Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

Best Time to Visit: Mid October to Mid March

Rajasthan can be visited throughout the year as the state offers a range of things to its visitors at its different tourist destinations that include Heritage site and pilgrimage sites, wildlife safaris, varied fairs and festivals

People of all ages can enjoy there as it has something for everyone to compliment their interests. There is nothing like best time to visit this majestic land but the period between mid October to mid March is considered as an ideal time for those who are not familiar with the summers of Rajasthan. It is because the weather remains pleasant at this time.

Traveling to Rajasthan in summers is not recommended as it could be an uncomfortable trip for those hailing from cold countries and states. The temperature in Rajasthan varies from 45°C to 48°C during summer. May and June are considered as the hottest months of Rajasthan. During summer, the days remain extremely hot but the nights remain chilled.

Visit Rajasthan During Monsoon

Planning a trip to Rajasthan during monsoon that is from July to September will not be a bad idea. During this period, the state observes many fairs and festivals and gives you the opportunity to enjoy to the fullest.

Visit Rajasthan During Winter

Sun basking in the winter months of Rajasthan can be an ultimate experience. Get indulged in outdoor activities, enjoy camel and elephant safari, and witness the fairs and festivals. Go shopping for colorful fabrics, ethnic jewelry, mojaris with intricate designs and traditional handicrafts for yourself or your loved ones. The chilled evenings and nights provide you with the opportunity to sit beside bonfires, enjoying local food and listening to folk music and tales of royal heroism, loyalty & love.

Visiting the State in Summer?

If you are visiting Rajasthan during summer then take a trip to the only hill station of the state, i.e. Mount Abu, which is nestled in the Aravali hill ranges. It experiences the lowest temperatures in the summer months.

In order to avoid the heat and feel comfortable during your visit do take some precautions. Fill your bags with light cotton clothes, hats/caps, scarves and sunscreen lotions can help you to keep heat strokes at a bay to some extent. The intake of fluids will keep you hydrated. Beat off the heat and enjoy to your heart’s content.

You can also add the following states and cities of India during your trip to Rajasthan as they remain at their best in between October to March:

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Uttarakhand
  • West Bengal
  • Karnataka
  • Mumbai
  • Goa

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