Samdrup Jongkhar, Bhutan

Samdrup is the oldest town of Bhutan consisting of 20 dzongkhags. It’s a city which holds good mix of the old traditions of Bhutan and new thinking of youngsters. It’s the place which connects eastern and southern regions of the country and shares border of Assam of India.

Places to Visit in Samdrup Jongkhar

Samdrup Jongkhar Dzong

It is the administrative district built on a flat and open area. It’s a beautiful silent place which is newly built as compared to other dzongs of Bhutan. Inside the Dzong there is a small building called “The Drashtang”. It houses monks body and is much revered place.


It is the place where Jigme Namgyal , father of Ugyen Wangchuck led the final battle against Britishers in the year 1884. It is also the place where Treaty of Sinchula was signed with British in 1865.

Mithun Breeding Farm

Located in east Orong, Mithun breeding centre is the house of hundreds of Mithuns or finest breed of bison. Be here as understand the entire breeding method – its unique in its own sense.

Hanumaan Temple

Hanumaan Temple is a hindu temple with around 50 kms of area for the entire compound. It is in this temple that Hhanumaan Jayanti is celebrated with much fanfare by both Bhutanese and Indian people.

Samdrup is also one of the destinations where one can try all sort of Bhutanese, Continental and Indian cuisine. One can try these dishes at any of the restaurants around. Take a walk in the local Mella Bazar which good for a look out but nothing much to buy.

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