Best Shopping Malls Near Mumbai Airport

Are you planning a quick shopping before your flight? Is your hotel located closer to the airport? Here are the top shopping malls to try during your stay in Mumbai. As a matter of fact, Mumbai is a leading shopping destination.

Since it is a port city, goods from several parts of the world reach India via Mumbai port. Mumbai is a land of luxury and Bollywood. If you are looking for entertainment and shopping at the same time, you can find many luxury shopping malls in the city.

Here are the top malls to choose from.

1. High Street Phoenix

Visiting Time : 11 am to 10 pm

The tall chimneys of this mall have become its signature element. These chimneys are a remainder that this mall was built in the spot where large textile mills, once flourished.

This mall is also called as Phoenix Mills. Covering 3.3 million square feet, this mall would need an entire day for you to explore every region.

You can find more than 500 stores here. There is also a gaming arcade, bowling alley, entertainment site and many others.

2. Phoenix Market City

Visiting Time : 10:30 Am To 12 Am

This is one of the newest and biggest malls in the city. It was opened in 2011 and has expanded many features of shopping in the city. The shopping mall covers 4 million square feet with 600 stores and 100 food outlet. There is a 14-screen PVR complex for movie experience.

There is a huge entertainment area for those who are looking for spending time in the mall. If you are into late night shopping, this mall is open until midnight.

3. R-City

Visiting Time : 11 Am To 12 Am

This is another popular mall of the city since 2009. This mall covers 1.2 million square feet and has hundreds of shops of varying genre. There is also an open courtyard which is famous among couples to spend time. The arena of this mall is always pumping with live action games.

You can find many entertainment sites like Red Carpet Wax Museum, Snow Kingdom, Click Art Museum, Time Zone, INOX cinema and others. If you are into Laser Tag, this is the right place to enjoy.

4. Infiniti, Malad

Visiting Time : 11 Am To 11 Pm

This mall was built in 2004 and is one of the largest mall is the South-East Asia. You can find international stores in this grand mall. Designer fashion is the main theme of most of the shopping spots in this mall.

If you are looking for fashion and accessories, this is a grand option for shopping. There is also a large food court, if you are looking for trying local and international dishes.

5. InOrbit, Malad

Visiting Time : 11 am to 9:30 pm

This is one of the oldest malls of the region, but has managed to update itself to be one of the best. Many live entertainment programs are conducted in this mall.

Apart from a large collection of luxury brands and stores, this restaurant is famous for Beer Café. This is one of the hip hangout spot for youngsters. You can also find may other food outlets for satisfying hunger.

6. Oberoi Mall

Visiting Time : 11 Am To 10 Pm

Oberoi has made its name linked with luxury. Thus, if you are looking for a Bollywood styled shopping experience, this is the place with almost all luxury brands.

When it comes to fashion, most of the locals believe in this mall. The entire third floor of this huge mall is dedicated to a large food court. You can also find hip café, bars, restaurants and resto-bars for dining experience. This mall was awarded LEED for its environmental friendly design.

7. Growel’s 101

Visiting Time : 11 Am To 10 Pm

The mall is built in Neo-Classic Architecture and thus, it would feel like you are entering into a modern palace of Europe. Covering 750,000 square feet, this mall has managed to pack as much entertainment as possible within it.

Starting from department stores to hypermarkets, this place has very style of shopping arenas. The mall has expanded itself to cover more than just shopping.

There are plans to open new stores in the future. There is a large arena for children, multiplex cinema and an event site for live performances. This mall is always crowd-packed during weekends.

8. Infiniti, Andheri

Visiting Time : 10 Am To 11 Pm

Infiniti has made its brand name very visible in Mumbai. This mall stands out from every other luxury malls of the city. This is because of the roller coaster inside the mall. This is the only mall in the world to have a working roller coaster inside it.

Built in 2011 in an area of 1 million square feet, this mall is quite famous for entertainment than shopping. There are five screens of cinema, entertainment center, Fun City for children, fine dining spots and much more.

The best of all, the mall has Hoppipola, the most happening bar in the city. You can find live performances in this bar, throughout the year.

9. InOrbit, Vashi

Visiting Time : 11 Am To 9:30 Pm

This mall added Vashi with a new face of luxury. There are not many luxury stores in Vashi and InOrbit has changed that course. This is a one-stop shopping destination for the locals. With free Wi-Fi, this mall is packed with young life.

Live music events are hosted every now and then in this mall. You can find many restaurants, spa, salon, outlet stores, clothing stores and others in this mall.

10. Atria Mall

Visiting Time : 11 Am To 10 Pm

Shopping and fashion are enriched in this mall. This mall has the vogue that even the film stars desire. This is one of the grandest malls in the southern Mumbai.

The best part about this mall is its diversity. It has both high-end luxury stores and low-end shopping retails. This mall is also called as the Millennium Mall. There is a 4D entertainment center for unique movie experience.

Remember that most of these malls will be filled with crowd during evenings and weekends. If you are up for some peaceful shopping experience choose weekday mornings and afternoons. Also, haggling is not an option here. If you are looking for discounted products, it is best to stick with markets of Mumbai.

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