Money and Exchange In Nepal

Nepal is a friendly country and you can easily get local people help you with money exchange in case they have it! But, this happens only if they have money and yes there is always a chance of bumping into a thug. So, what do you do in case of an emergency! Thinking of knocking door to door can be a second thought when you have better options:

Cash or Kind

By all means cash is the next best thing when you are travelling in a foreign country. But carrying all amount in your pocket is not only risk but also not advisable. You can easily carry some cash and keep the rest in your hotel room; in case it’s a good hotel and you can rely upon its staff. Then there are ways: inner pockets, additional pockets, suitcases which are locked before leaving the room and of course NOT the laundry bag if you are in a habit of giving your clothes for laundry.

Here’s what more you can do:

  • There are foreign exchange stores and banks. Most of the tourist places you visit are filled with Western Union and Money Gram where you can easily get your money exchanged to local currency. These Money Exchange are not only reputed but recognized globally. So, you can rely on them.
  • Carry a lot of small amounts so that you can also use these while doing street shopping or paying off bills for coffee or snacks on the way. Keeping these in the outer pocket of your wallet can save the big dollars for prying eyes.
  • Global ATM’s are also good options. So, read about them before you land up in Nepal and get the address noted down. These can be really helpful. But these too have a limit; like Nepal has a limit of $100 per day (it keeps on changing so check on); so watch it out.

Traveller's cheques

  • Traveller’s cheques too are good options. If you can have these nothing like it. Of course they have charges; but it’s worth. Yes there are red tapes involved in these; but these can be good when ATM’s are not working or they do not exist at all. Accepted by all banks and moneychangers globally; these really work out.
  • If you really are looking towards getting these, then try to get those Thomas Cook and American Express ones as they are very well recognized. But before buying these, do get yourself abreast with their use, destinations where they can be used and which currency cheque you should take according to the place you are visiting. While using the traveller’s cheques do not forget to keep the receipts with you.
  • If nothing really works out, then get those US DOLLARS in your pocket. These can be easily exchanged anywhere in the world and are accepted by every shopkeeper.

ATM'S or Automated Teller Machines

ATM’s have made their presence felt everywhere and when it comes to travelling a foreign country, these are a big help. A VISA card even if its debit, can take you places (however for every transaction, a small percentage is charged, so take care while using these).

  • Every Debit Card which you carry cannot necessarily be used in every country you are travelling. So, make sure that the country you are travelling in does accept the one you are carrying. It’s the same for credit card or a pre – paid card.
  • Make sure nobody is peeping in when you are using your card in foreign land.
  • Always first check the layout of the ATM you are using. There are generally different in different countries. There are hundreds of cases when people lose their cards in foreign ATM’s simply because they have over- looked the method of putting the right way of inserting keys on the keypad of ATM Machine.
  • If you can, try to carry cards of two different banks because you never know.
  • Before taking any card, so enquire about the charge your bank is going to put on your every foreign transaction; even simply taking out cash!
  • Wherever possible pay in cash and try to use those flashy cards as less as possible. For this carry currency of smaller denominations to be at ease.
  • In Nepal one can easily use Indian currency; if you are purchasing items of less amount at one go like around INR 1000/-.

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