Kite Festival, Jaipur

Festivals and celebrations are part of Indian culture and particularly the royal state Rajasthan grabs the attention of travelers with it its unique heritage. Several holistic fairs and festivals are organized in an outstanding way in the capital city Jaipur. Kite Festival is one such grand celebration in the Pink City which offers much liveliness to the land.

All About the festival

Jaipur is a splendid celebration and an apt place for kite lovers as one can see multiple kites flying in the blue sky. This flying season starts on the day of Makar Sankranti which falls on 14th January every year. Polo grounds of the city host this flying celebration for three days where one can see numerous kites in various shapes, colors and with attractive designs.

Rajasthani people will start the celebrations of the festival by dipping in Galtaji and participating in the puja and other rituals. After performing the rituals the blue sky of Jaipur will become colorful as each and every individual start releasing the strings of lovely kites. This day will be a holiday for people working in different sectors due to which everyone can enjoy the whole festival flying bright kites.

The marvelous ambience of the city will becomes much dazzling with a rush of celebration, which reflects the unique customs and Indian culture. The kite flying competition on the last day will end the frolic session with prize distribution. Visiting the city Jaipur during this period will offer you a lot of excitement as one can be part of the enjoyable event and even taste the special delicacies.