Haa Valley, Bhutan

This steepy north – south valley is the ancestral home of Queen Grandmother of Dorji family. Just 30 kms away from Paro valley is filled with paddy fields all around the county. Surrounded by mountains and vast grasslands, Haa valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Bhutan.

This serene place is filled with tradition. People here follow the traditions said by 8th Guru Padmasambhava which can be seen in the local traditions and festivals.

Interestingly, this charismatic valley was opened for foreign tourists only in the year 2002. Today, thousands of tourists come here each year and spend some laid – back days here.

Places to Visit in Haa Valley

Lhakhang Karpo

Also known as White Temple is one of the oldest temples around. As per the legend King Songtsen Gampo released a black and white pigeon in order to build temples. The white pigeon landed on mountains of Chenrizi of towering Rigsum. On the other hand black pigeon landed on north – that is Lhakhang Nagpo.

Today the temple is called Nagpo or black built on the site where black pigeon landed. Both the temples are much revered and must visit. The annual festival HAA TSECHU is celebrated here in these temples on the 8th – 10th day of Bhutanese month.

Haa Wangchuklo Dzong

Built in the year 1915, It’s an interesting place. Standing in the midst of lush greenery this beautifully painted building is worth of spending a few hours walking and admiring the very presence of it.

Chele – la – pass

When you drive to Haa valley, you will cross Chele – la – pass. Standing at a height of 3988 meters above sea level, it gives the perfect view of Mount Chomolhari and Jichu Drakey. One of the best places for short walk; It’s good to sit here and sip a hot cup of coffee.

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