Most Famous Things To Buy In Nepal

Nepal is famous for its link with Himalaya, Buddhist culture and exotic nature. However, there is one more tourist element of Nepal. This country is also famous for shopping unique items. Do not restrict your vacation to shopping destinations alone. Thanks to their out-of-the-box lifestyle, which is very closer to nature and culture, you can find numerous unique souvenirs in the markets of Nepal. Here are the top souvenirs to buy in Nepal.

1. Thangka Paintings

This is an important element of the culture of the land. Do you know that there are schools in Nepal, which teaches Thangka paintings? This painting is made with silk, cotton and even human skins (very rare). The paintings usually express religious elements and festivals of the land. Embroidery is made on the canvas with unique materials. There is a painting for every budget. Thus, choose your spending limit and talk to your guide or locals about what can be bought within your limit. In high quality paintings, the lines of paintings will be very finer and thinner. It gets broader with decrease in the value of the souvenir. Thangka-Paintings

Where to buy?

Choose to buy from traditional Thangka painting schools and art shops.


On an average, a moderate quality painting will be sold $500 per piece. Do not buy any painting, which is tagged as antique. There is a very high chance that it would be a fake one.

2. Singing Bowls

For starters, this is not a utensil. It is a musical instrument, shaped like a bowl. A small wooden thick stick is provided with the bowl. When you strike the bowl with the stick, you will hear a shrill sound. Based on the intensity of striking, you can create a rhythmic music. The cost of the souvenir varies with the quality of the bowl. Some are made with metal and some with brass. The most decorated the bowl is, the most costlier it is. The vibration of the bowl is said to induce peace and reduce chronic problems in body. Singing-Bowls

Where to buy?

Choose to buy from Bodh Stupa or other Buddhist pilgrimage sites to get high quality product. The cost might be a little higher. Do you want to cover more pilgrimage sites of Nepal? Choose our theme tour packages like
  1. 10 days – Nepal Tour
  2. 10 days – India with Nepal tour
Why include India with Nepal? Nepal’s airport connects the country with a very few international destinations and India is the top destination to reach Nepal from. In addition, it is easier to visit Nepal from India in a bus, if you are planning a religious tour. Must read : How to reach to Nepal


On an average, a small bowl made with mixture of five different metal will be sold for $100 to $150

3. Pashmina

Pashmina or Cashmere is a high quality textile, which is used for making shawls and sweaters. Nepal is an important exporter of high quality Pashmina articles. The cost of this product is quite high. However, durability and richness is inevitable. Pashmina

Where to buy?

Buy from government authorized handicraft shops. You can easily find many shops in Kathmandu, Patan and other destinations of Nepal.


It is harder to find 100% Pashmina articles. What you can find is, 70% of Pashmina and 30% of silk article. A small article of such quality will be sold around 3500 NR (around $30). 90% Pashmina can reach 40000 NR (around $350 for a jacket or shawl). The cost also increases with intricate embroidery works.

4. Rice Paper Articles

Not all souvenirs will cost a huge dip in your travel budget. There are a few to buy in bulk for your friends. The most exotic of all such low-cost items is the rice paper article. Rice paper is handmade from the rice husk and is commonly used in the country for stationery works and handicrafts. The paper is very smooth and exotic. It is easier to carry too. rice-paper

Where to buy?

You can buy articles made with rice paper in almost all markets of Nepal. If you are looking for delicate art works on the rice paper, Basantpur region of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur have many souvenir shops, just for you. Do you want to cover Bhaktapur during your vacation? Choose our exclusive Asia tour packages like
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The cost of the article depends on the type of object made with the paper. Common ones that attract tourist are gift box, notebook, cultural calendar, wallpaper, photo album and lampshades.

5. Khukuri

This is a traditional Nepalese styled dagger, which is considered as the emblem of the country. It is a product of cultural value and is very unique than the other daggers around the world. Today, people use it as utility knife. However, it was a statue symbol of the past. Any authentic Khukuri knife comes with two small knives. The smaller ones are for sharpening the dagger. They are of lightweight and easier to carry. It can be damaged easily. Thus, carry with care. You can also find antique styled heavy ones too. Khukuri

Where to buy?

Visit Lazimpat to buy authentic Gurkha daggers. You can also find many shops in and around Kathmandu and other destinations. Must Read : Best Things to Do in Kathmandu


A plain dagger with two sharpening knives can cost between $50 and $100. If you are looking for delicate designs and special engravings, the cost can go above $300

Other famous souvenirs to buy in Nepal are:

  1. Bamboo products
  2. Bone articles
  3. Incense woodcrafts
  4. Ceramic items
  5. Crystal articles
  6. Show-pieces
  7. Buddhist masks and religious idols
  8. Stone jewels
  9. Herbal tea products
  10. Spices like Himalayan pepper, turmeric, chilies and others

Where to Shop?

Every monument or tourist attraction will have a set of shops around it. Not all shops are worthy to buy every kind of souvenirs.
  1. Thamel – famous for paper articles, jewel boxes, woolen articles, hemp articles, handicrafts and others
  2. Bhaktapur – handicrafts, jute articles, masks, brass items (Dattatreya Square)
  3. Durbar Square – handicrafts and pottery items
  4. Taumadi – handicrafts
  5. Pokhara – Gems and jewels, Rudraksh beads and others
  6. Boudanath – Buddhist souvenirs like prayer flags, incense sticks, prayer bowl and others
Do you want to cover more such destinations of Nepal in just one tour? Here are the top Nepal tour packages.
  1. 15 days – India and Nepal tour
  2. 9 days – North India with Nepal tour
Are you planning to cover Nepal for this vacation? Start your trip with a clear mind by reading complete guide to nepal for travellers. Try to pre-book your tickets and accommodations as; the demand is sky-high during tourism season. Do not think Nepal as a hidden gem. It is an iconic tourist destination for trending travelers and the number is increasing every year. Nepal Travel Guide :