Fairs and Festivals of Jaipur

Jaipur has been titled as “The Pink City” of India. The name itself puts a colorful impression upon our minds. If we talk honestly then every single day in Jaipur is a festival and you can celebrate it. Pink city is quite famous for its rich culture and festivals that draws numerous tourists to this land every year. Most of the festivals and fairs of Jaipur make the visitor come and celebrate, no matter where they are living.

Exciting and attractive fairs are held and varied festivals are observed throughout the year. Some of the major festivals like Diwali, Teej, Gangaur, Camel Festival, Kite Festival and Elephant Festival can be enjoyed being in the land of royals.

There are so many fairs throughout the year to enjoy. Here we are listing Famous Fairs and Festivals of Jaipur.

1. Gangaur Fair

Gangaur fair is one of the festivals which is quite popular among the folks of Rajasthan. It is celebrated in the starting days of spring. This festival makes the marital bond strong. Wives pray for their husband’s welfare and husbands spends some quality time with their wives. They both worship the clay idols of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva).

Celebrated in : March – April

2. Teej Festival

This is the second festival which is dedicated to marital prosperity. It has a religious importance and celebrated by women. Various rituals are conducted at this occasion for the welfare of marital life. Even the girls celebrate it for their future husbands. On this day you can hear the traditional songs in the devotion of “Teej Mata”.

Celebrated in : September

3. Kajli Teej Festival

This festival is celebrated vibrantly in the rural areas of Rajasthan. You can see many mini street market or fairs at various places. In these fairs, you can buy the handicrafts from the local artists. This process celebration normally lasts for a month. You can take special things as a memory from these temporary markets.

Celebrated in : July – August

4. Elephant Festival

This is one of the most popular and most visited fairs. On this day you can see these huge animals playing, dancing and performing many tasks as per the instructions of their masters. Their body is painted and they play the tournaments- Tug of war. But painting is banned now, still, their masters paint their giants with the organic colour which is removable.

Celebrated in : March

5. Donkey Fair

Looneywas is the palace where the fair gathers every year. It is just 20 km away from the Jaipur. You can see various species of Donkeys here. Most of the traders who take their donkeys to the festival are washermen, farmers and others who deal in the laborious tasks. You can see various activities like Donkey race, Donkey Dance and too many other funny activities.

Celebrated in : October

6. Jaipur Dussehra Festival

This Hindu festival is one of the most celebrated festivals all over India but Dussehra of Jaipur has its own importance and significance. You can watch the burning of the dummies of the demon king Ravana. Some great ceremonies held at these places Dussehra Maidan Adarsh Nagar, Vidhyadhar Nagar Stadium and Ramleela Maidan.

Celebrated in : October

7. The International Kite Festival

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, you can see the sky full of kites only. 14 January is the Sun enters into the Uttarayan phase this holds religious importance for the people of Rajasthan. Regardless of the religion, you can see the entire city enjoying the festival. An international level kite flying competition is held for three days and the winner get some precious prize every year.

Celebrated in : January

8. Sitla Mata Fair

This fair held in the devotion of the local deity, Sheetla Mata. Temple situated on the small hill of village Seel-ki-Doongri. It is said that once a long time ago Sheetla Mata’s got angry and her anger resulted in the epidemic. Saints were gathered in order to pray. Since that day, folks gather every year to prey the deity. From this fair, you can buy so many things including shoes, clothes, street food and some handmade utensils.

Celebrated in : March – April