How to Reach Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is one of the most commonly visited tourist spot. Thus, every cab driver and transportation service provider will be aware of the route. Government has also made it easier for tourists to visit the monument with ease.

Reaching Agra

Which is the Nearest Airport to Agra?

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, which around 200 km away from Delhi, on the south. The nearest domestic airport is located in Agra, 7 km away from the main city. The nearest busy international airport is located in Delhi. Tourists from every nook and corner of the world prefer Delhi to reach India. Once you are in Delhi, you can find cabs, buses, trains and other transportation to reach Agra. There are daily flights from Delhi to Agra and vice versa.

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How to Reach Taj Mahal from South India?

It is better to fly to Delhi and find other suitable transportation from Delhi to Agra. If you are flying from Chennai or Bengaluru, you can find direct flights to Agra.

Road Transportation

Agra is well connected with many major cities and states. If you are far away from Agra, you can always find buses, cabs and other road transportation to Delhi. From Delhi, Agra is just a few hours away. You can easily find cabs and buses from Delhi to Agra, anytime. The main bus stand of Agra is located in Idgah. It gets daily buses from Delhi, Mathura, Jaipur, Fatehpur Sikri and others.

Which Is Better Transportation From Delhi To Agra; Bus Or Cab?

Normal buses would take more than 4 hours to reach Agra from Delhi. If you are choosing AC bus, you can easily find one from Sarai Kale Khan ISBT. It is better to choose AC buses for comfortable and fast ride. Cost of a ticket would be around INR 600 per head. If you are travelling in group of four, it would be profitable to book a private cab with lesser amount than four AC Volvo bus tickets.

Are there Shared Cab Services from Delhi to Agra?

You can find many service providers with mobile and web applications for shared cab services from and to Agra. It would be cheaper to choose shared cab than buses or cabs. The cost of the services varies with demand and season.

What are the Bus Fares from Delhi to Agra?

A normal bus would cost around INR 210 or more (as per season). An AC Volvo bus would cost more than INR 400 per head. The bus fare can go as high as INR 1500 per head. More than 75 buses run from Delhi to Agra, every day.

What is the Cost of Private Cab from Delhi to Agra?

It changes with the service provider. Generally, you can get a decent car for four travelers for INR 2000 or a little above. With increase in the number of seats and comfort, the cost of the ride increases.

What is the Distance Between Agra and Delhi, And Other Important Cities?

  • Agra to Delhi – 231 km
  • Agra to Jaipur – 234 km
  • Agra to Gwalior – 125 km
  • Agra to Noida – 165 km

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Train Transportation

Are there any Trains from Delhi to Agra?

Agra is well connected with rail routes. There are three railway stations in Agra; Agra Cantonment, Raja-ki-Mandi and Agra Fort. Out of these three, the Agra Cantonment or Agra Cantt is the most popular one. Apart from local and normal trains, many luxury trains also halt at Agra like Palace on Wheels, Maharajas’ Express and others.

How to Reach Taj Mahal from Delhi via Train?

The main railway station of Delhi is NDLS, the New Delhi Railway Station, which is located in Paharganj. You can find numerous trains to Agra from here. In addition, you can find frequent trains from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, which is 20 minutes away from Southern Delhi. If you are closer to South Delhi, choose NZM over NDLS.

Which is the Fastest Train from Delhi to Agra?

The 12050 Gatimaan Express is the fastest morning train from Delhi to Agra, non-stop. This semi-fast train takes one hour 40 minutes to reach Agra. It starts at 8:10 am in Delhi and reaches Agra by 9:50 am.

  • Cost of 1 AC executive class ticket – INR 1495 Per Hed
  • Cost of CC – INR 750 to INR 993 (based on season)

The train does not operate on Fridays. There is on-board Indian and Continental cuisine as a part of the tariff along with multimedia entertainment facilities.

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Which is the Earliest Train from Delhi to Agra?

Do you want to start your day as early as possible? Choose 12002 New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express. This train starts at 6 am from New Delhi Railway Station and arrives at Agra by 8 am.

  • Cost of 1 AC executive class ticket – INR 1010 Per Head
  • Cost of CC – INR 505 to INR 673 per head (based on season)

Other common early morning trains are 12280 Taj Express Super-Fast and 22416 Andhra Pradesh AC Super-Fast Express.

How to Return from Agra to Delhi via Train?

There are three chair trains from Agra to Delhi:

12049 Gatimaan Express – from Agra at 5:50 pm and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station at 7:30 pm. This is the fastest train from Agra to Delhi.

12279 Taj Express Super-Fast – from Agra at 6:50 pm and reaches Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station at 9:51 pm. It reaches New Delhi Railway Station at 10:25 pm.

12001 Habibganj New Delhi Shatabdi Express – from Agra at 9:10 pm and reaches New Delhi Railway Station at 11:30 pm. This train usually runs late.

Reaching Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is easily accessible via every local transportation in the city starting from taxi to rickshaw. Top options in the list are tempo, taxi, auto rickshaw, bicycle, cycle rickshaw and others. If you are choosing an eco-friendly option, you can choose horse-driven tonga, battery operated buses and others.

The best of all options is the metro system. It is not yet functioning and it is believed to work in full swing from 2020. This will help you connect every inch of Agra. As of now, the most commonly used option is the bus. The biggest bus stand of the city is Idgah bus stand, which is quite closer to Agra Cantt. From there, Taj Mahal is just 6 km away. You can reach the Idgah bus stand via bus and choose taxi or auto rickshaw or other transportation to reach Taj Mahal.

What is the Cost of Reaching Taj Mahal by Auto-Rickshaw?

Auto rickshaw would cost around INR 700 per day to reach Taj Mahal and other surrounding monuments like Agra Fort and others. The cost varies between INR 500 to INR 700 based on your current location and the season. If the distance were less than 3 km, it would cost around INR 50. For a four-hour tour, it would cost INR 400 per rickshaw and INR 600 for eight hours.

What is the Cycle Rickshaw Fare for Reaching Taj Mahal?

  • From Bijli bus stand to Taj Mahal – INR 50
  • From Fatahabad road to Taj Mahal – INR 30
  • From southern gate of Taj Mahal to the monument, including Agra Fort – INR 40

How Much will it Cost to Visit Taj Mahal in a Car from Agra?

Covering Taj Mahal and other important monuments in Agra would cost INR 1000 to INR 1200 per cab for four people. If you were choosing to add Fatehpur Sikri along with the trip, it would cost INR 1800 per trip.