Why Ladakh is Called Roof of the World

The adventure capital of the country, Ladakh is famous for the top three highest motorable mountain passes in the world. This is the reason to why Ladakh gets the name as Roof of the World. It is also famous for Tibetan and Buddhism culture. You can find many outdoor activities and other attractions here. This region is filled with mountain passes, trekking routes, frozen rivers, glaciers, monasteries and everything is beautified with snow.

Read here about Why Ladakh is Called Roof of the World and the main tourist attractions, things to do, activities, how to reach and other travel guide.

Warisfistan Nubra Valley Ladakh

How to Reach Ladakh?

The land of high passes is easily accessible from many parts of the world. The nearest airport is located in Ladakh. The airport is located at a height of 3256m. You can find flights from many important airports in Northern India. The nearest international airport is located in Delhi. Other accessible international airports are located in Mumbai and Kolkata. You can find direct flights from these three international airports to Ladakh.

There are two main highway routes to reach Ladakh. The first route starts from Manali, ends in Leh and the second route starts in Srinagar, and ends in Leh. If you are visiting during the monsoon or early winter season (July to November), the Srinagar route is commonly open. If you are visiting between June and October, the Manali route is open.

The nearest railway station is located in Tawi. It is around 708 km away from Ladakh. You can hire bus or cab from the railway station to reach Ladakh and it would takes at least 15 hours to reach.

Best Time to Visit Ladakh?

This region is at prime beauty throughout the year. The best time to visit depends on the type of vacation you have in your mind.


June to August is the summer season here. You can find very little of snow in this season and thus, all snow activities will be missing. However, this is the time for Hemis festival and other cultural activities. Trekking during summer is more mesmerizing than any other month.

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Winter starts in December and ends in February. This is the adventure time. Almost all adventure activities will be open during this season. This is the peak tourism season too. This is the only season during which the frozen river trekking (Chadar trek) is open. All trekking routes will be open during this season and you can find fresh apricots too.

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Rainfall is moderate in this season. It starts in September and ends by November. This is the worst time for adventure activities. Since landslide is common during monsoon, trekking in various routes are banned during heavy rainfall. Nevertheless, this is the most romantic time to visit the place. The place will be at picturesque mode during this season.

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Top Attractions and Activities to Enjoy in Ladakh

1. River Rafting

Zanskar River Rafting Ladakh

This is an iconic activity in this region. The Indus River and Zanskar River are the top spots for river rafting. Best time for river rafting is June to October.

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2. Camel Safari

Bactrian Camels Safari Nubra Ladakh

You can ride the double-humped camel enjoying the cold desert of Ladakh. Top spots to enjoy this activity are Diskit valley and Hunder valley.

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3. Trekking

Ladakh Trekking

You can trek through mountains, high passes, valleys, frozen river and many other geographical land forms based on the level of difficulty that you can manage. Famous trekking routes are Nubra valley trek, Indus valley trek, Markha valley trek, Stok Kangri trek and Chadar trek.

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3. Jeep Safari

Those who are not ready for trekking can enjoy scaling the place in a jeep. You can choose many spots for jeep safari and the top ones are Pangong Lake, Tsomoriri Lake, Nubra valley, Zanskar valley and others.

Ladakh Jeep Safari

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4. Mountain Biking

It is the best place to enjoy high altitude mountain biking. You can cross mountain passes or small circuit routes in this activity. Best time to enjoy mountain biking is from June to August.

Motor Biking Ladakh

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These are just the iconic activities that no one should miss. You can find many such activities in this place. This region is endowed with nature extremities like lakes, high passes, deep valleys, rugged routes and others.

Top Destinations to Visit in Ladakh

  • Zanskar Mountain Ranges – Echo Point, Sightseeing, Jeep Safari, Trekking, River Rafting And Others.
  • Pangong Tso Lake – Camping, Sightseeing, Ice Skating and Others
  • Tso Moriri Lake – Sightseeing, Camping and Others
  • Khardungla Pass – Highest Motorable Mountain Pass In The World For Spotting Tibetan Flags, Mountain Biking And Others
  • Nubra Valley – Camel Ride, Safari Activities, Trekking And Others
  • Magnetic Hill
  • Spituk GompaExploring the Monastery, Trekking, Pilgrimage, Photography and Others
  • Namgyal Monastery – Meditation, Pilgrimage Activities, Sightseeing, Trekking and Others
  • Hemis Monastery – Famous for Hemis Festival of July, Unique Rituals, Colorful Customs and Others
  • Lamayuru Monastery – Star Gazing, Exploration, Trekking and Others.
  • Likir Monastery – Delicate Architectural Elements, Sightseeing and Others
  • Suru Valley – Glaciers, Trekking, Adventure Sports and Others.
  • Leh Palace – Sightseeing
  • Donkey Sanctuary

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Top Dishes to Try in Ladakh

  1. Tibetan Stew
  2. Tibetan Fried Bread
  3. Tibetan Bread
  4. Momos
  5. Thukpa
  6. Ladakhi Bread

Do not get confused with Ladakh cuisine and Tibetan cuisine or Kashmiri cuisine. You ought to try the butter tea of this region too.

Ladakh Cuisine

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What to Buy in Ladakh?

The unique culture of the land marks an interesting twist to the shopaholics. This is the land for unique souvenirs. Top things to buy here are

  1. Jackets
  2. Pashmina Shawl
  3. Tibetan Tables
  4. Buddhist Masks
  5. Tibetan Prayer Flags
  6. Prayer Wheels
  7. Thangka Painting
  8. Tibetan Hat
  9. Silverware

Top places to shop are main bazaar road, art palace, Thangka house, Tibetan Handicraft emporium, Old Leh road and others. Apricot is a very common fruit here and you ought to buy apricot jam, oil and other products. Learn about the shelf life before you pack for home.

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Ladakh Tour Packages

As mentioned before, This region has a bit of everything and it is up to you to make a vacation that you like out of it. It has a pilgrimage spot, honeymoon location, desert destination, adventure capital, lush hill station and even a calm rejuvenating place with yoga, meditation, massages and others. It is up to you to choose the right set of activities and create an itinerary that would suit your dream vacation genre.

You can choose different packages based on the type of activities covered like pilgrimage, yoga, adventure, food and culture, photography and others. You can also pick from the geographical point of view. You can either enjoy Ladakh as a part of Jammu and Kashmir with Srinagar and others or, stick with just and so on. Some even prefer to scale the country from Delhi to Ladakh. You can also choose to backpack through the place and enjoy it in the raw form or submerge in the luxury of resorts, safaris, luxury camping and others.

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