IRCTC Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express to Start Operations in November 2019

Indian Railways under Piyush Goyal had given approval for operating the private Tejas Express on two routes in India; the Delhi - Lucknow route and the Mumbai - Ahmedabad route. The Ahmedabad - Mumbai Tejas Express is the second private train under IRCTC after the Delhi - Lucknow Tejas Express.

After the success of the Delhi - Lucknow route, the department started its venture in the Ahmedabad - Mumbai route too.

Ahmedabad - Mumbai Tejas Express Train
Ahmedabad - Mumbai Tejas Express Train

Find below complete information about Ahmedabad - Mumbai Tejas Express :

Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express Fare

The cost of the tickets in this train is said to be similar to the Shatabdi Express. However, Railway Ministry has given the entire power to IRCTC to decide the flexible ticket prices. No specific information about the ticket prices are announced yet. No concession or any form of passes or privilege will be accepted in this train, according to a letter from Union Railway Ministry.

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Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express Schedule, Route and Timing

A tentative schedule and timing of the train has been issued by IRCTC. According to the ministry, the halts and timing of the train might be changed by joint collaboration of Indian Railways and IRCTC team.

The train starts from Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) by 6:40 am and reaches at the Mumbai Central station (MMCT/BCT) by 1:10 pm. In the return route, the train starts at Mumbai by 3:40 pm and reaches the destination by 9:55 pm.

On the route, the train is said to halt at two stations; Vadodara Junction and Surat Railway Station.

From Ahmedabad to Mumbai

  • Vadodara : 8:08 Am
  • Surat : 9:35 Am

From Central Mumbai station to Ahmedabad

  • Surat : 6:57 Pm
  • Vadodara : 8:20 Pm

The duration of halt at the stations are not yet released.

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Private Player Role In The Train

The train is considered as a premium version of the famous Shatabdi Express family of trains. This train is designed as an air-conditioned comfortable chair car train with executive and non-executive classes. The coaches will be equipped with reading lights, attendant call button, comfortable seating facility, modular bio-toilets, entertainment personal LCD screen, mobile charging outlets, automatic doors for entry and exit, standard reclining facilities, CCTV, USB sockets and much more. The train aims at providing high-end facilities and fast travel.

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Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express Facilities

This private train is governed by both private parties and the Indian Railway Department. According to Railway Minister, Piyush Goyal, the department is experimenting the role of private players in running a train with the Tejas Express. The first trial for the private train management is theTejas Express between Delhi and Lucknow station. In future, the department might consider private trains running in specific routes alone, if this project becomes successful.

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Refund For Train Delays

The train is focused on providing better customer service. Thus, if the train is delayed, partial refunds might be provided to the passengers. If the train gets delayed by more than an hour, the passengers will be credited the refund in their e-wallet or given concessions, which they can use in future travels.

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Extra Meal And Snacks

According to IRCTC reports, this train might distribute extra meals in the form of snacks at the terminal stations of the itinerary. In addition to this, the train will also hold tea/coffee vending machines. On the other hand, passengers can also order any beverage during the trip.

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Reduced Toilets

In the newer Tejas Express trains, each coach will have only two toilets. The toilets are similar to the ones in airlines. According to IRCTC reports, in a normal airplane, there will be only three toilets for more than 150 passengers. A coach in Tejas Express can accommodate only 72 passengers and thus, only two toilets are added to the coach. The space of the third toilet would help in increasing the storage space of the train.

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IRCTC On-Board Housekeeping

To provide world-class facilities and amenities, the modular toilets of the train are maintained by housekeeping personnel, who would be on-board. The staff would regularly clean and sanitize the washrooms and the coaches for providing a high-end hygiene factor.

Revenue Through Advertisements

The walls of the trains will be open for advertisements to increase the revenue for the train. The exterior of the train is completely covered with vinyl wrapping to increase and safeguard the aesthetic value of the train.

Ticket Checking

There is no on-board ticket checking in Tejas Express trains. According to IRCTC report, many measures are taken to stop booking once the carrying capacity of the train is reached.

Compensation For Accidents

In case of accidents, the passengers are entitled for compensation according to the IRCTC rules. But, the passengers would not be entitled for any offers, which are given on other passenger trains.


In general, most of the trains hold 18 coaches. Tejas Express train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad holds just 12 coaches.

Speed of the train

The train is said to reach the destinations 20 minutes earlier than similar trains on the route. Current trains in the route take 6 hours and 50 minutes to travel from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The Tejas Express will cover the distance in 6.5 hours.


The train is said to run for 6 days a week. No other details are provided about the time table.

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