Land of Colours - Rajasthan

It’s strange yet true; 'Rajasthan’ seemingly barren land is more than colourful. For the one who might not have travelled; combination of colours and sand may sound like a distant dream – yet it’s true! It’s simply more spectacular than you could have imagined!

In the midst of mirage which surround the deserts of this land; there stand the tall historical buildings telling the saga of bygone years. From Palaces to Kingdoms, from Forts to Havelis - There is much to ponder about. It’s quintessential how so much has been crafted out and that too – so meticulously! It’s only the work of brave-hearts born on this land who have made all this possible!

Look at the Fort of Rajasthan – the Mehrangarh Fort (India’s longest fort, Jodhpur), Amber Fort (most colourful, Jaipur), Kumbhalgarh Fort (UNESCO World heritage Site, near Udaipur), City Palace of Pink City (loaded with miniature paintings and silver) or the Hawa Mahal (intricate Rajasthani architecture) – it’s simply incomparable! The paintings, murals and the red stone work – which has withstood the passing time, tell the tale.

Mehrangarh Fort

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It’s the blood which runs here – that’s what they say. And when you and here you can see it for yourself! See it in the big mustaches, in the head gear made out of colorful cloth, in the colorful dresses of women of this land ….. Pure as the running water – sand is here; colours as in rainbow can be seen in the distinct traditional clothes and the warmth which can be seen in the smile of the people of Rajasthan.

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Colourful Dresses of Women

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So, when you visit the colourful Havelis, do not forget the colours which have been intricately and judiciously carved into the walls. So, be it Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli of Jaisalmer (miniature paintings, fin detailing and carvings) or Shekhawati Haveli of Bikaner (largest concentration of havelis) - all of them it’s simply more than just the paintings.

And what’s the most astonishing thing you will find here is – the huge Sun which rises and goes down in the Sand dunes of Bikaner and Jaisalmer. Nothing compares it when it is seen from the back of a Camel.

Jaisalmer Desert Safari

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But it’s not all about Sand Dunes and deserts. If you walk a little downwards, you will reach Udaipur – the land of lakes. Surrounded by lakes from all the three directions – it’s the best creation of God in Rajasthan! Pure and serene water when it blends with the colour of sky in the morning hours, it comes out to more than perfect. Peacocks dwell here and parrots make their presence! Although rain doesn’t show off in its full swing; yet this land is filled with water in the form of Fateh Sagar Lake and Lake Pichola! And that’s the beauty of land of the Rajputs!
Lake Pichola Udaipur

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There is more to this land when it comes to Night halt here. Most engrossing are the Light and Sound Show which can be seen across Forts of Rajasthan. So, be it the Fort of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur or Udaipur – history can be seen and heard with ones’ own eyes and felt too! It’s more powerful than you can imagine and too real to be ignored!

True to it’s tales and fables, it’s not only the beauty of Queens and Princess of this land; but also the food which is prepared with much pain. Delicacies in all the colours and tastes – are at their best when it comes to Rajasthan. With highest variety of delicacies in India, the land of Rajasthan does stands out when it comes to tongue and stomach!

There is much more than just a snapshot – which can be un-veiled when one comes here! So, be here – feel the air; touch the land and breathe in the aroma….. . Be here and live a life like never before……

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