11 Top Reasons to Visit Nepal

Nepal is a fusion of mountain, walkway, lakes, valley and exotic culture. This is a picture-perfect, magical and serene place to spend time. This dreamland is not just a spiritual or honeymoon spot. It is a paradise that people look forward to visit, every year.

Why do people fall in love with Nepal? Here are the 11 Top Reasons to Visit Nepal that would make you look this country in a different way.

1. Nature at Supreme Beauty

Are you looking for a thematic honeymoon? Do you love nature? Every destination here has a scenic backdrop thanks to the thick valley and majestic glacier topped Himalayas. Yes, the exotic Himalayas rest in Nepal giving a more legendary natural effect to the place. Starting from strolling through silkworm farm to trekking, you can find numerous adventure filled activities here.

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2. Culture

The culture gives more beauty to the place. Did you know that in Nepal, shaking your head means yes? Nodding your head means ‘no’. Hospitality is very much linked with their culture. You might get invited to family dinners by strangers too. This is the city where festivals are very unique and colorful. Dashain is an important festival that you should not miss. You can find mask dance, unique rituals and exciting things to buy. The culture is very much linked with religion here yet; people of all religions are welcomed by locals to be a part of their celebration.

Dashain Festival, Nepal

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3. Spirituality Highlighted

Boudha, Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath, Janki Mandir, Lumbini, Koliya, Halesi Mahadev temple, Swayambhunath, Patan Durbar square and Ramagrama stupa are just a few to mention. Nepal has a very close link with Hindu mythology and you can find numerous temples, monasteries and interesting ghats that are considered as holy. Apart from the architectural beauty of these places and spiritual factor, you can witness many unique rituals most of which are only followed here.

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Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal

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4. Delicious Cuisine

You cannot find Big Mac here. The people are very much close to their delicate cuisine that many food-chain giants couldn’t penetrate the place. You ought to try momos, butter tea and free-range chicken. Free range chicken is a dish for which, the chef runs to the ranges to catch a chicken alive after the dish is ordered. This is not the best meal to choose if you are on a time schedule. This delicacy is very famous in hill regions.

Momos in Nepal

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5. Wedding Is a Festival

Wedding takes place for three days. Nepal’s hospitality welcomes you to strangers’ marriages too. You can enjoy unique rituals, wedding feast and most importantly the crying bride. Do you know bride takes drama class to cry throughout the wedding? It is customary for the bride to cry in their culture. Wedding includes marching band, procession through streets and hours and hours of religious rituals.

Wedding at Nepal

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6. Living Goddess of Nepal

Spirituality of the place is taken to the next level with the living goddess, Kumari. Kumari can be translated as virgin. In Nepal, pre-pubescent girl will be selected and worshiped as Lord Durga, a ferocious Hindu goddess. The child should live in temple and will be worshiped by people. They are carried in chariots during rituals and festivals. The child retires when she reaches puberty.

Nepal Kumari Pooja

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7. Yoga, Meditation and Rejuvenation

The nature has a typical effect on stress-filled mind. Rejuvenation is easy with the natural beauty in Nepal. You can find many yoga classes, meditation classes and spa retreat resorts. Attending a session or two will help you learn more about keeping you healthy. Himalayas is the home for many rare herbs. These herbs are used for preparing medicines that are used in massages and other treatments in the country. Before using the herbs or spice for medical reason, talk to your doctor.

Yoga Classes in Nepal

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8. Adventure Activities

Talking about being healthy, Nepal is the best spot to lose huge amount of calories without worrying about it. The place is literally filled with numerous adventure activities of various genres. Romantic boating, paragliding, flight tour, jungle safari, trekking, zip line and bird watching are some of the few activities to mention here. The best time to visit for adventure activities is from March to May. This is the summer season here and thus, the place will be clear without mist.

Langtang Trek Nepal

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9. Climate

This country has a very comforting climate. The summers are warm and pleasant making it the best time to visit. Monsoon starts in July and ends in September. Monsoon is the right time for a photographic vacation. The place will be at prime beauty during this season. Winter is the honeymoon period here. Throughout the year, the climate plays an excellent role in beautifying the place.

Nepal Climate

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10. The Mighty Himalayas

Thousands of people train themselves for years for scaling Himalayas at least once in their lifetime. Tourists trek for several hours to reach the base camp, just for the thrill of it. Some, visit monasteries near Himalayas to get a good view of the mountain. Everything about this mountain range mystifies human kind. You can find numerous tourists visiting just for the mighty landform.

Nepal Himalaya

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11. Shopping Paradise

The country is famous for its colorful culture. This culture is closely linked with religion, festival, souvenirs, cuisine and other part of Nepal-life. If you are looking for areas to buy souvenirs in the country, every tourist spot contains many stalls. Top things to buy here are Thangka painting, singing bowl, Pashmina, rice paper, Khukuri, masks and many others. Most of these souvenirs are found only in Nepal.

Thangka Painting Nepal

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Nepal is an enthralling place for all kinds of tourists starting from casino lovers to pilgrims. If you are planning to visit Nepal, you can be sure about the epic vacation that is ahead of you.

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