maharaja’s Express then you should know the facts about the train.

Maharaja word means king of kings and this train has the exact same experience for the travelers. Train can give you a feeling of the king of kings by its unique hospitality, unique journey and the dedication of staff to make you feel this feeling.

Let’s unveil some of the less known interesting facts about the Maharaja’s Express.

1. Uniqueness and Awards of the Train

maharajas express award

Apart from being one of the top 25 trains in the world, Maharajas Express Train has 4 awards of World’s leading luxury train. There are several other awards honours the Maharaja Express including Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Travel Award and ‘Best Luxury Train Award of CNBC Awaaz Travel in 2010.

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2. Destinations and Time

If you want to board on the train then there are four tour plans to choose. It has 12 different sights to enjoy these four plans. You can enjoy the sightseeing in the evening and after getting back you can enjoy the nightlife of the train. It covers all of the main and famous destinations of India like Ellora cave, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Ranthambore, Udaipur, Balasinor and there are several others on the list.

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3. Speed and views outside the train

To provide a unique view train moves in a very slow speed in comparison of other Express trains. It helps the visitors to make most of their money by enjoying the Royal Experience of the Maharajas Express.

4. Welcome Time

Welcome of Maharajas' Express
Welcome of Maharajas' Express

This is something for which you can say that-Amazing. As you enter you will find the staff of the train is welcoming you on the red carpet. And you will enjoy this welcome ceremony at every station you board on. You will receive fresh flowers bouquet, amazing drinks and tokens to celebrate your journey.

Maharajas' Express Welcome Ceremony
Maharajas' Express Welcome Ceremony

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5. Safety Comes First

Train remains full of VVIPs from the various parts of the world. So their safety is the first and foremost concern of the Train management. For the health issues, you will find a team of doctors there. Their availability is 24*7 and which is free.

Expecting some criminal activity in this train is nothing more than a foolish act. You will find a very tight security on the train, at the stations and even with your sightseeing tour. So travelling in this train is completely safe and secure.

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6. Care

breakfast in bed of maharaajs express

The term sounds childish but no other word suits the customizing and the service of the Maharaja Express. You can customize your wake-up call, and even can taste your breakfast in the bed. This unique facility is not in any other Indian train.

7. Experience Inside

Train has four types of accommodation inside the train in which you can choose the type which fits your budget. The main thing which makes the train Maharajas express is that its least luxurious accommodation has the kind of experience you won’t get in best models of many other trains. You can customize your service in this cabin as well.

Presidential Suite

If you wish to choose the most luxurious then Presidential Suite is the best fit for you. You will get plenty of private time in the Suite. Rooms are bigger in comparison to other cabins, and added facilities add a bit of more royalty in those rooms.

In simple words, Maharajas Express is no less than a five-star-hotel on wheels. Even many five star hotels don’t have the accommodation which can compete for the accommodation of the train. You will get luxuries LCD TV with satellite connection, royal size beds, attached bathroom and AC. Dial telephone with international calling, electronic safe and Wi-Fi are some other examples of Maharajas Express unique services. Overall experience in this train is zealous.

8. Length Of The Train

Having this much of facilities and space you can expect Maharaja’s Express length bit more than other trains. Maharajas Express’ length is 1 km or near to that number. So walking to and fro is a good exercise option for you.

Best thing in this walking exercise is you can enjoy the other amenities of the train as well. Although hallway is narrow, you can walk comfortably.

9. Hotels

Your expectation is that you will get your all meals on the train then you are wrong. While your sightseeing tour, you will have a chance of visiting some unique hotels in India. India’s icon Taj Hotel is one of them. You can have some meals in other hotels but bear in mind that every single hotel would be above than average.

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10. Restaurants

Mayur Mahal

The Maharajas express has two great restaurants for taste seekers - Rang Mahal Restaurant, Mayur Mahal Restaurant. Each of them has a menu full of delicious dishes. You can have many local dishes according to the station and each chef of these restaurants is highly qualified to accommodate your taste. They provide dishes with fresh ingredients. You can also get a special dish of a particular area while your route.

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They are located at the ends. The decoration of these two different restaurants is different. Sometimes they serve according to a theme. These restaurants also provide customization in the food. You can order vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free foods.

meal in maharajas express

You can state your food demands while booking and chefs will take care of it. Many times they provide dishes out of the menu in order to make the visitors smile.

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11. Outing

Your plan doesn’t have only the train travelling but it will provide you many other things to do as well. Staff will take you to famous destinations you opted. They’ll help you to taste many other local cuisines including street food of special destinations. More fascinating thing in this outing tour they won’t let the luxury level down while touring.

Special bus less with all luxurious facilities will take you to the destinations. Due to any personal or other reason if you want to get back in the train, what you only have to do is alert the staff. For persons who don’t love to wonder, staying on the train is an option for you. But don’t worry to tour because of all the needed arrangements made by the staff of the train.

12. Drinking

bar in maharajas express

Along with the two bars train also has two lounge cars - Rajah Club Bar Lounge, Safari Bar Lounge. These lounges have bars in which you can get any drink you want. If you don’t find your drink on the menu then you can ask for it. Including mocktails, you will get Cappuccino, black coffee and whatever you wish, they will serve you.

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13. Entertaining Day

You don’t have to be tensed about your day and entertainment during the day. You will feel that time is flying in the train because they keep you busy in enjoying. During touring days you will only get on the train for sleeping. Other times you would start your day a bit early in the morning.

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No matter which plan you chose or which you suite you opted in this train. Train doesn’t compromise in providing royalty to its travellers. Chances of getting far more than your imagination are there.

You don’t have to worry about your location as well because the train starts its tour from two destinations Delhi or Mumbai. One is the capital of India and second one is the film city. Both are well connected so you can reach their easily.

What you have to worry about this train is only one thing and that is- train always remains full. So make sure that you booked your ticket on time.

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