Trashigang, Bhutan

Located east of Bhutan, this little town overlooks wooden valley which looks like a beautiful fairy land. Taking pictures from a distance automatically becomes a favorite of travelers who visit this place. Country’s largest district stands at a height of 600m – 4000m with beautiful Dangmechu flowing giving it a perfect picture of a beautiful painting.. This astonishing naturally drfined place is also called the “Jewel of East”.

Place to Visit in Trashigang

Trashigang Dzong

Built in 1667 by Mingyur Tenpa, Bhutan’s third desi; this Dzong lies over the confluence of Drangme Chhu and Gami Chhu. It has got religious as well as administrative importance as in 17th century entire Trashigang was governed from this very dzong. It has got beautiful slate carving of Seng Doma ( local diety which has body half of man and half of women). As you walk inside, you shall find half – a dozen lhakhang, paintings of Yeti on 1st floor, deity Choegi Gyelpo or Yama – god of death and king of law. In addition to all these, the main attraction of this place is three – day tsechu held every year in the month of November – December which includes unveiling of huge thangka and display of Guru Rinpoche. Choose a journey to celebrate Tsechu Festival - 5 Days Bhutan Itinerary.

Gomphu Kkora

Built on massive boulders it stands on a river-side. It’s a small dzong but filled with natural beauty all around. Be here for a peaceful morning with background music of mystic river.


It’s a place filled with semi – nomadic aboriginals in the valley of Merak and Sakteng. One can visit the places where these people live and see the way they lead their daily lives. Watch out for the unique way in which these people dress – up which stands apart from the regular way of Bhutanese Gho and Kira.

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