10 Best Local Markets In Mumbai For Shopping

Mumbai is one of the best places for shopping. Being one of the biggest cities in India and the world, Mumbai is an extremely popular tourist place. In Mumbai, you will find the best fashion designs, electronic gadgets, home decors, latest saris, and other fantastic designer works at a much lower price. The products that you can find here are affordable, unique and of excellent quality.

For men, you may find a lot of new styles. If you are looking for wedding collections or some festive ware you may get the best products that you can’t ignore them. There are so many local street fashions. Here we have the 10 best local markets in Mumbai.

1. Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar is one of the famous jewelry hubs in Mumbai. You may find gold, silver, Platinum and some of the famous stones here. In Zaveri Bazaar, around 60 percent of India’s gold traded. You can see here thousands of goldsmiths and silversmiths busy making and selling jewelry. India’s most traditional and famous designed toys also you can find here. If you are looking for toys, dinnerware and furniture, Zaveri Bazaar is the right place.

Zaveri Bazaar
  • Location : Bhuleshwar, South Mumbai
  • Timings : 11 am to 8.30 pm
  • Famous For : Jewelry and furniture

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2. Linking Road

Linking road has been heaven for shopping lovers. In Mumbai city linking road is one of the best places for shopping, thus you can find all varieties of things here. Apart from shopping, the overall experience is covered by a large number of food places around and which are worth visiting. On weekends it receives a great crowd. It is one of the best places for shopping and having fun on weekends.

Linking Road Market, Mumbai
Linking Road
  • Location : Linking Road, Bandra
  • Timings : 11 am to 9 pm
  • Famous For :  Bags, clothes, jewelry, and Chappals

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3. Fashion Street

Fashion street provides lots of varieties that you won’t buy in the market. It is famous for its latest fashions. In these streets, teenagers show interest to buy new cloths and accessories. You can find all the branded clothes and other accessories at a low cost. You can’t let go from there without doing shopping. Fashion streets are all over famous for all types of clothes like jeans, T-shirts, kurtas , salwars. 

Fashion Street Market
  • Location :  Marine Lines, Mumbai
  • Timings : 11 am to 9 pm
  • Famous For :  Jeans ,T-shirts , salwars , and wallets

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4. Crawford Market

The Crawford market is the best place for wholesale shopping. It is famous for foods, cosmetics, vegetables, fruits, and gift items. The Crawford Market is nearly 150 years old and it is the first building in the country to get electricity. The Crawford market is also known as Jyotiba Phule Mandai. The market is busy the whole week except on Sunday.

Crawford Market, Mumbai
Crawford Market
  • Location : Fort, Mumbai
  • Timings : 10 am to 8 pm
  • Famous For : Fruits, vegetables, nuts, cosmetics.

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5. Colaba Causeway

Colaba causeway is the place where you can find all types of shopping markets. It welcomes you with a lot of fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and latest accessories. Colaba causeway may lead you to have fun at restaurants and bars. If you were bored while shopping you can spend time at the Regal Cinema to watch a movie. Colaba causeway is the finest place for shopping in Mumbai.

  • Location : Colaba,  Mumbai
  • Timings : 11 am to 10 pm
  • Famous For :  Carpets, antique , blow glass lamps, clothes, and jewelry.

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6. Lamington Road

If you are looking for any electronic gadgets or any other accessories Lamington road is the right place for you. Lamington road offers you all types of mobiles, laptops, speakers, amplifiers for a much lower value than the market value. You can browse your needy products that you may get an idea of actual price value. Lamington road will satisfy you with its market rates.

Lamington Road Market, Mumbai
Lamington Road
  • Location : Lamington Road, Mumbai
  • Timings : 10 am to 10 pm
  • Famous For :  Mobiles, computers, speakers, microphone , amplifiers, gaskets, tool-kits

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7. Dadar Flower Market

Dadar flower market is the busiest and most famous for flowers in Mumbai. Dadar flower market is the wholesale selling place for flowers. Here you can get fresh flowers from 5 am to 9 am. Dadar flower market is also known as ‘phool gully’. If you are searching for flowers for marriage decorate or any other functions at your home Dadar flower market helps you to find out all types of flowers that you need.

Dadar Flower Market, Mumbai
Dadar Flower Market
  • Location : Next to Dadar railway station. Tulsi Pipe Road, between Dadar and Parel, in central south Mumba
  • Timings : 5 am to 9 am
  • Famous For :  Marigolds, rose, lilie, or chids

8. Natraj Market

Natraj market is the best place to find out bridal wears and lehengas. Nataraj market attracts buyers for its native and colorful designs. Locals show more interest in shopping in the Nataraj market. This market will help you to find out addition to footwear, jewelry, hand bags and kitchen wares.

  • Location : SV Road, Malad (west)
  • Timings : 9 am to 8 pm
  • Famous For :  Bridal wares, lehengas, foot wear, jewelry

9. Hill Road

Hill Road is one of the popular as Linking Road but it has some special vibes to it. Hill Road is always been attracted by teenagers and college students for amazing visiting sites. Hill road will provide you all types of accessories, footwear, clothes, and so many hand crafts in the market.

Hill Road
  • Location : Hill Road, Bandra
  • Timings : 11 am to 9 pm
  • Famous For : Accessories, clothes, footwear, antiques

10. Chor Bazaar

Chor bazaar is famously known for its accessories, cosmetics, and automobile parts. Chor market is one of the largest flea markets in Mumbai. Here thieves sell second-hand items for a less cost. You can find here cameras, electronic gadgets, automobiles, vintage items, furniture, microphone, antiques being sold here.

Chor Bazaar
  • Location : Kumbharwad, Mumbai
  •  Timings : 10.30 am to 8.30 pm
  • Famous For :  Automobiles, furniture, antique, electronic gadget , microphones

So, these are all some famous local shopping places in Mumbai. When you plan a tour to Mumbai don’t forget to visit these shopping destinations.