Top 15 Fairs and Festivals in India in December 2019

India is a host for almost all the religions of the world. India’s culture thrives with these festivals, fairs and gatherings. In short, the country is a colorful potpourri of celebrations, which result in spirit of harmony. The country literally celebrates everything starting from the beginning of spring to presence of specific full moon.

There is a festival for colors, dance, music, region, language and, over and above everything; there are religious festivals too. Each festival is unique. The locals celebrate each festival in a different manner. Some are quite simple as greeting each other and sharing delicacies, while the others can be quite amusing and entertaining.

Are you visiting India in December? December is the mid of tourism season in India. If you are planning to create a complete vacation out of your visit to India, here is the blog to get started with; Top Places to Visit in India in December. You can find almost all attractions and regions at prime beauty during this month. Apart from these, you can find a list of Top Fairs and Festivals in India in December.

1. Kumbhalgarh Festival

This festival is celebrated as a cultural celebration. You can find all kinds of cultural activities during this festival. This festival takes place for three days and each day is unique. As the name indicated, this festival is celebrated near Kumbhalgarh Fort

Place of Celebration: Kumbhalgarh Fort Of Udaipur

Date: 1st To 3rd December 2019

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Dance and music performances by folk groups
  2. Art and craft camps and workshops
  3. Exhibitions, puppet shows and others

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  4. 8 Days – Golden Triangle Tour with Udaipur

Kumbhalgarh Festival

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2. Rann Utsav

Rann of Kutch is the largest salt desert of the country. This festival is celebrated in the desert to express the culture and tradition of the region. You can find all kinds of cultural activities and attractions in the middle of the desert. Tourists and locals venture into the desert, camp together and enjoy these celebrations.

Place Of Celebration: Kutch, Gujarat

Date: 1st November 2018 to 20th February 2019 (Best time to visit is during December, when the attractions will be at prime energy)

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Musical performance, dance performances, story recital and other cultural performances
  2. Camel riding, horse riding, archery, para-motoring and other adventure activities will be available for people in the desert
  3. You can enjoy elite feasts during this celebration.

Rann Utsav

3. Hornbill Festival

This is a mesmerizing festival of Northeastern regions of India. This is a traditional cultural celebration enjoyed by the tribes of the state. This festival focuses on celebrating the local life, heritage, food, art works and others.

Place of Celebration: Kohima Of Nagaland

Date: December 1 to 10, 2019

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Enjoy the traditional war dance performed by the local tribal warriors
  2. Enjoy Hornbill national rock concert
  3. Taste their local rice beer
  4. Visit the night market and buy unique souvenirs
  5. Car and bike based adventure sports are available for locals and tourists
  6. Take part in traditional games conducted
  7. Enjoy the unique headhunting rituals
  8. Taste the local cuisine during the feast thrown during the festival

Naga Tribes Dances - Hornbill Festival

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4. Hot Air Balloon Festival

Not all festivals of the country are related to culture and religion. India also celebrates adventure activities. The best example is Hot air balloon festival. This festival takes place in numerous states. In December, the festival is enjoyed in a grand manner in Karnataka, South India. This festival is all about flying above the land, in a large colorful hot air balloon. If you are into photography, do not forget your DSLR.

Place of Celebration: Hampi, Bidar and Mysore of Karnataka

Date: Entire month of December. Choose to visit during weekdays to avoid huge crowd.

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Flying in hot air balloons
  2. Watching hundreds of balloons decorating the regions
  3. You can find small stalls near the festival region to buy simple toys and basic souvenirs.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Festival, Karnataka

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5. Perumthitta Tharavad

What is too much color? Well you will understand it in this festival. This is a regional festival of Kerala, which is celebrated with color, grandeur and culture. The main element of this festival is the dance. The dancers coat themselves in paint from head to toe to represent mythological characters. For instance, green color is used by dances who represent God and red is for demon and so on. Moreover, the facial expressions of the dancers are top-notch element of the dance. This dance is called Theyyam, a traditional dance form of Kerala. Do not confuse it with the Theyyam festival of Kerala.

Place Of Celebration: Kottamkuzhy

Date: December 7 to 16, 2019

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Watching different styles of dance performances
  2. Unique rituals in the temple
  3. Cultural music and mime performances
  4. Ancient dance and music performances by tribal

Perumthitta-Tharavad Kottamkuzhy, Kerala

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6. Feast of Francis Xavier

This is an annual feast, during which the mummified body of Francis Xavier is kept in display inside the Basilica in Goa. He was one of the Christian missionaries who came to India for spreading the religion. If you take part in the mass, you can learn many interesting anecdotes related to the saint. This festival marks the anniversary of his burial and, a large feast and a fair are conducted.

Place of Celebration: Bom Jesus Basilica of Old Goa

Date: December 3, every year

Unique attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Special mass
  2. Rituals and celebrations
  3. Grand fair and feast for visitors

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8. Magnetic Fields Festival

No, this is nothing to do with science or academic activities. This is a talent festival of the Rajasthan. This camping festival takes place for three days and it is open for all budding artists to stage their performances. You can find musical gigs, workshops, buffet, adventure sports and others.

Place of Celebration: Alsisar Mahal (venue changes every year)

Date: Dates are not confirmed yet

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Kite flying competition
  2. Yoga workshops in the morning
  3. Treasure hunt, secret parties and other games
  4. Workshop for music, cooking and other activities
  5. Camping and stargazing in the desert
  6. Adventure spots in the desert

Magnetic Fields Festival Alsisar Mahal

9. Chennai Music Festival

This is a cultural festival of Southern India. This festival is all about music and dance performances. You can find performances by renowned artists and by budding talents. You can also find a few drama performances, speeches by top artists and much more. You can find almost all cine music and dance performers in this festival.

Place Of Celebration: T T Krishnamacari Auditorium, Chennai

Date: Mid Of December To Beginning Of January

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Instrumental music performances, vocal music performances and others
  2. Classical and modern forms of dance performances
  3. Drama, speeches and others

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Chennai Music Festival

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10. Galdan Namchot

This festival marks Tibetan New Year. It is celebrated in Ladakh, both as New Year and the birthday of Tsongkhapa, Tibetan saint. You can find many activities and attractions in the monasteries during this festival. If you find anyone handing out free scarves during this festival, do not say ‘no’. It is the local tradition to gift scarfs to express their happiness

Place of Celebration: Ladakh (best enjoyed in monasteries)

Date: 21st December 2019

Unique attractions and activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Unique rituals
  2. Exhibitions by monasteries
  3. Dances and other performances by monks and locals
  4. Feasts and fairs, which are conducted in different places

Galdan Namchot Festival Ladakh

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11. The Cochin Carnival

Although not as famous as the carnival of Goa, Cochin Carnival does attract its share of locals and tourists. This is the festival of fun. The main aim of the festival is to bring locals together and it is celebrated during the Christmas holidays (academic holidays) to make more locals participate in it. There is an activity for everyone in this carnival, may it be adventure or music.

Place of Celebration: Cochin

Date: 25thDecember to 1st January

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Cultural performances, dances and music performances. The iconic performances is the Panchavadyam, a music made with blend of five instruments
  2. Beach activities like beach bike race, beach volleyball, beach football and others
  3. Elephant parade and processions

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  2. 15 days – Kerala tour

Are you worried that the Kerala flood would have damaged the beauty of the land? The state is back on its track for accepting tourists.

The Cochin Carnival

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12. Christmas

This festival does not need an introduction. Celebrated throughout the country and even worldwide, this is the primary festival of Christians. In India, this festival is celebrated with grandeur in churches and near coastal areas. In many areas, you can find Santa Claus giving gifts to children.

Place of Celebration: Throughout the country

Date: 25th December, every year

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Special mass, cultural performances and programs in churches and communities
  2. You can find decorated Christmas trees in malls and other public places
  3. Certain destinations have parades and feasts during Christmas

If you are planning to visit India during Christmas, try to cover as many destinations as possible to enjoy a culturally diverse vacation.

Christmas in India

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13. Bishnupur Festival

This festival is local to West Bengal’s Bishnupur. This festival is celebrated for talents of local artisans. Locals get to showcase their masterpieces and handicrafts in a grand fair conducted by the government. Locals and tourists visit this fair to buy unique articles and to encourage the cottage industry.

Place of Celebration: Bishnupur

Date: 27thDecember to 31st December

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Shopping in the grand fair
  2. Folk dance and music performances
  3. Top items to buy in the fair are handlooms, Terracotta sculptures, silk sarees, printed textiles and much more.
Bishnupur Festival

Terracotta Sculptures Shopping in Bishnupur Festival

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14. Rajasthan Winter Festival

Celebrated in Rajasthan, this is a colorful festival to relish in this state. The main element of this festival is a large fair for local artisans to showcase their works. In addition, you can find many cultural activities and attractions during this festival. If you want an adventure time, this is the right festival to take part. Take the 16 days – Rajasthan, Mumbai From Delhi tour to cover Mount Abu, right in time for the festival.

Place Of Celebration: Mount Abu

Time Of Celebration: Dates are not confirmed yet

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Gair, Ghoomar, Daph and other dance performances
  2. Music performances
  3. Boating and rowing races takes place in the Nakki Lake
  4. Fireworks at night
  5. Kite flying contest
  6. Fair conducted for handicrafts and handlooms

Do not just end your vacation with the festival alone. Explore Mount Abu to have a complete vacation.

Winter Festival, Mount Abu

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15. New Year Eve

This is the end of the year. This festival is celebrated throughout the country in different manner, based on the level of luxury you are looking forward. You can find grand feasts, music parties, dance parties and even alcohol fiesta in many pubs and restaurants. In the temples, you can find unique rituals for the well-being of devotees during the upcoming year. If you desire, you can also take part in any home parties, which are conducted at specific places

Place of Celebration: Throughout the country

Date: 31st December

Unique Attractions and Activities to enjoy during the festival:

  1. Dance, music and other celebrations
  2. Rituals, traditional dance and other performances in temples, Churches and other religious spots
  3. Buffets in many restaurants
  4. Rock music, open air concert and many night parties in pubs

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