Top 10 Exclusive Party Places In Goa – Partygoer’s guide to Goa

Goa is one of the top international tourism destinations in India. It is also called as fun capital of the country. Though it has exotic flora, fauna, biodiversity and water entertainments, this place is known for club-life and nightlife.

Live entertainment and parties are blood of Goa. This article talks about top 10 exclusive party places in Goa.

1. Baga Deck

This is an Italian restaurant at dawn and by dusk it becomes a pumping night life spot. Cocktails, ambience, cuisine and great music would convert this place into a unique club styled place. While partying, you can also get a spectacular view of the beach and sea. You can enjoy Italian and Mexican styled club food and several styles of drinking spree. This is good place for spending time, off-hour.

De Baga Deck 

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2. Curlies

It is a very famous beach shack. It is a landmark in Goa for partying. Starting from lounge bar to music related entertainment; this is the place for special occasions. This is one of the original shacks in the city. During any festival or celebration, you can find dancing, singing and other celebrations on the beach overlooking the sea. Starting from high class drinks to various cocktails, you can find almost all kinds of party elements here.

Curlies Shack at Goa

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3. Club Cubana

It is an exclusive night club for all kinds of party liker. This is one of the few places in this city where you can truly enjoy all party styles. There is a concept club where top celebrations happen in this city. Starting from Jacuzzi to music floor, this place has everything that can bring stars to your night.

Club Cubana

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4. Tito’s street

If you are looking for an electric pub, this is the right place to visit. There are a lot of restaurants, dancing clubs, pubs and other famous party places in this street. Are you a party animal? Can you party till sun rise? This street is the best for all. There are a lot of choices in this street for you and your friends to have some great time enjoying numerous events.

Tito's Street Goa

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5. Neptune Point

This is a beach bar that is located in South Goa. It has a seafront view and is located right on beach. Thus, campfire, drinking spree and other entertainment factors are at prime beauty in this place. By dusk, the canopy of trees, bamboo furniture and sandy beaches would add more life to your night-life enjoyment.

Neptune Point Beach Cottages

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6. Cafe Mambo

You would know why this place is exclusive, the moment you walk into it. This place hosts a lot of international and local celebrations. Rocking dance floor, open air lounge, thumping music, hyper activities and exciting environment are trademarks of this place. You are sure to have a life time experience here. You can also enjoy some unique elements like hookah here.

Cafe Mambos Goa

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7. Shore Bar

This is an international styled club house. Starting from exotic dishes and drinks to sprawling rooftop, this club has everything that can change your normal night into a star dust one.

Shore Bar Goa

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8. Black Sheep Bistro

This place is known for its wine collection. It is located in Panjim and you can find a lot of innovative and unique cocktails here. This is the club for those who want a drinking styled clubhouse where nothing goes routine.

The Black Sheep Bistro Goa

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9. Liquid Sky

Do you want to enjoy some Hollywood style celebration? Does music mean excitement and entertainment to you? Come to the single platform where you can find all popular DJs of Goa. Starting from minimal to techno; you can find all kinds of music performance here. This is for fun lovers.

Liquid Sky Goa

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10. M

It is an in-house night club of Marbela resort which is a luxurious place in the city. It starts in the evening and closes only by dawn. It is a hot place where you can find a lot of celebrities too. Dance, live performance, music, drinking spree and all other elements are top notched here. If you want an electrifying nightclub, this is the right place.

Club M Goa

These are the top nightclubs and you can find a lot of other nightclubs in this city to have a raging nightlife. Also Read Popular Weekend Getaways From Goa.

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