Best Time to Visit Mumbai & Weather

Winter is regarded as the appropriate time to visit Mumbai. The city is enriched with several tourist attractions and cultural highlights. Being one of the significant metropolitan cities of India, it has vibrant colors and nightlife throughout the year.

Now you have the knowledge of Mumbai’s weather and can plan your trip for a perfect holiday with Travelogy India.

Climate of Mumbai

It is quiet essential to know about the climate of a place before setting off for a trip to that particular place. If you are planning your trip to Mumbai then know about the Climate of Mumbai in order to enjoy your tour at the fullest.

The climate of Mumbai remains tropically wet and dry. The climate of the city is moderately hot with high humidity. The temperature of city does not fluctuate throughout the year because of its coastal nature and tropical location.

The average temperature of Mumbai is 27.2 °C and the average rainfall is 242.2 cm (95.35 inches). In summer, the temperature exceeds 32 °C (90 °F) and in winter, the maximum temperature remains up to 30 °C (86 °F). The minimum average temperature in summer is calculated up to 25 °C (77 °F), whereas in winter it becomes 20.5 °C (68.9 °F).

Mumbai experiences four diverse seasons that make the city pleasant to live in. Winter in Mumbai begins in the month of December and last till February. Summer remains from March to May, Monsoon here starts in the month of June and ends in September. The Post-Monsoon season in Mumbai lasts from October to December.

Weather of Mumbai According to Months

In January

For Mumbai, January is the coolest month with the minimum temperature of 16.4 °C and maximum of 30.6 °C. During day time, the city experiences the chilly northern winds that make it cooler than usual. The winter days are dry in Mumbai and the nights are relatively humid.

In February

The weather in February remains pleasant with the minimum temperature of 17.3 °C and maximum of 31.3 °C. During the day time it varies from 29°C to 30 °C and at night it hovers around 17 °C. Gradually the humidity increases and the day temperature rise to 32 °C.

In March

Mumbai enjoys a minimum temperature of 20.6 °C in the month of March and maximum of 32.7 °C. With the increase in humidity the temperature in March raises from 38°C to 40 °C. This is due to hot dry winds blowing from Gujarat.

In April

The month of April bears high humidity with the maximum temperature of 33.1 °C and minimum of 23.7 °C. The cool winds blowing from the sea compensate for the heat.

In May

The hottest month that Mumbai experience is May with the maximum temperature of 33.3 °C and minimum of 29.1 °C. The inhabitants get some relief due to the cool sea breezes blowing across the city.

In June

In Mumbai, monsoon begins in the month of June. From the second week of June the city experiences thunderstorms and windy conditions due to monsoon. The maximum and minimum temperatures of the city measured are 31.9 °C and 25.8 °C respectively.

In July

Mumbai receives the maximum amount of rain in the month of July without any traces of sunshine for weeks. It is not recommended to visit Mumbai during this period as most parts of the city remains waterlogged due to heavy and continuous rainfall.

Public transport gets affected leading to long delays. Even the commuter rail system gets suspended due to poor visibility and water logging. The maximum temperature in this month is measured around 29.8 °C and minimum of 24.8 °C.

In August

Mumbai’s weather in August remains similar to July. The rainfall tends to lessen at the end of the month. August is considered as the coolest days of monsoon with low temperature of 29.3 °C during the day and 24.5 °C at night.

In September

Monsoon gets over by 3rd week of September. Heavy thunderstorms strike the city during the end of monsoon. The maximum temperature measured is 30.1 °C while the minimum temperature remains at 24.0 °C.

In October

The days become hot in the month of October and cold during the nights with the maximum temperature of 32.9 °C and minimum of 23.1 °C.

In November

The temperature begins to drop during November with the minimum of 20.5 °C. The maximum temperature remains around 33.4 °C. The city also receives unseasonal showers during this period.

In December

The days of early December hover around 32.0 °C and nights remain 18 °C. The temperature varies from 28°C –31 °C during later part of December. The nights bear 12 °C but the average remains 18.2 °C in late December.

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