Top 20 Mumbai Street Foods And Places to Eat

You will be able to enjoy the diversity of Mumbai through the special culinary food that is available in plenty. The street food here is of different types and these include Gujrati, Muslim, South Indian, Persian and also Maharashtrian dishes. The colors, flavors and the textures of these foods would pop up in your mouth and the best thing is that these will not be a burden to your pockets at all. If you are a foodie, then you will certainly love Mumbai because there are a number of yummy dishes found here. The street food of this particular place is all the more yummy. They are mouthwatering and also yummy.

Here you get the opportunity to taste some delicious food  standing along the Mumbai streets watching hundreds of people going by and this can certainly be the most wonderful experience for you. If you are interested to know in details about some of the most popular places to eat street foods in mumbai, then going through the discussion given below will certainly be helpful:

1- Kheema Pav

Kheema Pav is quite an iconic dish in Mumbai. It is called queema or keema. It has got its name from a Turkish word called kiyma which means minced meat. The dish originally belongs to the cafes of Iran and it is operated by the Muslims and the Zoroastrians which is now also quite a common street food.

Place where this food is available - This is the street food available at the Crawford market in Gulshan e Iran.

Description: This place is famous for the many Mughlai dishes at extremely low prices. After having a stomach full meal, it becomes quite a surprise that the bill does not go beyond Rs. 1000. For two people the food costs around Rs.450.

What you can try: Apart from Keema pav, there are also other foods that you can try here. These include the garlic naan, firni, rabdi kulfi etc.

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2- White Biriyani

White Biriyani is a combination of Yakhni Pulao and Dum Biriyani. This is quite a favorite rice dish of the sub continent of India. This is an excellent recipe and a number of spices are used in preparing this particular dish. Saffron and caramelized onion is also used here and quite an aromatic rice is cooked. This is a dish that is most appropriate for being offered in the royal court.

The place where this food is available - Noor Mohmaddi, Bhendi Bazaar

Description :- This is another place where you get some of the most delicious foods in Mumbai. The price for a meal of two people here is around Rs.300

When can you visit this place - If you are planning to visit this place and try out the street food here then you can certainly plan out during ramadan. In fact if you visit this place during this time, then you will also be able to find some bollywood stars present here to try the delicious street food.

What else can you find here -  Apart from white Biriyani you will also get tasty chicken hakimi here.

3- Bun Maska and Mava Samosa

If you are craving for some mouth watering pastries then make sure that you visit Merwan. This is a place where you get to taste the yummy pastries, tea cakes, cookies etc. that will definitely satisfy people having a sweet tooth. There is also a group of people who come here to collect packaged food for home. The price for a meal of two will be around Rs.150.

Where can you find this food -  The Grant road of Mervan's

Where else do you find - Here you can also enjoy some Irani chai after the entire day's work and then enjoy some freshly baked cookies along with that.

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4- Vada Pav

 Vada pav is also called the poor man's burger and this is certainly among the best Mumbai street foods available here. This is simply a bun bread and a vada or a fritter stuffed along with mashed potatoes. Then this particular dish is served with a tasty and a spicy chutney, a little bit of garlic powder chutney and also some fried chillies. Here you also get some very popular variants and these include cheese, grilled vada pav and also schezwan.

Where can you find it - You can get this delicious food in Anand Vada Pav stall and also Parleshwar Vada Pav Samrat at the Vile parle, West.

What else can you find here -  You can also try the debeli, keema pav and also the samosa pav here.

5- Samosa Along with Chhola at the Guru Kripa, Sion

The samosa here is considered to be the most famous samosa is the most famous in Mumbai. This sea is normally served along with a chick pea gravy and also tamarind y that adds to the taste. You can also add some coriander bits along with onion that will help in garnishing the dish. This is an absolute must try for all those people who are interested to get a taste of the street food in Mumbai. The price for this food is around Rs.300 for two people.

Where can you find it -  Throughout Mumbai

Where else can you find it - Apart from samosa, you can also taste the sweet lassi, gulab jamun, chole Bhature, samosa chole and also chole tikki

6-Tandoori Delicacies at the Jai Jawan

After the people shop for a long day, they tend to stop at the Jai Jawan and enjoy the tandoori dishes here. This place is a great favorite among most of the people who are fond of eating non-vegetarian snacks. It is said that if you eat here once, then you become a very loyal customer of this particular place. The price of food for two people here is around Rs. 600.

Where can you find it - You get these foods somewhere near the Hill Road. This is located exactly opposite the National college, just beside the Chappal market in the Link road, Bandra.

What else can you get - The foods that you can try here are Punjabi prawns masala, tandoori chicken and also Punjabi Prawn fry.

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7- Misal Pav

This dish basically is a mix of lentils, that is also eaten with some potato bhaaji, chivada, poha, tomato and also chopped onions. This is street food that is quite spicy and hot and people normally eat it along with yogurt and also pav. If you are looking to have some yummy and also healthy street food in Mumbai then this is certainly the best option for you.

Where do you find it - This is basically a food that is extremely popular from Pune. You can try this is Mamledar Kacheri at Naupada in Thane, West.

8- The Chinese thali

This food is certainly a hidden gem and this is a place that will certainly surprise you once you know about it. This is certainly a hidden gem and this is a place that always will surprise you. This thali also comes with soup, starters, fried rice, manchurian and also ice tea. This food comes in huge quantities and soups and the dumplings are things that you cannot afford to miss out. This restaurant has foods of some amazingly good quality. The price for a meal for two people is approximately around Rs. 900.

Where can you find it -  You will find this in Sahibaan, Worli. There are also branches of this food joints in Oshiwara, Colaba and also Bandra. You can get this food from near the Atria Mall, Annie Besant Road, in Worli, Mumbai.

What else can you find here - You can also try the chicken Shashlik sizzler, chicken hot garlic sizzler, Chinese Thali and also hot garlic sizzler.

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9- Strawberry and also cream at the Bachelor's on the Charni Road

It is true that both strawberry and also cream are quite expensive, however, having both of these here is simply something you cannot afford to miss. The cream here is also quite fresh and the strawberries are all the more fresh. Apart from these there are also other foods that you can have here and these include fruit creams, shakes and also other fruit creams and ice creams. This place is very much visited by the late nighters. The price for a strawberry and cream is Rs.199.

Where can you find this - The address of this place is 45, Sattar Sea View, Chowpatty Sea face.

10 - Panaki, Veg Malpoa, tardeo and also Khichdi

These foods in Swati are also counted among the top street foods in Mumbai. If you are interested in heading towards a simple and a quiet lunch, then this is a place where you will certainly not get disappointed. The price for a meal of two is Rs. 700.

Where can you find this - The address of Swati is 248, Karai Estate that is exactly opposite Bhatia hospital on the Tardeo road, Mumbai.

What else can you find this - People here can also try pav vada, panki chatni, pav bhaji, satpadi roti, gatta nu shak, and also rava dosa.

11- Chinese Specials at the Babu Chinese, Worli

Finding out good Indian Chinese food is certainly not easy, however, this is a place whose food taste you will surely love. The price for meals is Rs. 750 for two people.

Where can you find this - The address is 872, Subhedar Nagar, AG Khan Road, Worli, Mumbai.

What else can you find here - There is everything on the menu

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12- Non veg snacks at Aaron's in the Orlem Church, Malad

This is a place where you can get some tasty food at quite a reasonable price. Here you will get to taste some delicious pastries and also some very light and also simple delicacies. The price for a meal of two people is Rs. 250.

Where can you find this - The address is 5 Lourdes Heritage, Marve Road, Orlem, Mumbai.

What else can you find here - Here you can also try chicken makhanwala rolls, chicken mayo sandwich.

13 - Bhelpuri

This is another very popular street food that will find on the streets of the city. Bhel puri is certainly quite a popular street food throughout India, however, this is one of the best home grown Indian snacks that is there in Mumbai. The basic food that is there is sev and also puffed rice. These are mixed together along with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and then served with some yummy chutneys. You can also top it with a handful of cilantros that also needs to be chopped. This is quite a crunchy snack that is spicy, tangy and also sweet. This tastes good because this has some exceptionally good balance of flavors. This is a food that, once you start eating, you will find it very difficult to stop yourself.

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Where can you find this - You will also find on the beaches of Juhu and also Gircaum Chowpatty. You will find the best bhelpuri at Juhu at a center that is called Om Sai Sagar chaat center.

Hours when it will remain open - It is available from 10 in the morning till 1 at night.

14- Sev Puri

Sev Puri at its best is found on the 6th road . Chaat is the word that describes a variety of savory munchies in India. There are different types of chaats available and the sev puri in Mumbai is one of the best among them all. Sev puri is basically a flat puri which has the toppings of mashed potatoes, cilantro, sev and also onions. Then the sev puri is topped with some sevs and a little bit of green sour mangoes are sprinkled on it. Once you take a full bite of this sev there will be an absolute explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Where can you find this - You will find this on the 6th road on Fourth square. This is just in the corner of Indravadan Oza quite close to the Juhu beach.

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15- Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaaji is basically a mixture of some vegetables that are mixed together along with a bit of spices and served along with bread. The most common pav bhaaji recipe includes tomatoes, potatoes along with buttered toast. It tastes simple and also delicious.

Where can you find this - Pav bhaji is something that is quite popular in Mumbai and you will find it on the Juhu Beach. There are as many as 20 places where you can eat pav bhaaji on the Juhu beach. You will find this in the Juhu beach at Shri Krishna Fast food. The address is on Juhu beach.

What else can you find here - You can also try the pav bhaaji of Canon Pav bhaji and Sardar pav bhaji.

Hours when it stays open - It operates between 10 in the morning and 1 at night.

16- Kebabs and Rolls

This is one of the best street foods in Mumbai. This is one of the best vegeterian foods available in India. There are also tasty non veg kebabs and rolls available. There are a number of good restaurants in Mumbai and these restaurants serve quite delicious rolls and also kebabs. Mumbai bhuna rolls are quite famous and they are made up of boneless chicken that is cooked in a spicy that has the chicken gravy. It is then wrapped in a freshly made rumali roti. This rotti is very thin and resembles a tortilla. This is also an excellent late night snack and even if you eat it late at night, you will still love it.

Where can you find it - These rolls and kebabs are found on the Tulloch Road on the Apollo Bunder in Colaba, Mumbai.

Time when it remains open - It is available from 7 pm till 3 am.

17- Chai

This is also one of the best Mumbai street foods available and though it is a drink and not food, however, it is highly important and also dominant here. In Mumbai this is not just a tea but a soothing brew that will refresh you and also help you to take some rest from the chaotic streets of the city. You can simply take a sip of it and enjoy. This is most delicious and also omni present. The tea is extremely strong and a lot of creamy milk is added to it. It is also seasoned with masala, cardamom and also ginger. This will help you to get an extra kick of spices and also flavor. Drinking tea sitting on the street side is quite an amazing thing and most people do enjoy it a lot. The price for one cup ranges somewhere between Rs. 5 and Rs. 15. The price depends on the size of the cup.

Where can you find this - You will get this everywhere in Mumbai.

18- Pani Puri

Pani puri in Mumbai is said to be a one bite wonder. This is an absolutely stunning street food of Mumbai. These are little puris and there are potatoes and also chickpeas added in it along with spices and also chutney. There is also flavored water added to it. The moment the vendor gives it to you, you will have to eat it immediately on the spot. Otherwise the pani puri will no longer remain soggy.

Where will you get them - You will get the best of the pani puris at the Girgaum Chowpatty. Here there is a stall that is also called the Badshah pani puri. They serve quite delicious pani puri.

Time when this stall remains open -  The stall remains open from 3 pm.

19- Bombay Duck Fry

This is a dish that is often served in the restaurants in Mumbai and there are also some local spots here that serve this particular dish. Though it is called duck, however it is not actually duck. It is basically a type of lizard fish. A layer of semolina is quoted on the fish and it is then deep fried and made crisp. The outer part of this dish is extremely crispy and the fish stays creamy and also oily. This goes very well with a thali that has chapati, rice and also a variety of curries that will certainly enhance the taste.

Where do you find it - You will get this in the Gomantak Boarding House restaurant in the Miranda chawl, kelkar road.

20- Mumbai Sandwich

When you are thinking of Indian food, sandwich might not be the first thing that will come to your mind. Bombay sandwich is however quite a popular local street food. The sandwiches in most cases are vegetarian and there is a couple of bread slices and butter is put inside them. There is a combination of mint chutney, cilantri and also some vegetables added in between these two slices. The vegetables that are in most cases used hereare beetroot, cucumber, onion and also tomato. There is masala potato added to it. There is also some shredded cheese along with some cumin and also chili. The best way you can enjoy the sandwich is toasting it first and then eat it fresh and hot. You can eat it with a little bit of chutney.

Where can you find these - You can get this sandwich in the entire city and you will especially get it in the busy areas of the city of Mumbai. You can get it in Bhenda bazaar.

These foods are extremely yummy and delicious and we would certainly recommend you to try them once if you are in Mumbai.

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