Top Ten Street Foods to Taste in Jaipur

Jaipur is a desert land but, that should not make you doubt the depth of delicacies that this place can provide you on a plate. This city is a vibrant one with a lot of shops and vendors trying to sell unique items.

Starting from crispy kachoris to golgappas, there are a lot of different snacks and delicacies to enjoy in Jaipur. This article handpicks ten street foods based on the popularity of the food item and ease of purchase.

1. Jaipur Signature Masala Tea

Masala tea is a common beverage in a lot of cities in the country. But, the Jaipur styled masala tea has its own crazy flavor. The tea comes with bun, muska and samosa. This would make a content snack and refreshing one too. The best place to enjoy this beverage is MI road.

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2. Golgappas

Ask anyone about a delicacy to enjoy in Jaipur and you would have golgappa in that list, for sure. It is panipatashi. Panipuri is dipped in spicy and tangy chutneys and given to you while dripping with sauce. It is an instantly consumable item and cannot be packed. The taste of this snack is unbeatable. It will be usually a little spicy. You can request for a less spicy version ahead. You can find these on Fashion Street.

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3. Chicken Tikka

Yes, you would find this dish in many restaurants but, the taste is best with the street food vendors. The best is found near Raja Park. The chickens would be served with some fresh onion slices and a wedge of lemon. In the center of the plate, you would find a mint based chutney that would give a mild flavor to the chicken.

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4. Lassi

In simple terms, it is sweet yogurt blended into a drink. But, you can enjoy the real taste of Jaipur in the earthen cups with lassi. You can find numerous types of lassis here. Cumin flavored, fruit flavored, rose syrup flavored and many others. The best lassi can be tasted in MI road.

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5. Kachodi

It is a fried crispy roll with caramelized onion filling. You can find kachodi in a lot of places in many variants. The sweet kachodi with sour sweet dipping is a must snack too. The best of kachodis can be enjoyed at Sindhi Camp.

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6. Kulfi

It is a type of ice cream that is made primarily of pistachio. You can find traditional pistachio kulfi and many other variants too including falooda kulfi. It is best eaten in Bhagwan Das road. Most of the kulfi shops are opened late through the night making this a very good midnight snack.

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7. Jaipur Omelette

Do you know that there are 20 different omelettes available in many street food stalls. Many tourists visit these shops just for the sake of trying out all the omelettes. You can find similar vendors at Bapu Nagar. Most of the varieties would be less spicy making it easy for all to try out different ones.

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8. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a famous chat item. It includes a cube shaped soft bread mildly toasted in butter with a side of chickpea or peas gravy. You might find this dish in many stores but, the best of all can be found near Birla Mandir. If you are visiting the place during evening, you can find a lot of shops and the cost of the dish is also minima

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9. Srikhand

It is a yogurt based sour sweet recipe that is served with fruits. It is a delicacy here. It is usually made with a lot of nuts and thick creamy yogurt. It would either be served warm or chilled. You can find it in an authentic shop or with many street vendors.

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10. Sabudane Khichdi

Sabudane is the local name for pearl millet. A dry spicy dish made with onion, peanuts, pearl millet and spices is served warm as a snack here. It is also served with Srikhand and fruit on the side. You can find various versions of this khichdi in Jaipur and best of all is found in Saraogi Mension.

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There are a lot more to try out in Jaipur street food section. You can also find other states’ delicacies here but, the best to enjoy is that of Jaipur. Most of the above stated dishes might not be found in all top restaurants. You need to check out street vendors to try out these flavors.

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