12 Films That Inspire You to Travel in India

India is a bustling metropolitan country filled with monuments, palaces, temples, lagoons, beaches and much more. The country is a kaleidoscope of color and culture, thanks to the diversity. This diversity and vividness is highlighted with the right screenplay and camera angle, in the ten movies described below. These movies were shot in India. It is not new for a hollywood or bollywood movie to be shot in special monuments, palaces and others.

However, these movies give more importance to the landscape, nature and beauty of the country. This list holds both movies, which are shot entirely on that destination and movies, which have a few scenes elaborating the beauty of the country.

1. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This movie was mainly shot in the City Palace of Jaipur. This majestic palace and the local market around it are expressed immensely in this movie. The story revolves around 17th century palace, Ravla Khempur, which was turned into an equestrian hotel. This hotel is located in a small village, Khempur near Udaipur.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Movie Shot in Udaipur
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Shot in Udaipur

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2. Life of Pi

This is a great movie, which bagged several millions, with just a boat, zebra, monkey, tiger and a man. While most of the movie focuses on the sea, the film opens in the colorful streets of colonial Pondicherry. The movie covers the lifestyle and architecture of Pondicherry. In addition, it had a few scenes displaying the natural beauty of Munnar’s tea plantation in Kerala.

Life of Pi Shot Life of Pi Shot in Pondicherryin Pondicherry
Life of Pi Shot in Pondicherry

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3. Eat Pray Love

This movie does a lot of revolving around Indian destinations. Julia Roberts cover numerous destinations of Delhi and Pataudi on her search for enlightenment. This will intrigue your pilgrimage vacation too. In addition, the film focuses a lot more on the spiritual value of the country, like no other movie.

Eat Pray Love shot in Delhi
Eat Pray Love shot in Delhi

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4. The Darjeeling Limited

This film was shot completely in Rajasthan. Most of the scenes were shot in Udaipur and Jodhpur. As the name indicates, you even get to see a few Himalayan destination scenes. The film focuses on a train journey of three brothers. The director has used various destinations of India to add more color to this train vacation. The director said that he took inspiration from documentaries of India.

The Darjeeling Limited Shot in Rajasthan
The Darjeeling Limited Shot in Rajasthan

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5. Million Dollar Arm

This is the first time; a sports movie has given a little more importance to the landscape than just the stadium and training room. This is a true story of baseball pitchers, who hailed from India. While a huge chunk of the movie was shot in America, a considerable amount of scenes were shot in Mumbai. It also included some scenic villages of Rajasthan, Taj Mahal, Yamuna River and others.

Million Dollar Arm shot in Taj Mahal
Million Dollar Arm shot in Taj Mahal

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6. The Lunchbox

This romance story covers the real beauty of Mumbai. This movie has shown Mumbai, beyond the iconic attractions. This gives an urban look to the movie. Focusing on Dabbawalas, this movie takes you street-by-street through the city. You don’t have to be a Dabbawalas to cover the city without missing anything. It is all about choosing the right tour package.

The Lunchbox shot in Mumbai
The Lunchbox Shot in Mumbai

7. Slumdog Millionaire

While talking about Mumbai, it is necessary to mention Slumdog Millionaire. Through the scenes of flashback, the movie takes you to the Juhu slums and many other locations of Mumbai. There is a reason to why, the movie was so realistic to enjoy.

Slumdog Millionaire Shot in Dharavi Slum
Slumdog Millionaire Shot in Dharavi Slum

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8. Octopussy

This Bond movie shows James Bond running behind an exiled prince of Afghan and ends up in the Monsoon Palace of Udaipur. Shot in 1980s, this movie covers many destinations like Lake Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace, lakes of Udaipur and others. This movie also focuses on the heritage of the land. Are you looking for a luxurious vacation like the characters of the movie?

Octopussy Shot in Monsoon Palace, Udaipur
Octopussy Shot in Monsoon Palace, Udaipur

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9. Heat and Dust

The movie is set focusing on an illegal affair of a prince and wife of British colonial office, in 1920s. The movie covers a large portion of Kashmir. In addition, as the story covers Anne’s journey, you get to watch important landmarks and colorful culture from Uttar Pradesh to Andhra Pradesh. Do you want to enjoy Kashmir and its beauty? Choose our packages:

10. Mission Impossible 4

This movie covers a spy action along the streets of Mumbai. Most of the action and outdoor scenes where shot in Mumbai. You could easily spot Bora bazaar during many car chase scenes. The movie also covered a few destinations of Bangalore. Read Alina Jack’s - Top Tourist Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mission Impossible 4 Shot in Mumbai
Mission Impossible 4 Shot in Mumbai

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