Culture and Traditions of Bhutan

Bhutan is a very calm and serene country with beautiful lush valleys, numerous holy monasteries, beautiful rivers and also rocky mountains. These words just describe the beautiful landscape of the country. The beauty of Bhutan surpasses its scenic beauty and has a lot to do with the traditions and culture of this place.

The Culture of Bhutan can be very fascinating to the tourists visiting this place. The Government of Bhutan is also very determined to not only preserve but promote their cultures and traditions as well. This is one of the major reasons because of which the tourists get a glimpse into the tradition and culture of the country anywhere in Bhutan.

A few traditions and cultures of Bhutan that fascinates tourists from every corner of the world are–

Traditions related to Birth, Marriage and Death in Bhutan

Birth of a child in Bhutan is no less than a festival. After a baby is born in Bhutan, no outsider is allowed to step foot inside the house for three days. The guests need to undergo a purification ritual before they are allowed to under. The local lamas are given the responsibility of naming the baby.

The name is a mixture of any two traditional names and it is the second name that specifies the gender of the baby. Another good thing about this country is that there is no discrimination between a baby boy or baby girl here.

Next in the line is the cultures and traditions related to marriage. In Bhutan, marriage is not a very deal and thus the wedding ceremonies are very small and simple. Marriage between relatives (cousins) is an old tradition which still goes in in Bhutan, even though it is discouraged my masses which are educated.

In some parts of Bhutan, it is the groom who goes to live in the bride’s house, instead of the other way round. Finally, Bhutanese people believe in the concept of rebirth. The death is marked by prayer flag put up in the memory of the deceased and there is a short and simple funeral to pay respect to the deceased.

Practises and Traditional Believes in the Culture of Bhutan

In Bhutan, Buddhism is the most predominant religion, and it is followed by Hinduism. The believes of Buddhism has greatly influenced the traditions and cultures in Bhutan. These people have a lot of respect for their deities and thus in Bhutan there are numerous monasteries, lhakhangs, chortens, and more. The colourful flags on the hills and on the entrances of the monasteries are considered sacred. In the high mountainous regions, monasteries are also where the Buddhist monks reside. These men lead a simple life without any luxuries.

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