Most Famous Restaurants in Agra

As soon as the name Agra strikes in your head, the first thought that would come to any mind would be that of the ‘TajMahal’. The magnificent extravagant, rightly put as one of the Seven Wonders. The story back lays a huge portrays of battles, kingdoms and ministries with huge possession of wealth that outlived at that beautiful era.

Due to this epic past, there is a huge soft corner to the richness of the culture. The buildings, no doubt show one of the best architectures in any time but, often to not forget is the mouth-watering cuisines of Agra. There is a wide range of selection from the top class Mughlai Delicacies to the aesthetic Indian dishes or the North Indian and even South Indian cuisine.

This set of culinary is also added with the hospitality with which they serve, outlives everything and is the most satisfying feeling to treasure. In a year, this beautiful place attracts millions of tourists around the globe amplifying with the best experience in a lifetime with the beauty of buildings and food together, making it one of the best places to be around to pay a visit, categorising to vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Agra

1. Lakshmi Vilas, Agra

This is one of the most rated and affordable, budget-friendly South Indian based restaurant at Agra. Lakshmi Vilas, Agra is known for many dishes but there are famous for their mouth-watering ‘thalis’ which is served for both dinner and lunch, also another one of the four invites is ‘dosas’ with wide varieties down there. The budget-friendly menu and great taste of quality and quantity of the dishes are what attracts people here. There is a beautiful peaceful vibe in the restaurant décor which gives a mellow and moreover a relaxed and not so loud ambience.

Visiting Timing : 11:00 AM – 10:30 PM

Meal for Two : INR 400 Approximately

2. Dasaprakash, Agra

This is said to be called one of the best restaurants with South Indian cuisine in India, located in Uttar Pradesh, Agra. The cleanliness and hygiene are one of the main criteria for their massive crowd attention to Dasaprakash, Agra which adds up a whole new level to it. The food served with the South Indian menu is so appetizing. Here also ‘thalis’ drive everyone’s attention as being a purely vegetarian restaurant it has a wide range of supplement dishes that enrich and make the thali meal quite a remembrance, they serve ice creams as well.

The interior of the restaurant attracts its beauty and is another reason why to draw any attention to this place and engrave an extravagant dining day. The place means the ray of light-driven by the angel of God’, that radiates a lot of of positivity. This restaurant has an emotional attachment as it was opened in remembrance of the owner’s father and makes sure the best of service is rendered and given along with tastiest South Indian cuisines.

Visiting Timing : 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Meal for Two : INR 700 Approximately

Best Non Vegetarain Restaurants in Agra

1. Shankar Ji, Agra

If you are searching for a nice eat out area amidst Agra with extra no additives and serving the authentic cuisine, then the right one you are looking for is here. ‘Dhaba” is the right way of describing Shankar Ji, Agra with partakes of a modern theme restaurant. There is going to make both your belly and a heart full as it gives sumptuous yummy food and will make you have a happy grin on your face as you leave the place with your stomach full.

If by any chance, you are perceptive of the food that is served in a place or something termed like ‘Dhaba’, you shouldn’t be as the whole menu is listen in English and the staffs are very approachable and help you with any queries. Another best part of it is, it’s a good spot for the early risers, as the restaurant opens early, and just as might you maybe go a little out of luck if you are going for midnight dinner.

Visiting Timing : 8:00AM – 10:00PM

Meal for Two : INR 500 Approximately

2. Jahanpanah, Agra

The city of Agra is surrounded by some beautiful scenery but matching up to those level come up the Jahanpanth, Agra. This restaurant is known for the Awadhi menu of cuisines and treats there customers with a royal fashion just like Agra are known for. This meal is one of the best in town and will make one come back again. The linguistic authenticity is right claimed by this beautiful restaurant and will never make you unhappy on this.

The tender and juicy dishes are their signatures with some secret taste enhancers and simply add beauty to the whole food making it tasty. The biryanis often called, Lucknow and the 'Galawati kebabs' are going to drool your taste buds and are one of the most prominent and highly ordered dishes by the customers.

Visiting Timing : 12:30PM – 11:30PM

Meal for Two : INR 850 Approximately

3. Pince of Spice, Agra

As the name comprehends, ‘Pince of Spice’ merely imprints the deliciously spicy food that adds the quality of taste. By a lot of customers in point of review, consider this place to be one of the best in Agra. This place is always pondered for delicious and mouth-watering kebabs which would drive anyone's attention. There is a hybrid recipe made from Chicken tikka called the ‘murgboti masala’, which has its pure magic and aroma in gravy and spice put together for the preparation.

This shouldn’t disappoint any vegetarians out there as all these are non-vegetarian food, as this place considers the veg and gives some nice cuisines of veg. Paneer Labadar is something everyone craves for, while stepping into this place, in a set of spiced gravy, diced fresh cheese cottage is put. Another prominent feature of this is, it is very nearby to TajMahal and another add on plus is, it is open late at the midnights as well.

Visiting Timing : 12:00PM – 12:00AM

Meal for Two : INR 1350 Approximately

4. Jhankar, Agra

If your interests lie at the perfect spot of ambience and exemplify the space, the place you are looking for is right here, as it is located in Jhankar, Agra. The cravings reach to a whole new level with the delicious food served here. It serves a wide variety of dishes like chutney wale, aloodum which is perfect enough and gives a lot of flavour to the dish. This perfect mix of dish combines with herbs in a mint, dried fruits, coriander sauce and potatoes which is so delicious.

A mix chicken in poppy seeds, rose petals, cashews, yoghurt garnished with melon seeds makes it all the tastier. The restaurant key features are, it has its garden and the herbs and vegetables are grown in their garden and their products are taken from there and this is the best cuisine for non-vegetarians. Also, this restaurant creates a lot more vibrant by setting up live performance making the customer have a relaxed time while dining in.

Visiting Timing : 7:30PM – 11:30PM

Meal for Two : INR 2000 Approximately

4. Jhankar, Agra

By visitors who visit quite often to a cosy place like this, Esphahan is the one suggested always. The restaurant serves at two seating times, one at 7 PM and other at 9:30 PM and it is quite favourable to book in prior the tables. Simply this arrangement is done for full privacy and to savour the dinner served at the fullest. It features a few sets of dishes and not a wholesome wide range of varieties but this quite a few makes a lot of prominences. Its delicacies are Kerala Rice to even Tandoori. To pump up the whole mood, the restaurant features music, which creates a romantic set of ambience.

Visiting Timing : 7:00PM – 9:00PM, 9:30PM – 11:00PM

Meal for Two : INR 6000 Approximately

Some people like the ambience to be natural or would just want a coffee. There are few lovely spots for them as well like the rooftop restaurants and cafes in Agra, Uttar Pradesh.

Best Rooftop Restaurants in Agra

1. Shankar Vegis, Agra

If you are someone who wants to see the beauty of Tajmahal within while dining in, one should straight go for Shankara Vegis which endorses quick meals. It is most well-known for the exquisite roof topping and the yummy ‘thalis’ served there. There are wide variants of indoor games, chess, caroms and many more and the guests can unlax over the cosy area and play a few of these games.

Visiting Timing : 8:00AM – 10:30PM

Meal for Two : INR 450 Approximately

2. Sky Grill, Agra

It is said to be one of the best rooftops located amidst Agra. It serves beyond imagination tasty cuisines and gives the most extravagant views and ambience. It provides a spacious place with a lot of enlightening decorum, it gives such a calm set of mind and this rooftop restaurant serves its purpose. The staffs back in the restaurant are gentle, kind and would assist and serve you in the best way. It is skilled and best at serving grilled food like sizzlers, kebabs and also tikkas. One should try out the sizzlers if going here as they are the best and should make sure that they don’t miss out.

Visiting Timing : 7:00PM – 12:00AM

Meal for Two : INR 1000 Approximately

Best Cafes in Agra

1. Joney’s Place, Agra

If typical Indian food is running through your mind, then dive right into Joney’s Place. This place has been on since a while, 1978 and has quite variant attracted a lot of people to this place. The key feature is the dishes are prepared right next to you and they are delicious. This place is a small area, gives a pal vibe and is budget-friendly. Malai Kofta is something everyone would give a try coming here as well the Banana Lassi is something everyone craves over the menu. For all the sugar fond people, this is the place to look for and who just looks for the taste and not for the setup. The other positive trademark is, it is open early and people could come over and have.

Visiting Timing : 5:00AM – 10:30PM

Meal for Two : INR 450 Approximately

2. Stuff Makers, Agra

The eating out is open at 6 from morning till 10 in the night and is the go-to spot for breakfast, snacks, lunch also dinner. This place gives a fab food and perfect set up. The view of TajMahal grabs the attention from all other zones though. The tasty food, ambience and Taj, gives it a popular setup for ones together in Agra.

Visiting Timing : 6:00AM – 10:00PM

Meal for Two : INR 700 Approximately

Anyone would be hungry by now reading all these restaurants must go or the best restaurants in Agra, moreover this is just the suggestions or the guidelines. Agra serves one of the best authentic cultural-based cuisines that quite different from other places or countries across the globe. If you are touring around Agra with all the extravagance make it livelier and memorable by also tasting the dishes back here and hop on to any of the restaurants mentioned here.


You could even look for the other horde of restaurants which you are comfortable with. This article would help you attain a choice or might know about the good and famous restaurants in Agra. You can also hop into a pub, grove in a club or anything that you have been looking for. Agra is known for cultural diversity, and you would love visiting the places as well as the restaurants.