Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Visitor Information:

  • Famous For Shopping

  • Fee Free

  • Visiting Time 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM (Saturday to Thursday), Friday - Closed

  • Duration of Visit As per your convinience

Chor Bazaar can be translated into English as Thieves’ Market. This is one of the largest and an old flea market in Mumbai region, going on for 150 years and more.

Starting from stolen products to antiques, you can find many interesting items here. There is even a shop where you can buy old movie posters. If you love to collect unique items, this is the best destination to shop. In addition, you should be really talented in haggling.

History of Chor Bazaar

There is a history for the name of this market. In the olden days, this market was called as Shor Market. The term Shor means noise in Hindi. This is one of the noisiest markets due to the popularity of this place among merchants and buyers.

Also, the vendors used to shout out the names of their merchandize to attract the buyers during the olden days.

During the British rule, some of Queen Victoria’s things were stolen from the ship that landed in the Mumbai port region, during her visit to Bombay. Her violin and other stolen items were found later in this market for sale.

However, this was not the reason for the change in the name. British were unable to pronounce Shor and it loosely became Chor, which seemed to add more sense after the Queen Victoria visit.

According to the local legends, if you miss something in Mumbai, you can always find it in Chor Market.

Things to Buy from Chor Bazaar

This is an interest tourist destination in Mumbai. There is almost nothing that you cannot find here. Starting from out-of-use old electronic items to used car parts, you can find many things here. Many film crews scan this market for props to use in the movies. The market is divided into several sections.

1. Automobile Section

Once you walk into the market, this is the first section you would see. You can find various workshops for automobiles repairs, shops for buying spare parts for the vehicles and vintage items. It is said that when a stolen vehicle reach this area, the workers would dismantle it part by part to sell as spare parts within a few minutes. If you are looking for spare parts at cheap price, this would be a grand destination for you.

2. Antique Section

Old statues, bronze articles, ancient coins, Grandfather clock, typewriters, vintage camera and a lot more can be found in the antique section of this market. Many movie production houses visit this section to find props for their shopping set.

3. Secret Night Market Just For Shoes

This is the motherlode of stolen objects. A small lane called Dedh Gully is dedicated to this secret market that opens up only between 4 am and 8 am, every Friday. This market will sell exclusively stolen braded shoes at unbelievably cheaper price.

You can find both used shoes and new ones. The new products are usually sold illegally by workers from factory outlet or cargo stolen for the port region.

4. Movie Poster Shops

Mumbai is the backbone of Bollywood and movie industry still thrives here. In the past, crew hand-print the posters for their movies and paste it around the city. Are you a movie freak? You can find vintage movie posters in this section.

5. Muslim Region

90% of the people here are Muslim. Thus, during Friday, most of the shops will be either shut or open for sale at dead-beat discount.

Visiting Time of Chor Bazaar

11 am to 7:30 pm (Saturday to Thursday)

Only a few shops are open for business on Fridays.

How to Reach Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar is located in Mutton Street near the Bhendi Bazaar of South Mumbai. Common landmarks closer to the market are Linking Road, Bhendi Bazaar and Mumbai Mint.

However, Chor Bazaar is a landmark by itself and you would not find it difficult to explain it to the local autos and cab drivers. You can find direct buses to this market from numerous destinations. The market is just 25 minutes away from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

If you are choosing train, you need to get down at Grant Road station and walk to Chor Bazaar. You can find trains to Grand Road from CST, Central Junction station and many others.

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