Ladakh People

The people of Ladakh ethnically and culturally differ from people in the rest of India. The features and physique of the people of Ladakh resemble with those in Tibet and Central Asia.

The majority of people are Buddhist by faith. Muslim and Hindu constitute the thin minorities. Traditionally, they led a nomadic pastoral life. Now –a-days, majority of people depend upon agriculture Along The Indus River. Barley, wheat, buckwheat, peas, rapeseed and beans are the main agricultural crops. Apples and apricots are grown in warmer regions at low altitudes.

Another occupation of the people is sheep-rearing. The herdsmen are called Chang-pas. They live in tents leading a nomadic life in search of better pastures. They fleece the heard for fabricating famous Kashmiri Pashmina shawls. Some people are in trade for wool or the finished products. The traders travel long distances to get good prices for their wares and like shawls, rock salt, dry fruits and semi-precious stones. In return they buy tea, tobacco, grain, sugar and other essential goods.

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