Top 10 Cycling Hotspots In And Around Delhi

Delhi is quite an interesting ecosystem. Yes, it is a concrete jungle with monuments, skyscrapers and multinational companies. On the other side, there are numerous exotic natural beauties in and around Delhi, which would be at prime beauty with mild fog and dew, early in the morning or by sunset.

These places in Delhi are very famous among those who look for hiking, walking, cycling and others. Are you into cycling?

Here are the Best Cycling Routes in and around Delhi.

1. From Dhaula Kuan - Gyarah Murti

cycle tour From Dhaula Kuan to Gyarah Murti

This is a downhill trail, which gives new cyclists, the boost they need. The ridge forests around the route will add more beauty and cool ambience to your activity.

If you are looking for easy pedaling route in an exotic environment, this is the right place. Choose early morning to cross this route.

2. India Gate - Rashtrapati Bhawan

cycle tour India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhawan

It is best to stick with early morning to avoid heavy traffic. This is a large stretch and a common route among walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters thus, crowd is inevitable. This actually will give a lively look to the place.

This is the right place for slow cyclists and those who want to enjoy the local life as they glide through this capital city.

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3. Sanjay Van

cycle tour Sanjay Van

The term ‘Van’ means forest. This forest region is located inside Qutub Institutional area. This forest region is ironically located in the heart of the concrete city. There are numerous tracks in the region for cycling.

You can find watchtowers to climb, to get a grand view of the area. Visit early in the morning or by sunset to enjoy a peaceful cycling time. The gravel tracks make it easier to pedal and thus, it is recommended for amateurs too.

4. Najafgarh Wetlands

cycle tour Najafgarh Wetlands

This region is located a little away from Delhi on the route from Dwarka to Haryana. From the wetland to the drain, you can find a long stretch of green region, for cyclists who love nature.

The place is completely filled with birds of all kinds. If you are choosing winter, you can find numerous migration birds in this route. The traffic is quite sparse and the place will be very fresh during early morning.

Most of the cyclists choose to start before sunrise and end by early morning.

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5. Gurgaon - Faridabad Road

cycle tour Gurgaon-Faridabad Road

This is one of the iconic routes for cyclists in and around Delhi. This route is not for amateurs. You can find both uphill and downhill regions in this route. The entire route runs along rugged forest region.

Thus, bumpy ride is guaranteed. You can find extreme runners and expert cyclists in this route, early in the morning.

If you want to challenge yourself, this is the right route.

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6. Asola Bhardwaj Lake

cycle tour Asola Bhardwaj Lake

Around Asola, there are seven lakes.  The route is rocky and off-road. The terrain includes uphill and downhill regions and is good for those who are looking for enjoying mountain biking experience.

This is a hard-level route and you have to walk with your cycle at many sections of the terrain. If you are lucky, you might spot rabbits, Nilgai or porcupine.

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7. Aravali Trails

cycle tour Aravali Trails?

This is another off-road rail, which is rocky, winding and rough. It is for intermediate mountain bikers. Amateurs should stay out of the route. It is a serene forest region for peaceful cycling experience.

You can find small animals and many birds in this region, during early morning.

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8. NH8 terminal turn off - Manesar

cycle tour NH8 terminal turn off to Manesar

This is for those who love to speed up. This is one long straight road with not much diversions or rough terrain. The route is smooth and easy to pedal. If you want to challenge for speed limit, this is the right place.

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9. Sultanpur - Dwarka

cycle tour Sultanpur to Dwarka

This loop stretches for 65 km. The route covers many interesting regions like Najafgarh wetland, small rural villages, farmland and others.

The traffic will be minimal and the climate will be pleasing. If you are looking for a mindless slow-paced fun cycling experience, try this route.

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10. Aravali Bio - Diversity Park

cycle tour Aravali bio-diversity Park

This park is located in Gurgaon, a little outside Delhi. This route is mostly downhill and easy to travel for beginners. You can always find many cyclists choosing this route. Many locals choose to spend their weekend mornings with cycle in this park.

Choose winter to cover this park, for a serene experience.

There are numerous other routes in Delhi to enjoy cycling in unique styles. Delhi is much deeper than just sightseeing, shopping and tasting the cuisine. Visit India and try its heart, the Delhi.

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