How to Reach Agra from Delhi

Agra is just 200 odd kilometers away from Delhi. Any international tourist visiting Agra would land in India in New Delhi and then travel to Agra from New Delhi. There are numerous options to reach Agra from Delhi and this article will go in detail about each mode of transportation.

Reach Agra by Flights

Agra by Flight

The nearest domestic airport to Agra is located 7 km away from the city of Agra. The nearest international airport to Agra is located in Delhi. You can find numerous flights every day from Delhi to Agra. The airport in Agra is a military base air strip, which allows commercial vehicles during peak season along. Only Air India flights run between New Delhi and Agra. It would take less than an hour to reach Agra from New Delhi via airways. In some cases, flight travel to Agra via Varanasi, increasing the time of travel.

  • Flight cost from New Delhi to Agra – INR 2337 per head onwards
  • Flight cost to book within 30 days – INR 3000 per head onwards

Reach Agra by Trains

Agra is connected well with Delhi via rail routes. Agra has three railway stations within its boundaries namely, the Raja ki Mandi, Agra Cantonment and the Agra Fort station. Out of these three stations, the Agra Cantt or the Agra Cantonment station is the very famous one. You can find local trains, super-fast trains, semi-luxury trains, chair car executive trains and even luxury trains running between Agra and Delhi.

1. Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan Express

The fastest train from Delhi to Agra is the 12050 Gatimaan Express which reaches Agra is less than one hour and 40 minutes. This train starts early in the morning by 8:10 am at Delhi station and reaches Agra by 9:50 am. This is a semi-luxury train with multimedia entertainment facilities, on-board catering services included in tariff and so on.

  • Cost of a first class car ticket – INR 1495 per head onwards (changes with season)
  • Cost of a chair car ticket – INR 750 per head onwards (changes with season)

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2. New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express

The first train to run out from Delhi to Agra every day is the 12002 New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express. It starts as early as 6 am from the New Delhi Railway station and reaches Agra by 8 am.

3. Taj Express Super-Fast train

Taj Express

There are 17 direct trains running from Delhi to Agra. However, most of the trains run very busy and crowded. One of the most commonly available trains is the 12280 Taj Express Super-Fast train from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station of New Delhi to Agra Cantt. It starts at 6:45 am from New Delhi and stops at Agra at 9:40 am.

  • Cost of a second class chair ticket – INR 105 per head
  • Cost of executive chair car ticket – INR 375 per head.

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4. Andhra Pradesh AC Super-Fast Express

Andhra Pradesh AC Super-Fast Express

If you are looking for sleeper class train from New Delhi to Agra, you can chose 22416 Andhra Pradesh AC Super-Fast Express starting at 6:25 am at New Delhi station and reaches Agra by 9:10 am. The entire train is air-conditioned and it does not stop anywhere between New Delhi and Agra.

  • Cost of first class ticket- INR 1,180 per head
  • Cost of second class AC ticket – INR 725 per head
  • Cost of third class AC ticket – INR 540 per head

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Reach Agra Buses

Agra by Bus

The main bus stand or depot in Agra is located in Idgah. This depot receives buses from numerous parts of the country including Delhi. By road, Agra is 233.1 km away from Delhi and it would take 3 hours and 38 minutes to reach Agra via the Taj Express Highway. There is another bus stand in Agra, the ISBT, which is a little away from many of the attractions. The Idgah depot is just 8 km away from Taj Mahal but, ISBT is 12 km away from Taj Mahal.

The fastest you can reach Agra in a bus is a little more than 2 hours. You have both government buses and luxury private buses.

  • Non-AC private seater bus ticket – INR 300 onwards (Varies with season)
  • AC sleeper seat bus ticket – INR 800 onwards (varies with season)
  • Government non-AC bus ticket – INR 250 onwards (varies with season)
  • Volvo semi-sleeper bus ticket with air conditioning – INR 2000 onwards

Usually, the buses that run between 6 am and 12 pm cost considerably lesser than the buses that run between 1 pm and 12 am. This is generally due to the demand of the population. Every day around 70 buses run from New Delhi to Agra.

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Reach Agra by Cab

Agra by Cab

You can find cabs from any part of New Delhi to Agra, throughout the year. NH2 route connects Delhi with Agra and the new Taj Expressway has reduced the driving time considerably.

  • Cost of hatchback AC cab – INR 1712 onwards (3 passengers and one driver)
  • Cost of SUV AC cab – INR 2400 onwards (6 passengers and one driver

Some cabs offer cost per km styled invoice too.  Total distance is 214 kilometer and the average cost per kilometer is INR 22 + base charges.

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Reach Agra by Carpooling

Agra by Carpooling

Everyday hundreds of people travel between New Delhi and Agra. This rose the new form of transportation, carpooling. It is a method in which two or more random riders from Delhi pick the same car to reach Agra together and share the cost. This is quite profitable if you are a single person or a couple traveling to Agra with little to no luggage.

  • Cost of AC cab sedan – INR 500 per one person onwards

There are many apps and service providers for carpooling and it is best to choose a reliable service provider.

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Coaches, mini-buses and vans

Agra by Minibuses

If you are travelling as a small group, it would not be profitable to travel in cabs. If you want a little more privacy than a public bus, it is best to rent mini-buses or vans.

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