Uday Express Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam Double-Decker Luxury Train Going to start from 27th August

This is the country’s second addition to the double-decker Uday Express. This train has been added to ease off the busy route between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. This is one of the proposed routes for Uday Express’ future plans. It is more than a year since the first Uday Express started between Coimbatore and Bangalore of South India.

The train is said to become available for service within a short period of time. The test runs and quality checks have been completed and the train is all ready for service. The train has reached Vishakhapatnam station in July 2019 and will commence its serve from August 27, 2019.

Vijayawada-Visakhapatnama Uday Express
Vijayawada-Visakhapatnama Uday Express

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About Uday Express

Utkrisht Double Decker Air Conditioned Yatri Express is an Indian-made double decker AC train, almost similar to Tejas Express. This train falls under the luxury train category for business travel. These trains provide high-end amenities and comfortable ride. Uday Express usually is a day train and is more suitable for business travelers.

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Fare of Uday Express

The fare of the train has not yet been disclosed.

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Train Number

The train number for route between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada is 22701. For the return route, the train is numbered as 22702.

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22701 : The train starts at Visakhapatnam at 05:45 am and reaches Vijayawada by 11:15 am. It takes 5 and a half hour to reach the destination.

22702 : The train starts at Vijayawada by 5:30 pm and reaches Visakhapatnam by 10:55 pm. The journey takes 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Note : The train runs five days a week, except Sunday and Thursday. This is a day train and does not hold sleeping berth.

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The route covers 350 km between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. On the way, the first stopping is at Duvvada, then at Anakapalle. From there, the train stops at Samalkot, Eluru, Tuni, Rajamahendravaram and others. The train stops for only a couple of minutes at each station and thus, passengers have to hurry up to get into or leave the train.

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Time Table Of Train

22701 - Visakhapatnam to Vijayawada route timetable:

  • Visakhapatnam Junction: Starts at 05:45 Am
  • Duvvada: Arrives at 06:14 Am (One Minute Halt)
  • Anakapalle: Arrives at 06:29 Am (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Tuni: Arrives at07:12 Am (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Samalkot Junction: Arrives at 07:55 Am (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Rajahmundry: Arrives at 07:55 Am (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Eluru: Arrives at 09:25 Am (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Vijayawada Junction: Reaches by 11:15 Am

22702 - Vijayawada to Visakhapatnam route timetable

  • Vijayawada Junction: Starts at 05:30 Pm
  • Elluru: Arrives at 06:12 Pm (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Rajahmundry: Arrives at 07:25 Pm (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Samalkot Junction: Arrives at 08:03 Pm (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Tuni Junction: Arrives at 09:05 Pm (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Anakapalle: Arrives at 09:40 Pm (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Duvvada: Arrives at 10:24 Pm (Two Minutes Halt)
  • Vijayawada Junction: Reaches by 10:55 Pm

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The train holds 120 seats per coach. There are nine double-decker coaches and two power cars in the train. The upper deck holds 50 passengers and lower deck holds 48 passengers. On the ends of coach, 22 seats are available. The coaches with dining area can accommodate 104 passengers. Uday trains have 40% more passenger capacity than other similar train to accommodate a huge chuck of travelling population. For comparison, Shatabdi Express has only 78 seats.

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Out of the nine coaches, three coaches have dining facilities. A vending machine for food and beverages will be provided in the dining region. Every third car of the train has dining region.

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As its previous addition in Uday family, the train has many facilities and amenities.

  1. Wi-Fi, LCD screen for passenger information in four different languages
  2. Dining area for meal time
  3. Plush interior and cushioned seat for better travel. Chairs can be reclined and adequate leg room is provided.
  4. The train is completely air-conditioned
  5. Modular toilets with soap dispenser, large mirror, wash basin and others.
  6. Luggage storing racks
  7. Automatic vending machine for food and beverages
  8. Smoke alarm and CCTV cameras for safety
  9. Shock absorption system for smoother ride
  10. Snack table on the back of the seat like aircraft
  11. Anti-graffiti vinyl covers on the interior of the train for maintaining the cleanliness for long time.
  12. Solar reflective coating on the roof of the train to keep it cool
  13. Diffused LED lighting for easy reading and sleeping
  14. Stronger window glasses with roller binds

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Train Speed

The train has an average speed of 68 km/hour but, it can reach the maximum speed of 160 km/hour.

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Upcoming Uday

The second Uday Express is yet to run on the rails and the government has already proposed the next Uday project between Bangalore and Chennai.