Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan is a small country that lies between the mighty Himalayas. It is surrounded by countries like India, Nepal and China. It is a considered to be the last Buddhist kingdom, and is still a unique Buddhist country. It is known for its cleanliness and famous for its rich culture.

Bhutan’s amazing landscape and natural sceneries attract visitors from every corner of the world. It uses its tradition to maintain unity and peace. Every bend reflects the life and teachings of Buddhism, and it is seen in the Bhutanese lifestyle.

The land boasts of monasteries, fortresses, steep mountains, subtropical plains and valleys. It is recognised as ‘The Last Shangrila’, because of its untouched environment, beauty and peaceful society. It is a fertile place with a handful of people. The main source of income for the people are Hydroelectric power, tourism and agriculture.

Besides Buddhism, Bhutan provides the best of tourist recreational activities and a lifetime of enjoyment in trekking, mountains, monasteries and unique cultural elements. Its various jaw dropping elements are seasoned chillies, fertility temples, red rice, and the list is endless. It is much more than just a sight seeing book. It is a land of pure adventure and lifestyle.

Is this worth the expense? Well, absolutely! And it is the beautiful Himalayas that take the credit for it all. The Land of Thunder Dragon is the land of enjoying a legendary vacation. It flourishes with culture and global development, giving you the right blend of an exotic feeling and a sense of fulfilment.

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