How to Reach Agra

It is a destination with One of the Seven Wonders, the Taj Mahal. Agra is the true charm of India with no introduction required. Every day thousands of locals, as well as foreign visitors, visit here to discover the numerous famous sites of this place. However, the main concern for a tourist is always how to reach a specific place with quickly available transports.

By Air

While local people mostly use trains and buses, on the other hand, international tourists always prefer to reach Agra via flights. As it is the fastest, comfortable and easy way to visit there. However, Agra has its airport Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Aiport which receives domestic as well as international flights. From the airport, one can easily get any bus or hire a taxi to explore the city. On the other hand, there are some of the nearest international airports to Agra.

Starting from Gwalior Airport which is just 101 km far from Agra and flexible flight timings are available. Indira Gandhi International Airport is 178 km away which receives all the international flights also. Jaipur International airport and Kanpur Airport is about 230 km away from Agra. Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport - Lucknow located 288 km from Agra and flights are easily available to Agra. Khajuraho Airport and Dehradun Airport both are situated about 330 km away from Agra. In nutshell, these are the nearest international airport to Agra which receives domestic and international flights.

By Train

India the railway is the nerve system of India. Fortunately, Agra is located in the heart of some Railway lines such as Delhi to Mumbai, Delhi to Chennai. This plus point helps the visitor to reach Agra easily via trains. Moreover, the big cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai are perfectly connected to Agra via railways as numerous tourists visit Agra from these cities. Idgah Agra junction, Agra fort, Agra City Railway, Raja ki Mandi, Agra Cant, Yamuna bridge Agra, Bilochpura Agra, Pathauli, Chhalesar, and Bichpuri are some of the nearby railway stations to Agra. Trains are easily available from these destinations to Agra, one can book online and offline tickets as well.

From Delhi to Agra it takes 2 hours 53 min to reach and the ticket price is Rs. 148 to Rs. 210 whereas, trains from Jaipur to Agra take 5 hours 22 min with the cheapest price of Rs. 166 to Rs. 192. Additionally, these are some famous trains to Agra which usually preferred by new visitors with a luxurious experience.

    1. Gatimaan Express

    Departure city – Nizamuddin Railway Station – 8:10 AM

    Arrival city – Agra Cantonment – 9:50 AM

    Distance – 188 km

    2. Sushasan Express

    Departure Station - Delhi Hazrat Nizammudin Railway Station – 12:40 AM

    Arrival Station – Agra – 3:45 AM

    Distance – 204 KM

    3. Haridwar – Mumbai LTT AC SF Express

    Departure station - Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station – 11:10 PM

    Arrival station – Agra – 2:55 AM

    Distance – 394 KM

By Bus

Agra is also well connected by Buses with major cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Gwalior, Lucknow, and Kanpur. By road transportation system in Agra is well developed and every corner of the city is connected via Bus stations. Agra is also located between the route of Delhi to Mumbai, Delhi to Chennai which makes the visitors comfortable to access the Agra city via Bus. Some of the nearest bus stations to Agra are Agra Idgah Bus Station at 5 km distance, Bijli Ghar Bus Station, Rupnagar Old Bus station, Maharana Pratap Inter State Bus Terminal, ISBT Bus stand Agra, and Noisa Bus stand are some of the nearest bus stands which mostly falls under 5 to 10 km away from Agra city.

By Road

Apart from booking Bus, traveling to Agra via Road or by hiring private Cab, Car or Bike would be an amazing way to travel. If you want to visit Agra from other major cities and want to stop in between to see some other destination, then booking a private Cab or Bike would be a better idea. There are so many Private companies provide the cab and bike services to Agra. One can book Private from the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow with a comfortable ride and price starts from Rs. 2433 to Rs. 7962 depending upon the distance and size of Cab. You will get verified drivers, and online booking services and in between stops. Additionally, If you love to ride a bike and the single person traveling to Agra, Bike Service is also available. Various companies and online websites are offering Bike on rent.

How to Reach Agra from Delhi

Reaching Agra from the Capital City Delhi is quite easy. As Agra is well connected via 3 means of transportation, Airplane, Trains, Buses, and private cabs.

    1. By Train

    However, people usually prefer trains as it is the safe and cheapest way of transportation. Daily various trains depart from Delhi to Agra with different timing and you can book tickets online and offline very easily. Some of the trains from Delhi to Agra are Gatimaan Express, Taj express Superfast, Andhra Pradesh AC Super-Fast Express, and the ticket price starts from minimum Rs. 150 to highest Rs. 1700 whereas, Bus services are also easily approachable.

    2. By Bus

    UPSRTC, Amar Travels, Indian Impact Tour and Travels, Southern Express Travels, Rathi Tour Travels are main Bus operators from Delhi to Agra. Moreover, you can also hire a private cab at any time from Delhi.

    3. By Air

    If you want to travel fast then Airplane is the best option. Various flights depart from Indira Gandhi International airport to Agra. It only takes about 3 hours to 4 hours to reach Agra.

How to Reach Agra from Mumbai

The cheapest way to from Mumbai to Agra is by train, whereas, bus service and private cab options are also available.

    1. By Train

    Agra is 1334 Km from Mumbai so, trains usually take near about 18 hours to 19 hours to reach agra. Bandra Terminus Patna Junction Special, Amritsar Express and Lokmanyatilak Terminus H Nizamuddin Ac Express is the fastest train that will take you from Mumbai to Agra within 17 hours. The fair start from lowest Rs. 700 to Rs. 9500.

    2. By Bus

    Bus services can be also approachable easily from Mumbai to agra. Shrinath travel Agency with Ac sleeper depart from 7:30 AM with the fare Rs. 3000. Mainly Bus service takes about 1 day to reach Agra. Another option of hiring Private Cab is also available, there are various travel agencies which offer Cabs, Cars and bike on rend. Round trip from Agra to Mumbai is also provided.

    3. By Air

    Flight is safest way to reach Agra within shortest time frame. IndiGo Airline and Spice Jet flights are easily available to travel to Agra with the cheapest cost from Rs. 5410 to Rs. 9700.

How to Reach Agra From Lucknow

The distance between Agra and Lucknow is approx 300 km. There are existence of two ways through which one can travel from Lucknow to Agra from Bus and Train.

    1. By Train

    The train is one of the fastest ways of reaching to Agra from Lucknow. It takes around Rs. 100 per person over making journey from Lucknow to Agra. The train takes apporx 4 hours for reaching Agra from lucknow. You need to know the name of trains such as Gorakhpur Express, Marudhar Express that ply between Lucknow and Agra.

    2. By Bus

    If you take bus for reaching Agra from Lucknow then you need to invest more than 6 hours. If you take AC BUS then you are required to spend more than Rs. 700 for plying from Lucknow to Agra.

How to Reach Agra From Pune

You can travel from Pune to through multiple avenues available such as buses, trains, and flights.

    1. By Train

    The train is one of the finest ways of traveling from Pune to Agra. Many direct trains ply to Agra from Pune. Let’s look at the name of the trains which may come in rescue in emergency time. Nizamuddin Express, Jhelum Express, Swarna Jayanti Express, and Goa Express, which are common and well-known trains to everyone living in the regions. The train takes almost 24 hours to reach Agra from Pune. The cost of traveling from Pune to Agra is around Rs. 600.

    2. By Bus

    You can take even a cab from Pune. Let’s have a look at the route of the bus on which you can reach Agra from Pune. It will little be disappointed for you that there is no direct bus from Pune to Agra. You need to take a Jet Konnect which ply to New Delhi. Then you are required to take a bus that is available from New Delhi to Agra. If you take the bus from Pune, then you have to bear the cost around Rs. 3140. Apart from that, you need to spend nearly 9 hours while you traveling from Pune to Agra via bus mode.

    3. By Air

    The flight is one of the safest ways of traveling from Pune to Agra. There are many flights such as Indigo, Air India, Go Air, SpiceJet that fly from Pune to Agra. The cost of the flight is around Rs. 2800. It takes around 2 hours for reaching Agra from Pune.

How to reach Agra from Jaipur

You can reach Agra from Jaipur through many routes such as bus, train, and flight. Both the cities are well connected to other cities too. Let’s check out the available routes between these cities.

    1. By Train

    The train journey is too easier way for a person to make a journey between Agra and Jaipur. Jiyarat Express, Ananya Express, Marudhar Express, Ajmer-Agra Fort Express are some of the popular and regular trains that ply between Agra and Jaipur. The train takes around 5 hours for reaching Agra from Jaipur. The cost of making a journey from Jaipur to Agra stands at Rs. 200 per person.

    2. By Bus

    The bus journey is considered one of the easiest ways of traveling from Jaipur to Agra. The cost of making a journey between these cities stands around Rs. 600. The traveler needs to invest three and a half an hour for making a journey to Agra from Jaipur.

    3. By Air

    The flight route has become one of the popular ways of traveling between domestic cities. There are many flights such as Air India, Spice Jet, Go Air ply between Agra and Jaipur. The flight takes around 2 hours for reaching Agra from Jaipur. The fare of flight from Jaipur comes around Rs. 2000. The fare of the flight varies from multiple flight operators.

How to Reach Agra From Kolkata

Planning a trip from Kolkata to Agra? Then you don’t have to worry about transportation. Whether it will be an airplane, buses, or by private cab you will get all the options available within no time.

    1. By Train

    A train is an ideal option for you. Garbha Express, Pratap Express, Sealdah Ajmer Express are some of the popular trains from Kolkata to Agra and it will take about 19 hours 35 min.

    2. By Bus

    The bus cannot be a good option to reach Agra because you will not get a direct Bus route from Kolkata to Agra. First, you have to take Bus ply to New Delhi and from Delhi book the Bus straight to Agra. You can also book a private cab or taxi which is another good option. Many transport agencies are available in Kolkata from where you can hire bikes, Cab and private taxi.

    3. By Air

    The flight journey now days has become quite a popular, safe and easy way to travel. The good thing is you can fly from Kolkata to Agra easily. Go Air India, IndiGo flights are available direct to Agra under budget range from Rs. 9803 to Rs. 11479.

How to reach Agra from Varanasi

You can easily travel from Varanasi through various routes such as by train, bus, Flight and by booking a private cab.

    1. By Train

    By train, you can reach Agra in 13 hrs 5 min. The price of the tickets varies from general to AC. Trains like Ranchi Garibnwaz express can take you to Agra in 10 hrs 30 min. Other trains like Patna junction, Marudhar express is also preferred.

    2. By Bus

    If you are planning a road trip to Agra, you can prefer a cab that can reach Agra in 11 hrs where the distance is 600 km. You can book an Ola or an Uber for a safe and comfortable journey. A bus can also be preferred for the road trip. You can reach Agra in 9 hrs and 30 min. The option varies from Sleeper to Charted bus.

    3. By Air

    A flight can drop you to Agra in about 1 hr 10 min. Prices depend on the time you book your tickets. Offers and discounts are provided from time to time. Air India can be preferred for the purpose with a budget range of Rs. 7000 to Rs. 11000 and take 7 to 8 hours to visit Agra.

How to reach Agra From Bangalore

    1. By Train

    By train one can reach Agra in 1 day 15 hrs. Trains like Karnataka express and Kongu express are there for your service.

    2. By Bus

    A bus can take you to Agra in 32 hrs. There are various routes from Bangalore to Agra, via Indore, Vijay Nagar and then Agra.

    3. By Air

    The flight is the fastest mode to travel from Bangalore to Agra. It would take around 10-11 hrs to reach Agra. Spice jet can be preferred as it takes comparatively less time.