Dilli Haat, Delhi

Dilli Haat
  • Location INA, Delhi, India

  • Reach There Metro (INA Metro Station)

  • Entry Fee 20 (Adult), 10 (Children)

  • Visiting Time 11.00AM to 9:00PM (on all days of the week)

Dilli Haat is a paid entrance food and craft bazaar, which is run by the tourism department. There are three Dilli Haat in the city, operating at three different locations. In contrary to the weekly market, this market is permanent.

To create a village atmosphere, the shops are organized in thatched cottages. The shops in this market are rotated every 14-15 days. Thus, you will not get bored even if you are visiting it multiple times.

The market region is designed in traditional North Indian styled architecture with jali work, stone roofs and bricks. The areas between the shops are paved with stones and you can find manicured grass, which add more beauty to the region. You can also find many flowering plants around the region.

Tourist Attractions in Dilli Haat

Top things to buy in this market are brass items, gems, silk, wool, sandalwood articles, rosewood items, metal handicrafts, bead accessories and much more. The market holds 62 shop slots and thus, you will have quite a lot of options to shop from.

Apart from souvenirs, you can also enjoy the street food of the land and from regions afar. Top delicacies to try in the market are momos, bamboo chicken, kebabs, pooranpoli, dhokla and others.

In 2011, this became the spot for the country’s first comic Con. During the festival times, the market area becomes the place for cultural activities, dance, music and much more. There is an open-stage where cultural programs would be conducted.

If you are visiting with children, you can wind off in the playing area designated for the children. There is also an exhibition hall, where you can find special items. Every stall in the market sells native and ethnic products and are eco-friendly.

If you are visiting the market in Pitampura, you ought to visit the spice market, sculpture display and the art gallery. The market in Tilak Nagar (Janakpuri) is famous for music library, large performance spaces, workshops, air conditioned auditoriums and other cultural activities.

World Tourism Day celebrations are also conducted in this market.

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Location of Dilli Haat

The Pitampura market is located in the southern Delhi, right opposite to the INA Market. There is another Dilli Haat, which is located right opposite to INR metro station. This was the first Dilli Haat of the land. The third similar market is located on Lal Sain Mandir Marg, near Tilaknagar. It is the most recently organized market.

How to Reach Dilli Haat

The markets can easily be reached from any part of Delhi. If you are choosing metro routes for Pitampura market, the nearest station is the Netaji Subhash Place. You can also find direct buses from airport and other top destinations in the city.

If you are visiting Tilak Nagar market, get down at Janakpuri East station and hire an auto rickshaw to reach the market.

Visiting Timing And Fee

The market opens at 10:30 in the morning and closes by 10 in the evening. However, the opening and closing time of each stall varies from time to time. The market is open throughout the week.

Entry Fee For Indians – INR 30 For Adults And INR 10 For Child

Entry Fee For Foreigners – INR 100 Per Head

Accommodation to Stay

There are no accommodations inside any of the market regions. You can find numerous accommodations of varying styles in and around Delhi.

Best Time To Visit Dilli Haat

Best time to visit the market is during evening. The climate will be cool and you can find many food vendors in business during this time. Do you want to know what delicacies to try during your Delhi vacation.

If you are looking for some peaceful time to shop at your own pace, choose afternoon or mornings of weekdays. Top festival times to enjoy in the markets are:

  • Great India Food Festival Of January
  • Summer Festival Of June
  • Baisaki Festival Of April
  • International Mango Festival Of July
  • Teej Of August

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